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Kyambogo University, KYU Student Portal Login: myportal.kyu.ac.ug


We are pleased to present to you https://myportal.kyu.ac.ug as the Kyambogo University (KYU) student portal. It also contains the official website, benefits of using the student portal; steps on how to log in and how to reset/recover your student portal forgotten password. 

Kyambogo University, KYU Student Portal
“Unlocking the Kyambogo University Student Portal: Your Gateway to Academic Success”

All returning or new students, upon resumption, need to select courses, get familiar with the Kyambogo University (KYU) grounds, find out where classes take place, common meeting areas, living facilities, the library, bookstore, department offices and much more. 

The Kyambogo University (KYU) Student portal is very important because it’s not just at the beginning of a school year that the school supports students but all year round. As a Kyambogo University (KYU) student, you need access to financial services, learning management systems to submit assignments and access your grade. You also need to work with other students on projects as well as update their student profile. 

The Kyambogo University (KYU) student portal also provides an engaging student experience with a single point of access and hub to all applications, information, and content. 

A student portal is a commonly used word that describes the login page where students can provide a username and password to gain access to an education organization’s programs and other learning related materials and information. 

For instance, a learner who has enrolled in an online certification program may use a student portal to access online course materials, such as articles, lectures and videos, hosted on the school’s servers. Student portals may be used to provide information about the school, special events, course details, calendars, academic resources and contact information. 

The Kyambogo University (KYU) student portal can also integrate with other systems to provide students with easy access to personal information, such as tracking bursary awards and campus medical insurance. 

In essence, this article contains details on the official Kyambogo University (KYU) student portal and its website. It is also important to note the benefits of the Kyambogo University (KYU) student portal as stated above. Therefore, the specific purpose of using the student portal involves: 

  • Kyambogo University (KYU) Course Registration; 
  • Kyambogo University (KYU) Fees payment; 
  • Checking your semester result; 
  • Viewing your Kyambogo University (KYU) Admission status and admission letter printing; 
  • Acceptance fee payment; 
  • Viewing your Kyambogo University (KYU) transcript; 
  • Keeping track of the semester academic calendar; 
  • Applying for extra credit hours; 
  • Deferment of Admission, etc. 


  • Prospective students 
  • First year students 
  • Continuing/Returning Students 


  • To begin, open your internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc. 
  •  Go to the Kyambogo University website at https://myportal.kyu.ac.ug/.
  • On the homepage, you will find a link that says “Student Portal Login”.
  • Click on this link and you will be taken to the login page.
  • On the login page, you will need to enter your student number or registration number in the first field and your password in the second field. Once you have entered these details, click on the “Sign In” button and you will be logged into your account.
  • Once logged in, you can access all of your student information including grades, course schedules, financial aid information and more. You can also use the portal to register for classes, pay tuition fees and apply for scholarships.

The Kyambogo University Student Portal is a great resource for students as it provides them with easy access to their academic records and other important information. With just a few clicks of the mouse, students can stay up-to-date with their studies and make sure they are meeting all of their academic requirements.


  • To reset your password, submit your username or your email address. If you are found in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions on how to get access again. 




Kyambogo University (KYU) 

  • P.O. Box 1, Kyambogo
  • Kampala- Uganda (East Africa)
  • Tel: 0414-285037/287343/287502
  • E-mail: arkyu@kyu.ac.ug
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Tel: 041-4-287354
  • Email: prokyu@kyu.ac.ug

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  1. I have failed to access my portal with this new system, and the lunes at the ICT centre are annoyingly long with slow service men it’s all so frustrating

  2. the system has good initiatives but it was asserted to we students at a wrong time and I think it can’t just work , we cannot miss papers for the sake of the new system

  3. The new system is difficult to search and yet it doesn’t display all necessary documents, in simple terms one is having two kyu portals, an expired one with marks and a so called functional one with only references, ooooh ghaaash, improvement needed.

  4. I really don’t know the person who manages these portals,the old portal is not rhyming with the new portal in terms of information….please sort this out

  5. thank you so much for the new portal ,however it has probems of its own ,how couldnt ask me to enroll yet i did eevrything ryt,now it has locked me out and when i go to ict they tell me about money problems ,how do i know of issues that are happening if i cant log in,the programmer of that software didint not think well .thank you

  6. Hi every here. Have been admitted for ECW .but I can’t access my Admission letter on line. What can I do to access it. Because on the instructions to access they say enter your email or phone number and pass word used during registration.
    I have tried it but all in vain.

  7. What is problem with the new students portal. It requires Changing the password but when the required information is filled ,the token code or number they claim to be sent is not seen either in the email or phone. Verify the situation or more explanations about it.

  8. This portal site is not working. I have been trying to access my account but it has failed. It’s the same to the AIMS app.

    • This new portal is running me crazy for real I can’t login ayishe eeh u reset the password but the token can never be sent

  9. Am very much sober when writing my student number but they keep on telling me that it’s invalid.

    I don’t understand why

  10. Me I lost my namba 0701633964 which I used during registration and now it’s where they sent my token and am unable to see and I would like to change it to0703042780 but I don’t know how please some help


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