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USIU Fee Structure: 2022/2023


Authority of the United States International University, USIU Africa has released the amount payable as school fees for Undergraduate programmes for the 2022/2023 academic session.

United States International University, USIU Fee Structure: 2019/2020

The following is the USIU Undergraduate programmes and their respective tuition fees:

Fees Structure – East Africa

N/B Medical Fee and Student Activity have been waived for online learning
Undergraduate Programs Per Semester ** *KES
Tuition (12 units @ 8,707.13) 104,485.56
Library Fee 5,000
Medical Fee 2,000
Student Activity Fee 1,000
IT Lab Fee 5,750
Undergraduate – Bachelor of Phar-macy Per Semester ** *KES
Tuition (23 units @ 7,001.55) 161,035.65
Library Fee 5,000
Medical Fee 2,000
Student Activity Fee 1,000
Phar-macy Lab Fee 10,150
Undergraduate – Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Technology (APT) & Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Technology (IST) Per Semester ** *KES
Tuition (15 units @ 7,167.93) 107,518.95
Library Fee 5,000
Medical Fee 2,000
Student Activity Fee 1,000
IT Lab Fee 5,750
Undergraduate – Bachelor of Science in Epidemiology & Biostatistics Per Semester ** *KES
Tuition (18 units @ 6,543.50) 117,783
Library Fee 5,000
Medical Fee 2,000
Student Activity Fee 1,000
IT Lab Fee 5,750
Undergraduate -Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Directing & Undergraduate – Bachelor of Arts in Animation Per Semester** *KES
Tuition (12 units @ 11,500) 138,000
Library Fee 5,000
Medical Fee 2,000
Student Activity Fee 1,000
Animation and Film Lab Fee 10,000
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Room & Board (Double) Per Semester
Room Only (Double) 30,000
Medical Fee (Health Insurance) for Boarding Students,East Africans Non Kenyan and International Students 8,000
Caution Money (Refundable & payable once)
Boarding Students 4,550
Day Students 2,000
Quality Assurance Charged annually (Non – Refundable)
Undergraduate 1,000
Graduate 1,000
Doctoral 1,000
Other Fees
Add/ Drop Fee per course 500
Admission Application Fee (Non-Refundable) 3,000
Re-admission Application Fee 3,000
Late Registration Fee 2,000
Alumni Association Fee (Annual) 1,000
Audit Fee (per course) 50% of Tuition
Computer Lab & IT Fee 5,750
Graduation Fee (payable once) 5,000
Gown Deposit 5,000
Phar-macy Lab Fee 10,150
Hotel & Restaurant Management Lab Fee 4,500
ID Card Replacement 2,000
Journalism Lab Fee 4,500
Animation and Film Lab Fees 10,000
Pupil’s Pass Fee (Non-East Africans Only) 5,050
Re-Entry Visa Fee 1,000
Alien Registration Fee 2,000
Transcript Fees: Official 500
Unofficial 250
Transcript Postage Fees: Africa 400
Outside Africa 800
Credit Transfer Fee per course 2,000
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*Non-East Africans will pay 30% above local rates for tuition and all mandatory charges i.e. tuition, Library,Medical and student activity fees.

** Fees are subject to an annual review.

*** Project / Thesis: Graduate students are required to be continuously enrolled during every semester while their thesis / Project remains incomplete.

In the first semester, the project/thesis is charged as a full three (3) unit graduate course, while the two (2)subsequent terms are charged at 50% of the tuition. Other charges remain the same.

If the project / thesis extends beyond the third term, then tuition reverts to full charge.

If you are paying in US$ note that: USD Exchange Rates are fixed every semester for non-east Africans, while the rate varies daily for East Africans

Disclaimer: USIU-Africa reserves the right to modify entries in this publication. Any policy, if changed, may be republished in an appendix or distributed to all students and relevant parties.

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If you are paying in US$ note that:USD Exchange Rate will vary based on semester rate in the system and are Subject to change every semester.

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