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How to Study and Work at the Same Time


This article contains helpful information on How to Study and Work at the Same Time.

How to Study and Work at the Same Time

In the world at large, due to high population, zero sponsorship or lack of funds, people take it upon themselves to study and work at the same time but these have created a lot of challenges to the human race as not everyone knows what it takes to study and work at the same time.

To know how to study and work at the same time, continue with me: 

1.  Enhance your reading speed:

Reading speed is an act of absorbing words, phrases, sentences at once or individually. We as humans have a mean rate of 250 words per minute (w.p.m), we are faster than each other. For you to work and study at the same time, reading speed plays a key role. It will define how one can assimilate or process a piece of the given information. You can improve your reading speed through:

  • Keeping away from noise or distractions
  • Creating a good study environment
  • Remaining calm, and determined
  • Ticking/Marking words you’ve already read to prevent you from back and forth
  • Practising consistently
  • Gauging your reading skills performance
2.  Schedule your Reading / Studying time:

Time management is very important when we talk about studying and working because it helps you maximize your time as well as finding a balance between work and study. You can do these through:

  • Evaluate your day to day activities:  You need to be objective in carrying evaluation on your day to day activities because this will help redefine your day to day activities. In evaluating each day you must be critical in asking yourself some question like What did I achieve today?
  • Elucidate time distribution for work and study: Working full time may require about 9 hours. You must elucidate how to properly distribute time for work and study. Evening/morning hours could be for study aside work time. What you have to do is be responsible and accountable in each time distribution
  • State your goal: You must have a goal while you are working and studying at the same time, simplifying it bits by bits will keep you focused and determined, keep you off track while going off balance. Without a clear cut goal, you will head nowhere. An example could be, you are studying and working at the same time to earn a promotion or seek an increase in salary; it could also be for personal improvement. Whatever the case may be, state it down in paper, stick it in your room and read it on daily. These enable great precision in life because you have a reason why you are doing it.
3.  Reading Habit and Area:

Know what works for you. Are you someone who studies with noise? or a hardened page to page leaners or a practical person who likes practical above theories? Reflecting on these questions or evaluation of yourself makes you can then draft your studying method to fit what suit you. You can also break it up into small bits in the form of chapters and share it between the number of hours you have.

4.  Take Advantage of Opportunity:

You can study in different ways as a result of technology. Technology has made it easier to convert your book into audio tapes which you can listen to while working or while heading to work. Others are, converting your study materials on electronic devices which you can listen to while in traffic, listening to a recording of your class, or practising a local language vocabulary.

5.  Make Judicious use of time:

Time is a key component in work and study. You need to schedule and manage your time effectively so that it can be utilized for both work and study. You can effectively do these using the following;

  • Schedule your time beforehand through the aid of timetables and sticky notes.
  • Multitask your brain in creative non-brain activities: it is good to multitask, but you must also know that it’s not easy because while multitasking (doing two or more things), the brain is seriously at work and the only help you can do for it is to find ways by which you reduce your the amount at which it thinks. Just fitting in a creative way of study will ease the brain; they include turning off cinemas and watching practical study topics or listening to recordings of lectures and audiotapes of lecturers.
  • Take advantage of spare time (WEEKENDS, BREAKS, VACATION): There is always time for study and work. For effective work and study, ensure you take advantage of your breaks in order to have a reflection on your study and work.
6.  Plan your study in advance:

These will help you mentally to prepare for accessibility and understanding at the same time and from wearing out. With the help of a to-do list or a reminder note of what you will be doing in the next few hours/advance will state what you will study and areas to focus on. You can as well have a day off or close early to prepare for study.

7.  Utilize proven productivity methods:

The key to succeeding while working and studying full time is productivity. You must learn the art of being productive in the time you have. To that end, consider studying some proven productivity methods.

8.  Never neglect your health:

Health is wealth. A healthy man is a wealthy man because he is productive to work and study at the same time which is by eating healthy foods, having a sound sleep, keeping daily hygienic habits such as proper bathing and keeping your environment clean and tidy. To lay more emphasis on this, kindly adhere to the following steps to stay healthy:

  • Eat healthy: a healthy diet does not include saturated fats, sugars instead it includes fibre, proteins, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. This foods will keep your metabolism and weight in check.
  • Sleep well: Ensure you have sound sleep for at least 6 hours daily. Not sleeping well can keep you unhealthy and sick. You need to study and work, but you also need to rest because your body needs it to refresh and be re-energized.
  • Keep your environment hygiene: a hygienic environment keeps you from sickness and pest which might cause distractions or damage to the human body.
  • Engage in physical exercise: a 30 min workout early in the morning will help your body metabolism.
10.  Be realistic about your work and study:

This aspect is fundamental in striking a balance between work and study. You must be sincere in work and study relationship; for example, do not take an unrealistic study course with a huge workload. In this case, a study which is not simplified enough can’t be followed with a huge workload that has amount a lot of time rather

  • Take a simplified course study with a huge workload and find a balance
  • Take a huge course study with simple workload
  • If you don’t have the power for any of these, take online classes instead.
11.  Use Technology Wisely:

While in study, take notes wisely by recording it in tapes/smart devices which you can listen to over and over again, or you take notes in a notepad (jot down important notes which you can go over and over again), you can easily abbreviate words and phrases with smartphones, tablets with a range of applications you have installed. There are plenty of programs available that help students with every aspect of studying.

12.  Alert your boss at Your Work Place:

Relate your study to your boss for support when it comes to having some days off for study or coming in early/late to make up for time off. This can only be exempted if you are your own boss. What you have to do is entrust the bulk of the work to your manager or Personal assistance.

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