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Scott Christian University, SCU Fee Structure: 2023/2024

This is an information containing Scott Christian University, SCU Fee Structure: 2023/2024. Authority of the institution has released the amount payable as school fees for Undergraduate programmes for the new academic session. Scott Christian University, SCU Fee Structure: 2023/2024 This is to inform all the prospective candidates offered provisional admission or probably seeking admission into the Scott Christian University, SCU for 2023/2024 academic session that the management of the institution has released the amount they are required to pay as acceptance fee. We specifically publish this information here today, for all people who need to know the current school fees of the Scott Christian University, SCU. Please note that if you have applied for admission to the Scott Christian University, SCU or if you are already a student, it is advised that you know the current tuition fees for all students, and this knowledge will help you, avoiding making mistakes that will cost you your admission.


The following is the SCU Undergraduate programmes and their respective tuition fees:
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Additional Fees

Tuition charge per credit hour

  • The total tuition fee for Undergraduate Degree Programmes is charged at 18 credit hours for regular and 12 credit hours for School based as follows; regular day Ksh 3,995 per credit hour, regular evening Ksh 3,500 per credit hour and Ksh 3200 per credit hour for School based.
  • Total tuition fee for Masters Programmes is charged at 12 credit hours. A credit hour for Regular day is Ksh 5,400, Regular evening is Ksh 5,000 and School based is Ksh 4,500. Master of education is charged Ksh 32,000 per session.
  • All students must have a valid medical cover most preferred NHIF. The following hospitals accept NHIF outpatient in Machakos, kindly choose either of them. 1) Shalom Hospital 2) Machakos Level 5 3) St. David’s Health Care
  • A practical fee of Ksh4, 500 per semester (which is not included in the fee structure above) is applicable to all Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management students.
  • Accommodation and food (Optional)
    • Accommodation for regular is charged at Kshs. 10,000 per semester Accommodation is limited and is on a first come first serve basis
    • Accommodation per week for school based is Ksh 1,100.
    • Food is charged at Kshs. 20,000 per semester and available on a pay-as-you-eat basis. COOKING OF MEALS IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE ROOMS
  • Fees is paid either in: full at the date of registration Or in Installments Parents/sponsors who may want to pay in installment must write and state so before the date of registration. A student is required to pay at least 50% of tuition fee, 100% of all other fee items during registration and the balance as requested on or before mid- semester break
  • Fees is payable by money order, bankers cheque, a cash deposit into the SCU Bank Account or direct deposit to the University M-Pesa PayBill Number. Cash or Personal Cheques including private company cheques will not be accepted.
  • No refund will be made for accommodation and food not utilized
  • Internship fee of Ksh 17,500 and Ksh 8,000 project fee for B.Th. students who had done their internship in diploma level are paid in third year. Graduation fee of Ksh 6,000 is paid at the last semester before graduation
  • Terms and Conditions apply. The University Reserves the right to adjust fees from time to time
For information and inquiries, you can contact the Scott Christian University, SCU by visiting the institution’s official website.
SCU POSTGRADUATE FEES STRUCTURE Click here to apply for SCU 2022 Intake admission For further Inquiries, please leave a comment below.


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