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“Dare to Dream”- A Must Read!!!


Dreams with the sweetest and pleasant film script
Script with a smooth beginning
Beginning being so smooth leading on a smooth path
…to a perfect ending
A perfect ending without any challenges
Oh…how sweet dreams can really be

"Dare to Dream"- A Must Read!!!

“Dreams do come true”…so they say
But it coming true is the reality
The reality is the visible part
The visible part with pains and challenges
Life pains that makes dreams doubted
Oh…Are Dreams ever real

Dream so unfulfilled…as reality opposes it
But opposition is a test of toughness
Toughness being the gene of Great men
Great men living their dreams
Oh…What icon of a dream success

Dreams are real…being the final destination
Final destination from a path…
…a path with ups and down, roughness and toughness
But determination and belief is the antidote
Antidote being the ride to a fulfilled destiny
(smiles)…A destiny fulfilled is your Dream


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