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Welcome to Eafinder.com Contact Page, we are excited about getting all inquiries and suggestions from you. We will go further to tell you what we do.

Eafinder.com is an informative blog that gives you an opportunity to explore the best of East Africa and beyond in terms of Education, Scholarships, Career, free events update and many more. It also provides room to share your views and post topics through our forum as well as read and share interesting articles.

Our Objectives is to give you all the updates and make you EXPLORE the best Universities, colleges and scholarships in Africa and beyond.

We’re excited to show you around and introduce you to our world. One thing we assure you is that we will always remain relevant in your voyage to quality information.

Kindly contact us at eafinder01@gmail.com below by providing us with your name, email and inquiries/suggestions. Within 24  hours, you will get a reply from us. Thank you