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Airbnb Top Trending Destinations for Summer – 2019 Travels


This article contains information on Airbnb Top Trending Destinations for Summer – 2019 Travels.

Airbnb Top Trending Destinations for Summer - 2019 Travels

If you’re in a vacation rut and want this year to be different, you might be looking for a new spot to go. Maybe you’ve decided to skip the annual extended family trip to Door County in hopes of using that vacation time on yourself.

Airbnb just released its top trending destinations for summer 2019, which could give you a head start on some locations to look into for your next big trip. (If you haven’t already looked over this list.)

The list of 10 cities is ranked based on the cities that have had the largest growth over the same period last year. It’s an interesting mix of cities, though some of them have logical explanations for the significant growth in travel. For instance, there are three cities in Puerto Rico included. That increase may have to do with the flow of tourism in the wake of Hurricane Maria, along with the slow and insufficient response by the Trump administration in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.

Meanwhile, some cities might not find themselves in the running because they don’t cater to home rental services, often because of the services’ negative impact on local housing markets. Nonetheless, it’s a list of desirable locations you might not have otherwise considered visiting.

Here are the top 10 trending cities among Airbnb users. 

10. Bragg Creek, Canada (+382%)
9. Yeosu, South Korea (+408%)
8. Río Grande, Puerto Rico (+416%)
7. Vieques, Puerto Rico (+425%)
6. Dorado, Puerto Rico (+449%)
5. Wuhan, China (+454%)
4. Marigot, St. Martin (+467%)
3. Matsudo, Japan (+476%)
2. Changsha, China (+695%)
1. Valenciennes, France (+704%)


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