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CoreNet Academic Challenge: 2018/2019


Application for the CoreNet Academic Challenge for 2018/2019 Entry is now open.

CoreNet Academic Challenge: 2018/2019

We invite students from around the world to think creatively about a problem facing real estate professionals for renowned companies like Google, Duke Energy, AstraZeneca, Whirlpool, and many others. In exchange? Travel the world with an all-expense paid trip to one of our Global Summits in Asia or North America. Challenge your mind power by competing with your peers from around the world.

Gain international experience. Connect with experts and Win US $5,000 for your team.

You and your teammates will engage in a contest with competing institutions from all over the globe. Your job is to address challenges like creating an employee experience that attracts millennials while retaining all other generations of employees; or reducing the gap between the speed of business and the typical speed of real estate.

Budding professionals welcome! We’re seeking your ingenuity and creativity. The competition is open to all students (undergraduate/graduate, full-time/part-time) who are currently registered at a recognized university.


To participate in this competition, student teams must register on the competition website; teams must register by 30 November 2018. Upon receipt of the completed registration, CoreNet Global will confirm
your registration and assign you an organization within one of the three vertical industries discussed earlier (financial services, insurance, or manufacturing) on which you must base your submission.
To aid in the team selection process, each team must respond to the questions below and provide all requested contact information. Please limit your responses to no more than 350 words each.

  •  Based on the “Business Case” description above, how will your team prepare to compete in Hong Kong? What are your initial plans to research the technological disruptors discussed in this document in order to gain additional insights?
  • Submit 5-10 questions that you would like answered by the professionals with whom you will interact in Hong Kong in order to better understand the challenges and opportunities of this project.
  • What unique strengths does your team possess that will enable you to deliver a sound strategy to the CEO? What makes you a winning team and why should you be selected to compete?
  • In your team’s opinion, what is the single greatest challenge facing multinational corporations today? What is the single greatest opportunity facing multinational corporations today?
  • After receipt of the corporate profile assigned, each team must address The Challenge presented on page 3 of this document and submit the following (all “page” mentions refer to a standard A4 or
    equivalent document) to complete Round One:
    1. A one-page executive summary using 11-point Arial font with one-inch margins
    2. A written submission up to five pages using 11-point Arial font with one-inch margins
    3. Up to five exhibits (one page per exhibit)
    4. One multimedia presentation up to five minutes in length (PowerPoint, Slideshare, etc.)
    The deadline to submit your materials for Round One is 31 December 2018, 23:59 (timezone: AOE);
    entries submitted after this deadline will NOT be accepted. Materials must be emailed to


• Registration opens and competition materials released – September 2018
• Application deadline – 30 November 2018
• Challenge competitors announced – 31 January 2019
• Asia Pacific Global Summit, Hong Kong, 12-14 March 2019
• Final Presentations (LIVE): TBD at the Asia Pacific Global Summit
Any additional materials to be shown to the judges (including, but not limited to: handouts, posters,
etc.) MUST BE INCLUDED with the presentation when submitted; any new material presented without
first being submitted may subject the team to penalty and will be excluded.
• Asia Pacific Global Summit Awards Presentation & Recognition Luncheon: TBD

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