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About Us


Welcome to Eafinder.com, we are happy giving you an insight About Us. We will go further to tell you what we do.

Eafinder.com is an informative blog that gives you an opportunity to explore the best of East Africa and across Africa in terms of academics, admissions, scholarships, visa requirements, travels and many more. It also provides room to share your views and post topics through our forum as well as read and share interesting articles.

Our Objectives

To give you updates and make you EXPLORE.

Our Mission

There’s a saying that ‘Always stay Informed in order not to be Deformed. Therefore, our mission is to provide you the best you could ever get from East Africa.

Our Vision

We’re aiming high. We want to offer better services and solutions than anybody else, delivering the best possible user experience on our websites, hence, we want our users / subscribers to think that we are the best information partner.

Our Principle

It is not what we do, but how we do it. We go extra length to give you the real information and service that will transform your lives for better, not because we want traffic, but because you deserve the best.

What We do

We are blog site that provides quality content relating to academics, admission, scholarship and student/career lifestyle. We also publish and help in promoting your brand. Kindly visit our contact page to reach out to us.

Our People

Imeh Ekpo is a passionate follower of East Africa and the beautiful content in it. He’s taken up this platform to share what he finds out to the world at large and giving reasons why East Africa is the place to be in terms of study, tourism, research and much more.


We’re excited to show you around and introduce you to our world. One thing we assure you is that we will always remain relevant in your voyage to quality information.

Kindly contact us (Imeh Ekpo) at [email protected].