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CUEA Fee Structure: 2023/2024


Authority of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, CUEA has released the amount payable as school fees for Undergraduate programmes for the 2023/2024 academic session.

Catholic University of Eastern Africa, CUEA Fee Structure: 2023/2024

The following is the CUEA Undergraduate programmes and their respective tuition fees:

The fee payable varies from one program to the next. Ideally, the tuition fee for a diploma is Kshs. 2,500 per unit. While for bachelors is Kshs. 6,000 per unit while for the graduate school is Kshs. 8,000 per unit. For certificate, bridging and distance learning you can check on the Catholic University of Eastern Africa’s offices since there is a lot of variance as per the course at hand. This is a brief summary of Catholic University of Eastern Africa fees. Fees again varies for the citizen and non- citizen students.

N.B. The CUEA fee structure is always under review every session upon collection of admission letter IF admitted.

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  1. Good Morning CUEA,
    do you offer Human Resources undergraduate in Bachelor of commerce,If yes,how many units are there to complete the degree?

    • Hi Mildred,

      Yes, CUEA do offer Human Resource Mgt under Bachelor of commerce. Kindly visit the CUEA faculty of business to get the student handbook which contains the course unit.

  2. Hii does CUEA offer bachelor in international relations and diplomacy and how much is the fee for self sponsored and what is the duration for one who has gone through diploma first

  3. Hello does catholic university eldoret campus offer bachelors in sociology and if what’s the fee of the course per semester

  4. Comment:
    hi my name is eddy ..I was wondering whether cuea offers bachelor of nursing and if yes ..would you mind sharing the fees structure .thanks in advance

  5. Is it possible for me for me take Project management and planning(Diploma) since i have a certificate in agribusiness Management (Credit)

  6. Afternoon,

    I am Charles and I have brother who wanted to pursue Bachelors in Law @ CUEA and I had made an enquiry there before bt I didn’t get the feedback, kindly can I get to know the fees structure for preparations purposes.

    Kind regards,

    Charles Kiragu

  7. How many units for an undergraduate student taking accounting degree in
    year 1
    year 2, and
    year 3?
    What is the average living cost for accommodation and meal/food per year?

  8. Hi there
    I want to acquire about Bachelor in Computer Science fee structure, for the years 21/22 for non Kenyan citizens, and the requirements to apply, and is there a way to combine the 4 years in just 2

  9. Hi CUEA
    I was asking if one can pursue a degree in law with a mean grade of B- with a B plain in both English and CRE . Looking forward for an answer

  10. Hello CUEA,I wanted to enquire if I can transfer from my campus to yours and still be sponsored by the government

  11. Hi Cuea. Does the university offer diploma in international relations and how much is the fees per semester. Thank you.

  12. Hello am linnet.Does CUEA offer bachelor in Education science and how many units do I have to do?May you please give me the fees structure?

  13. Hi ,does catholic university eldoret campus offer bachelor in human resource management since i have done my diploma in human resource management is it possible that i can enroll cuea bachelor in human resource and if kindly hfee structure for self sponsored

  14. What happens when the semister is ending and there is fees balance , can somebody get a little bit more time to pay without being locked out of exams ?

  15. Please would you send me the fee structure of the whole course under social department, that is environmental science and human resourse.


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