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“Why Noise”- An Interesting Masterpiece


I’ve come to learn a lot in my life
Empty barrel makes the loudest noise
Things are easier said than done
The energy exhausted through unnecessary talking
Can be utilized in getting things done.

"Why Noise"- An Interesting Masterpiece

Life has its own way of humbling a man
No matter how elite one thinks he is
Be it a President, a Professor, a Religious fanatic or even a lover boy…
But Everything comes handy if one can Just act…
…and not just talk
“I was that”…’I did that”…”I used to be”…
…and it continues on and on.
This changes nothing but noise instead.

The world is a movie that has its own script
Man is just in it unconsciously playing its role
But this only balls down to how well the role is played
Talking alone doesn’t make a successful actor
But less talk and Act more demands the director called life

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