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Mulungushi University 2020 Resumption Dates – Opening Dates


This article contains information on the Mulungushi University 2022/2023 Resumption Dates – Opening Dates for first year students. It Involves significant dates for first year orientation and the new Academic year.

Kenyatta University, KU Teaching Timetable - 2020

The Mulungushi University wishes to inform the following remaining groups of students that the commencement dates of the 2022/2023 Academic Years are as follows:


This serves to inform our students that we are aware of the memo circulating in student WhatsApp groups insinuating that second and third year students that were listed on the accommodation list are expected to report on 28th September, 2020 in order to be able to change and secure accommodation before they can begin classes.

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Further, that these students (second and third year) will be expected to continue with on-line learning while on campus. Management wishes to emphasize that this memo is not authentic, is misleading, and incorrect and must be ignored completely. The actual position is as was communicated in our memorandum of 17th September, 2020. All official communication to the students is posted on the University Website.

1. 1st Year Fulltime students

All first year students are expected to report on Wednesday, 23rd September, 2020 for physical (face-face) classes up to Friday, 30th October 2020. Thereafter, they will be required to travel back to their respective homes and continue with on-line classes up to 4th December 2020.

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2. Second and third year students in ALL Schools, and fourth year Engineering Students

They Will be expected to report on 2nd November, 2020 for physical (face –face) classes up to 4th December, 2020. In the meantime, between now and second November 2020, you are all expected to continue with on-line learning.

3. Final year Students

All final year students will continue with physical (face-face) classes until the end of the semester (4th December 2020).

4. Students Under the School of Medicine and Health Sciences

All students under the School of Medicine and Health Sciences are expected to report for physical (face-face) learning as per their timetable.

Fees Payable

All students are advised that a schedule of fees will be posted and will indicate how much each category of students will be expected to pay for the current semester.
You are all expected to carry face masks and hand sanitizers and observe the necessary health guidelines as you report to the Institutions.

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Students must be warned that altering an official document is a serious offence under the laws of Zambia and those students perpetuating this are advised to desist from doing so forthwith.

Please, note that in order to facilitate your active participation in these online classes, Management of Mulungushi University has successfully negotiated with MTN Zambia and have agreed to provide you with 100 megabytes free-of- charge on a daily basis for as long as you possess an MTN sim card to access Moodle and the student information system. Equally, ZAMTEL has also graciously agreed to provide you with unlimited access to Moodle and student information system all for free on your ZAMTEL line. We encourage you to take advantage of these services.

The University looks forward to welcoming all of you to our online platform and we encourage you all to stay home, sanitize, exercise social distancing and mask-up as we endeavor to help you undertake this good path you have decided upon to join the Mulungushi University RARE family.

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