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Karatina University, KaRu 2021 Registration & Opening Dates


This article contains information on the Karatina University, KaRu 2021/2022 Registration deadline & Opening Dates. It Involves significant dates for the new Academic year.

As a NEW DAWN is welcomed in the Karatina University. This is a time of reflection as students take stock of the journey of resilience and learning. The management informs the comrades of the resumption of lectures as per stipulated schedule. It wishes to inform the following remaining groups of students that the commencement dates and registration deadlines of the 2021/2022 Academic Year are as follows:


The University Senate during 98th Regular Meeting held on 18th August 2021 revised the following reporting dates for the First   Semester of 2021/2022 Academic Year. Students are advised to take note of the following:

  • This is to inform First Years students yet to report, that the 99th Regular University Senate Meeting of 16th September 2021, resolved to extend reporting dates for First Semester of 2021/2022 Academic Year from Monday 6th September 2021 to up to and including Friday, 15th October 2021.
  • Second, Third – and Fourth-Year students will report on 4th October 2021  to commence studies for First Semester of 2021/2022 Academic
  • Current 2nd and 3rd Year  Bachelor  of Science in Nursing students  will report on 23rd August 2021 to commence studies for Second Semester of 2020/2021 Academic Year.
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