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How Do You Pass a Test Without Studying and Cheating?

This article seeks to answer the question ‘How Do You Pass a Test Without Studying and Cheating?’. It gives full details on the various ways on how to pass a Test without studying and cheating. 

How Do You Pass a Test Without Studying and Cheating?

As one who has passed through the four walls of a classroom, burning midnight candles in preparation for tests and examinations, I almost choked at seeing this topic. Like, how in the world is it possible to pass a test without studying or even having a backup plan?

Regardless of how much most students dread reading, it is one thing every student is meant to do in order to pass an examination. At least, we have been made to believe so. Oftentimes, students have wished they could just pass examinations and tests in school without reading. Funny enough, I was one of such students back in the days. But then, it seems weird to say that anyone can pass a test or examination without reading.

The singular thought of failing or having poor grades often pushes students to spend all night studying. This sometimes involves being sleepless, which of course leads to stress, both mentally and physically. Where this is the case, failing is inevitable.

So, if at any point you have ever wondered about how possible it is to pass a test without studying or even cheating, it is very possible. No, this is not to promote laziness or cheating in exams. This is to show you ways to explore as a student and still pass without any vices.

Thus, if you have been searching the internet for tips on how to pass a test without reading your books, then this article is for you.

This article contains some practical tips that can help you pass the examinations without reading very hard for it.

The following will help you pass any school examination or test without reading your books before the exam:

  • Attend class frequently
  • Listen carefully during teachings
  • Work on Assignments
  • Join educative discussion groups
  • Refresh your memory few minutes before the examination
  • Get ample rest and sleep

That is a list of some working tips for passing exams without reading that I will be discussing in this article. Don’t stop reading, especially if you dread reading.

1. Attend Class Frequently

Teachings in the classroom are, oftentimes, more comprehensive, detailed and easy to assimilate.

To pass any school examination or test without reading, you must ensure to attend classes regularly. Sincerely, there is absolutely no way you can understand anything without being in the classroom. Sometimes your teacher can even share tips that may not be contained in the recommended textbooks.

This is the secret to the success of most high flying students you know. During classes, a teacher will most likely share things that may not be found in any textbook and end up setting such questions in a test. If you never attended class, you will only be wasting your time.

This tip really helped me as a student. I am that type of student that remembers answers by merely playing back the events that took place in class when a given topic was taught. So, it is very possible that you only attend classes and pass your exams with good grades without even reading hard for the examination or even cheating.

Thus, the first and foremost step to pass examinations without reading is to attend classes regularly. If you do this, you will agree with me that reading is only necessary to refresh your memory on a topic that has already been taught in the classroom.

2. Listen Attentively During Teachings

It is one thing to attend classes frequently, and another thing to pay attention while in class. It is not enough that you only attend classes. Hence, it is important that you listen carefully whenever you come to class. It is a tested and proven fact that when someone explains a given topic practically, you tend to remember it even longer. So, focus on the teacher and make notes where necessary. You will most likely retain what you understand longer than what was crammed or read without understanding.

3. Work on Assignments

Another great way to smash a test without going through the stress of studying your brain cells to stupor is to work on every assignment diligently.

Assignments are a better way to prepare for tests than studying. There is absolutely no way you have to write a test and pass without any form of work. It’s either to spend time studying or you do other things in preparation for mind-blowing results.

On this note, teachers mostly focus on preparing students for tests and examinations by giving intense assignments. If you take all the assignments and projects seriously, you will most likely ace your tests and exams without having to read. In other words, treat your assignments like tests, work on them. This will make sure you are well prepared and will not have to study for any test or exam

There are tons of strategies and tricks which can make you perform well in academics without even studying or cheating.

  1. Belong To Educative Discussion Groups

Joining discussion groups, whether online or offline is also of great importance if you want to pass a test without studying your books. This group can be formed with your friends or classmates online or offline. This group should be a platform where you discuss what is taught in the classroom with others.

Discussion groups give you the opportunity to interact, learn and equally teach others without necessarily being in a classroom environment. It is a perfect way to learn without reading books in preparation for tests.

Personally, I have proven this to be true because it works for me. More so, there are many students who learn faster when they are being taught by their classmates, friends, or fellow students.

  1. Revise A Few Minutes before the Test

If you haven’t given this a try, I suggest you do so. Yes! I always refresh my memory on any topic before time. It will help you remember most things when you see them in your examination paper.

To get the best results using this tip, get a quiet and calm place and try to recollect everything you have been taught in the classroom.

  1. Get Enough Rest and Sleep

While preparing for your test without studying or cheating, remember to incorporate sleep and rest. They are quite essential in life and must never be ignored. Skipping sleep can make you restless and stressed. Hence, do not expect to pass your test with a tired mind and body. Also, a healthy diet plays a vital role in helping you pass without studying.


The ideology that students must study round the clock before they sit and pass tests has gone a decade too far for oblivion. As time goes on, different strategies to cope with different age long patterns and beliefs evolve.

If you still think it’s impossible to pass a test without studying, remember that you can’t always be fully prepared for a test because there is a high probability that after intense studying and reading, questions may come from areas you never covered

With the above enumerated tips, it is clear that you can pass any examination or test in school without reading your books.

Mind you, this article is in no way saying a student can walk in to write a test without putting in effort to pass. No. The above tips are actually conscious efforts on the part of the student to pass.

In all, if you have ample time to study for your test, it is advisable you do so, especially if you are aware of what works for you.

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