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Top 10 Most Pet Friendly Companies in America – 2019 Travels


This article contains information on the top 10 most pet friendly companies in America today – 2019 Travels.


Top 10 Most Pet Friendly Companies in America - 2019 Travels


Your home life is your home life, and your work life is your work life. Under optimal circumstances, the two never meet. Unless we’re talking about your pet because sometimes it’s pretty nice to have your little animal friend hanging out at your desk.

The latest version of Wellness Natural Pet Food’s annual study reveals the US companies that are the most pet-friendly. That’s important information for the humans out there who hate being separate from their pup. Having a pet in the office isn’t for everyone, but many workers welcome it. The study says that 65% of “American pet parents” think having pets in the workplace “would positively benefit company culture.” While 75% believe pets can help ease stressful situations, and 59% say they’d get to know their coworkers better if there were pets around.

Just as it did last year, the list is released in anticipation of Take Your Dog to Work Day on Friday, June 21. The 2019 list highlights an almost entirely new batch of companies. Harpoon Brewery is the only one that appeared on the 2018 list and this year’s installment.

America’s Most Pet Friendly Companies of 2019 include:

10. Purely Elizabeth (Boulder, Colo.)

Purely Elizabeth, a leading natural foods brand offering groundbreaking and delicious gluten-free products, strives to support employees however they can – which includes pet parenthood! The company encourages pet parents to spend more time with their dogs by introducing a pet-friendly culture where dogs are always welcome. Office pups enjoy lounging in the sun by the windows and are spoiled with treats!

9. TripAdvisor (Needham, Mass.)

TripAdvisor employees never have to leave their fur babies at home! The company’s headquarters is known to have dogs walking around the office, creating a fun, pet-friendly working environment for all employees.

8. PetSafe (Knoxville, Tenn.)

As one of the most trusted pet brands globally, it only makes sense that the PetSafe®headquarters would be filled with the employees’ pets. PetSafe pups get a special first look at all of the company’s latest innovations, often testing new toys, treats, fountains and more before anyone else to help inform research, planning and design. Because PetSafe is dedicated to creating “best moments” between pets and their owners, having pups at the office every day serves as the perfect reminder of its overarching purpose.

7. Ticketmaster (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Ticketmaster employees are welcome to bring their dogs to the office. To show additional support for pet parents, the company offers pet insurance as a benefit, so employees don’t have to worry about coverage for Fido.


6. Procore (Carpinteria, Calif.)

Procore employees love their pups! The dog-friendly office has free treats and water bowls around campus and outdoor lawns to ensure pups have playtime too. Dogs and employees alike are a big fan of the frequent company “pawtys” otherwise known as dog-friendly happy hours. Employees who are pet parents also enjoy pet insurance as a benefit.

5. Contently (New York, N.Y.)

Dogs have a permanent place on the employee roster at Contently, a leading content marketing platform company. On any given day pups can be found roaming the halls or curled up on conference room floors. Employees are encouraged to bond over pet parenthood through the company’s “Contently-Canines” Slack channel where pet parents can exchange photos, ask for advice and coordinate dog-sitting when it’s needed. These pet parents have each other’s backs – and Fido’s too!

4. Ben & Jerry’s (Burlington, Vt.)

Employees at Ben & Jerry’s love their dogs almost as much as they love ice cream and their office is a place where “K9-5ers” are always welcome! The company’s “Canine Culture Committee” works hard to ensure that the 35-40 office dogs are happy and healthy by inviting in veterinarians to speak about behavior and training tips to educate pet parents. Dogs start the work day with a dog treat from the front desk on the way into the office. The only “work” they must do is enjoy plenty of play time and naps – talk about a sweet deal!


3. Trupanion (Seattle, Wash.)

A leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs, Trupanion is all about pet perks for its employees, too! Dogs are frequent visitors in the office, so the company has a team of in-house dog walkers to keep pooches moving as well as a Pet Program Manager and a Pet Emergency Team who work together to ensure that all four-legged friends are safe during the workday. Trupanion also supports pet parents by offering a pet bereavement benefit which includes three days of paid leave should their pet pass away.

2. Harpoon Brewery (Boston, Mass.)

Featured for the second consecutive year, Harpoon Brewery welcomes dogs on a daily basis where they can lounge in the office or explore the Boston Seaport for a walk by the water. In 2018, Harpoon hosted the first-ever “Dogtoberfest,” which allowed Boston pet parents to bring their dogs along for an afternoon of beer tasting – just for the humans, though!

1. Amazon (Seattle, Wash.)

Amazon takes the pet-friendly office to a whole new level as there are as many as 6,000 dogs in the Seattle-based headquarters on a given day. The company has been dog-friendly since its creation but has amped up their dog-friendly culture by creating multiple dog parks, including a doggie deck, for pups to stretch their legs and providing treats at every reception desk in their buildings.


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