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6 Reasons Why Learners Are Not Accepted For Admission In A University

Having a hard time getting admission into the university? Find the reasons in this article.

6 Reasons Why Learners Are Not Accepted For Admission In A University
These are some of the major reasons why your University admission isn’t forthcoming.

It is the desire of most students to proceed to University upon graduation from high school. For this reason, many students put in a lot of effort to make sure no stone is left unturned. If you are one of such students, kudos.

Although you have put in a lot to ensure you secure admission into the University, it is important to understand that getting admitted is not guaranteed. Your chance of either being accepted or rejected by the University is dependent on many factors which having prior knowledge of them will help you prepare your mind better when applying to Universities for admission.  

Application rejections [2] are usually caused by two categories: reasons from the applicant, who has a problem with their own application, and reasons from the university.

So, if you are student who is probably seeking admission in the University, here are possible reasons you may not be accepted for admission: 

1. Failure to Meet Minimum Requirement

According to Matric College [3], Universities usually have two major requirements that learners must meet before getting admission. The first one is the university entry requirements while the second is having specific marks in core subjects. 

Most Universities consider the O’level grade of learners when making admission decisions as a determinant to know that the learner has a strong foundation to handle challenging courses that will be encountered in the University.

More so, most universities may ask that a student/learner have certain marks for specific subjects. For instance, most universities require that students ace or just have good grades for core subjects. Not having at least a credit pass in some important subjects like Mathematics and English is an overall denial of admissions.

If you have poor grades in your core subjects, it is one important reason your admission may not be accepted. To be on a safer side, you can always upgrade your grades before applying for admission to a University.  

2. Wrong Subject Combination

It is one thing to apply for admission in a university with good grades and totally another thing to secure admission with such grades. This implies that having good grades is not just enough for admission but having good grades in the right subjects.

Every course requires different core subjects. For instance, a learner who wants to study computer science doesn’t have a need for biology as a core subject but a student who intends to study a medical related course certainly requires Biology as a core subject.

In cases like this, Universities are bound to reject your admission. Therefore, to avoid this, get proper guidance and know the right subject combination for your desired course before applying for admission to avoid being disappointed.

3. Your Application Is Incomplete

According to Hdfccredila [1], many learners have been denied admission to universities due to incomplete application processes.

Before you start an application, bear in mind that every university has different information required for the application process. Some Universities may require different documents for the application while some may not. For instance, you may be required to submit different exam results, certificates and testimonials. There are also schools that permit applying for admission with awaiting results. This doesn’t apply to all schools.

Failure to complete and provide all documents and information required by the institution can also affect your chances of being admitted into the University.

To avoid this, endeavor to visit the schools website to find out the necessary requirements.

Also, double-check the application requirements first to ensure nothing is missing.

4. Your Application Missed The Deadline

Every University has an application deadline. Learners are expected to complete their application process before this time elapses. Late submission of application is another reason why many learners do not get accepted into the University. Thus, it is advisable to complete the application ahead of the deadline.

5. Application Is Vague   

Application process differs from University to University. Most International Universities require applicants to write essays which is one of the most important application requirements. How well this essay is written increases the chance of a learner’s admission. Not all students understand how crucial this aspect of application is.

To avoid being rejected, make sure your essay is error free, concise, and not vague. Avoid submitting the same essays for different applications.

6. Age

Oftentimes, parents push their children to graduate from high school at a very tender age without understanding that not all Universities accept learners below the age of 18 years.

A learner may have good grades and complete all admission processes but will be denied admission as a result of age limitations. Above this, different universities have different age requirements. Bachelor applicants’ age should be under 30.

7. Competitive Course/University

There are courses and universities that are more competitive than others. Every Universities have a certain number of students for admission. Sometimes, there are more qualified candidates than the university can enrol per course/university. In such cases, the school can not accept more learners than their quota allows for. So it is important that you apply as early as possible to have a better chance.

Similarly, you may want to consider applying to highly competition Universities and courses as it will be easier to gain admission. 


Oftentimes, getting admission into the University is a matter of luck, not how qualified a learner is. Bearing that in mind, there are different common reasons why many learners are not accepted for admission in the University. These factors can be student or University related.

Are you a student seeking admission? Your admission can be rejected because of age, inability to meet the Universities requirements, failure to meet deadline, wrong subject combination, incomplete application, course competitiveness, etc.

To avoid being denied admission, it is best to make proper research about the choice of University beforehand. 


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