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“Broken” – An Interesting Masterpiece!!!


Heart being so innocent and pure
Not guilty of any fault
Not ready to deceive anyone
Not willing to give hope where theres none
But willing to focus on itself

"Broken" - An Interesting Masterpiece!!!

Then She came… like a saint
Slowly piercing through it for shelter
Becoming conversant with the environment in it
Making all the elements in it fall in love
Making all the dots believe they could be connected by her
Oh…how innocent were they to fall for her

At the nick of time when she perceived challenges
She broke through and out of it forcefully
Leaving it in shatters
Not minding the pieces that were left behind
“It happens”…”I dont feel the vibe anymore”…”I am sorry”…
So she said conveniently without remorse

Oh… What a Broken and bleeding Heart
In tears it picks itself bit by bit
Putting all the pieces together despite being painful
What happens after then is left for life to decide
Though Life’s gonna play its role of Karma
But unpredictable and at its own will…
So move on…

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