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3 Consequences of the Social Problem On the Community

This article contains information on the consequences of social problems on the society.

Consequences of the Social Problem On the Community
Problems are inevitable in the society and this always have a negative effect

Social problems do not just occur. Social change in customs, traditions, rules, etc, brings about social problems in a community. It means that the society disturbed by external or internal forces of social change. Social problems are therefore the resultant effect of social change.

According to Horton and Leslie [2], Social problems are a condition which many people consider undesirable and wish to correct 

On the other hand, Lindbergh defined it as any deviant behavior in a disapproved direction of such a degree that it exceeds the tolerance limit of the community. 

In other words, a situation only becomes a social problem when it greatly begins to affect the people.

In simple terms, Social problems [2.1] are the general factors that affect and damage society. Social problems encountered in the community are usually very vast. However, these social issues can be categorized into 4 main factors, namely:

1. Economic factors

These are social problems such as unemployment, poverty, Beggary, Dependency, etc.

2. Cultural factors

This usually includes divorce, Overpopulation, Communal Conflict and, etc.

3. Biological factors

These social problems are in the form of infectious diseases, food poisoning, etc.

4. Psychological factors

According to Mohinuddin, Md. [1], these are in the form of Suicide neurological disease, Frustration, and lots more

Effects of Social Problems

As seen above, social problems have an adverse effect on communities [4]. Here are 3 consequences of Social problems on the community:

1. Stifles the Growth of a Community

A Community’s growth is dependent on many factors like quality education which produces smart citizens, healthy individuals, high level of employment, etc.

One of the consequences of social problems on the community is that it stifles growth and progress, economically, socially and politically. In a community where there is a high rate of unemployment, the level of poverty and frustration tends to be high. Also, revenue generation becomes almost impossible. When a community is faced with lack of revenue, it becomes impossible to carry out projects that will bring about community development.

2. Insecurity of Lives and Properties

Social problems such as robbery, killings, kidnap, and all manner of conflicts lead to social unrest in which lives and properties are no longer safe.

3. Loss of Valuable Manpower

Some social problems like robbery, health issues, suicide, poverty, etc, originated from unemployment. The effect of unemployment on the community can not be overemphasized. However, over the years, one of the most common consequences of unemployment as a social problem is the loss of valuable manpower. The resultant effect of this is Brain drain [3].

A lot of communities in most third world countries like Nigeria have been affected drastically by the fact that the youths who ought to bring about development in communities are moving to more advanced countries in search of better opportunities. 


Change is constant and it brings about either a positive or negative effect in society. In this article, we considered the negative effect of change on the community.

While we have understood that social problems are caused by social change, getting to the root cause of the change proves abortive. 

Regardless, social problems such as poverty, overpopulation, unemployment, killing, political assassination, kidnap and a host of others have remained the major cause of unrest in communities. With the support of the government and community leaders, these problems can be minimized, if not eradicated.


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