Home Scholarships Fisheries Scholarships for Masters & Undergraduate In New Zealand – 2019/2020

Fisheries Scholarships for Masters & Undergraduate In New Zealand – 2019/2020


Application for the Fisheries Scholarships for Masters & Undergraduate In New Zealand – 2019/2020 Entry is now open at the Fisheries New Zealand in New Zealand.


Fisheries Scholarships for Masters & Undergraduate In New Zealand - 2019/2020


In participation with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), Fisheries New Zealand is pleased to offer financial aid for undergraduate  and master  student undertaking a full-time study in New Zealand.

Fisheries New Zealand (MFish) is a state sector organisation of New Zealand that was merged into the Ministry of Primary Industries in April 2012.

The Scholarships are one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world. The aim of the program is to create a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others.



Scholars are selected on the following criteria:

  •  New Zealand.
  • The sponsorship will be awarded to both Masters and an undergraduate degree in the fields of fisheries science and marine biology.
  • Applicants must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  • Undertake full-time study in New Zealand (with the possibility of some coursework through an Australian university).
  • Let Fisheries New Zealand know if you hold other programmes (you’re encouraged to apply for additional positions that cover fees).

masters programmes in Quantitative Fisheries Science

  • Awards are available for Masters Students in the field of quantitative marine science, particularly stock assessment modelling or ecosystem modelling.
  • They encourage you to apply if you have a major or minor in mathematics, statistics, computing or biology.
  • Applicants with a strong quantitative (particularly applied statistics) or computer programming background, combined with marine biology will be favored.
  • To apply you must: 1) be eligible to do a Master of Science (MSc) at any New Zealand university, 2) have a suitable university supervisor and NIWA or Fisheries New Zealand technical advisor before stage 2 (a potential university supervisor is desirable but not necessary for stage 1), and 3) start study within 6 months of getting this application .

undergraduate financial aid in Quantitative Marine Biology

  • Awards are available for undergraduate students interested in an Honours year or doing a double-major in- biology or marine biology, with mathematics, computing or statistics.
  • Applications with a strong quantitative background (such as statistics) will be favoured.
  • To apply you must: 1) plan to take or have completed 2 statistics, computer programming, or mathematics courses, with a marine biology course in your third year, 2) have enrolled in a minimum of one statistics, computer programming or mathematics course in your second year.


Application processes are different for both master and undergraduate:

  • Master Award Application: There are 2 stages for Masters Applications. In stage 1 you submit an expression of interest. Stage 2 requires a full project proposal.
  1. Fill out part 1 of the application form and send to [email protected]
  2. If you are successful in stage 1, we’ll invite you to complete part 2 of the application form. You’ll need to include a full project proposal.
  • Undergraduate Award Application: Applicants must prepare a cover letter including a short description of courses taken, proposed courses for the next year, your future goals, and send your cover letter, two referees’ reports and CV to [email protected]

Application must include:

  • Only applications that have been submitted (with the International Office and registered on the website of the scholarship) before November 30, 2019, for undergraduate and October 3, 2019, for master will be considered.

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