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Finnish Government Awards Pool Programme in Finland – 2021/2022


Application for the Finnish Government Awards Pool Programme in Finland – 2021/2022. Entry is now open at the Finnish Government in Finland.



Students of Australia, China, Cuba, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Peru, Uruguay, Republic of Korea, Turkey, and the USA are eligible to apply for these endowments to undertake 3-9 months for doctoral-level studies and research. The aim of the Finnish educational policy is quality, efficiency, equality, and internationalization. The scholarship grant can be awarded for 3 to 9 months. It is 1,500 euros/month and is paid to the applicant in full. It is enough to cover the living costs of only one person in Finland.

The Finnish education system was ranked best in the world in 2012 (the Learning Curve, Pearsons). The Finnish educational system offers equal education opportunities for all, irrespective of matters of residency, sex, economic situation, or linguistic and cultural background.

The Scholarships are one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world. The aim of the program is to create a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others.



Scholars are selected on the following criteria:

  • You have been pre-approved to carry out research relating to a doctoral-level thesis or been invited as a doctoral student in a Finnish university or a public research centre.
  • You have a letter of invitation from a supervisor in a Finnish university or a research centre, stating that this host is committed to working with you.
  • You have not already studied or worked in a Finnish university for more than a year immediately before the planned start of the program period.
  • You can demonstrate your proficiency in English with an official language test (IELTS, TOEFL) and can attach a certificate for this in your application form. Alternatively, it is confirmed in the invitation letter from the university that they regard your language skills sufficient for research and studies in a university in Finland.
  • Applicants must have earned a master’s level degree before applying.
  • CIMO does not require you to take an IELTS or TOEFL test, but if you have such official proof of your English skills that can, of course, be enclosed in the application. Usually, however, it is enough if, for example, the letter of invitation from the hosting Finnish university states that your language skills have been deemed sufficient by the Finnish university.


  • Candidates have to fill the application form and submit the  required documents

Application must include:

  • A completed and signed application form
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copies of latest diplomas
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Study/research plan (2-5 pages, including a statement of motivation, goals, work plan, work method, expected results)
  • Invitation/expression of interest and motivation for cooperation from the hosting academic supervisor in Finland
  • Applications can be submitted throughout the year.

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