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Full international awards at Sharif University of Technology International Campus in Iran – 2021


Application for the Full international awards at Sharif University of Technology International Campus in Iran – 2021. Entry is now open at the Sharif University in Iran.



The funding programme supports international students who want to commence a bachelor’s, graduate, and PhD degree programme at the Sharif University of Technology, International campus. The Sharif University of Technology will provide 50-100% tuition fees to the eligible students who want to participate in bachelors, graduate, and PhD degrees.

The Technology University of Sharif is widely recognized as the country’s leading institution for engineering and physical sciences. It offers bachelor and bachelor degrees in 15 main departments.

The Scholarships are one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world. The aim of the program is to create a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others.



Scholars are selected on the following criteria:

  • All nationalities.
  • Bachelors, graduate and PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Material Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Applied Mechanics/Design), Materials Engineering (Nano Technology), Materials Engineering (Corrosion/Protection of Materials), Industrial Engineering (Engineering Management), Industrial Engineering (System Optimization), Industrial Engineering (Macrosystems), Aerospace Engineering (Aerodynamics), Aerospace Engineering (Propulsion), Aerospace Engineering (Air Constructions), Aerospace Eng. (Flight and Control Dynamics) and Marine Engineering.
  • Must have No lawful or legislative research ban imposed by the compulsory military Male Students Service.
  • Must meet the requirements of academic evaluation and (if required) successfully complete the academic and professional interview.
  • For being considered for the award, aspirants must have a previous degree certificate with remarkable results from a recognized University.
  • Students must submit a score of an official English proficiency test as given below:
  • BSc & MSc: IELTS – 5/5, TOLIMO – 510, MSRT – 50, TOEFL-CBT – 195, TOEFL-PBT – 525, TOEFL-IBT – 69.
  • PhD: IELTS – 5/6, TOLIMO – 550, MSRT – 60, TOEFL-CBT – 213, TOEFL-PBT – 550, TOEFL-IBT – 79.


  • To apply for the opportunity, students have to take admission in the bachelorsgraduate, and PhD degree programme at the university’s, International campus. After being enrolled, seekers will be automatically considered for this application .

Application must include:

  • Applicants have to submit the academic transcripts of all the previous schools attended, passport size photo, and national id.
  • Only applications that have been submitted (with the International Office and registered on the website of the scholarship) before July 1, 2021  will be considered.

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