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Mulungushi University Online Application: 2023/2024

We are pleased and excited to announce to you that the Mulungushi University Online Application for the 2023/2024 academic year is now open for all interested and qualified applicants. We are not just making this announcement known but also providing various steps on how to apply online for Mulungushi University admission.


To use the Mulungushi University online application feature, you must have a working internet device, a valid email address that is not shared with another Mulungushi University applicant, your Zambian identity number, or, if you are an international applicant, your passport number. Kindly follow the easy steps below to apply online for Mulungushi University admission:

Apply Online    (How to Apply Online at Mulungushi University)  

  • Step 1: Please apply online via the Mulungushi University Application Portal if you are enrolling for Undergraduate Program.
  • Step 2: If you are a first time user, kindly select the course you are interested in and start your application.
  • Step 3: You will be required to fill in all the necessary information like your Personal Details, Nationality, Address Information, disability information, Study Choices, Residential Address, Postal Address, Contact Details, Demographic Details, Next of Kin, Emergency Contact, Current Activities, Education, Indemnity and Undertaking, make Payment and upload the necessary Documents.
  • Step 4: Complete all the fields and send the form to the email address and P.O box there-in.

Acknowledgement of Application      

You will receive an email confirming online submission of your application immediately. Within three working days, you should receive formal acknowledgment of your application along with your student number and log-in details. Note this acknowledgement does not mean you’ve been accepted or admitted to Mulungushi University.

Upload Supporting Documents      

In order to consider your application, please upload all necessary supporting documents listed below on this article. If the application is incomplete, it may be declined by the college.

Acceptance of Offer      

When we update your application, you will receive an email communication. Please monitor your email account closely for updates. You can also check your status online with the log-in credentials that we will send you after you apply. We are not permitted to disclose your application status telephonically.


Upload certified copies of the following in PDF format when you apply for undergraduate studies:
  • Your ID if you are a Zambian citizen
  • Your passport if you are an international student
  • Your guardian/parent’s ID or passport if you are younger than 18 years
  • High School Senior Certificate if you have already matriculated
  • Your academic record, only if you are a current student at another institution of higher learning


Gather all the necessary documents and get ready to follow the steps on our website to a successful Mulungushi University online application. We will try as much as possible to make your application smooth and seamless. But before we proceed, remember that this application is open to all prospective diploma and certificate students. The only thing you need right now to apply for admission to the prestigious Mulungushi University is to be eligible and ready. The management of the Mulungushi University is no stranger to technology, as they have made this application exclusively online, unlike the rigorous task of going through the paper-based application (only when necessary). I hope we have been able to make your Mulungushi University online application for 2023/2024 seamless and easy. Mulungushi University is really a place to be and we have our reasons for that. With seven schools covering studies in various fields, Mulungushi University provides students with an excellent education and well-equipped facilities. The university also offers a beautiful campus environment for its students to enjoy.
Mulungushi University has been recognized for its excellence in teaching and research. The university faculty consists of highly qualified professors and lecturers who are dedicated to providing students with the best possible education. Additionally, Mulungushi University has been praised for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The university works closely with local communities to ensure that their educational needs are met, while also promoting environmental conservation efforts in the region. Click here to check the Mulungushi University minimum Admission requirements.
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  1. Am kindly asking if you are still receiving application forms for degree in science lab technologists.. Your response will be highly appreciated

    • Hi Kathy,

      Thank you for applying to the Mulungushi University. You would definitely get the admission letter if you meet the required admission requirements.

      • Hey
        Am asking if you offer bachelors in engineering specifically civil engineering and that are you still receiving applications…….
        Your response will be highly considered

  2. Hi!
    Kindly highlight me on this one issue ; is the university now giving loans or not please help?
    Your quick response will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Hai.
    I am Paul kaulu I just want to ask if i can apply.
    I passed all the subjects expt English which I am sitting on. Is possible to apply for September intake

  4. Am samuel,a holder of bachelor or education primary. I wish to do master of education in sociology,is the program available on distance?

  5. Am Kayivwa Justine, please kindly send me all the procedures on my email (kayivwaj@gmail.com) on how to apply to mulungushi university for both a hard copy and online because I want to apply now. So I want to see which one can be simple for me.
    Like for a hard copy, where should I take my application form to post so that it can reach there you in time?
    And when applying, do I need to photocopy all the pages including for programs and send together with the application? Please help me.

  6. I filled in an online application but didn’t get a confirmation of my ”application being successfully sent”. And when I tried to redo the process, system was saying my details (NRC) was already in the system and i was asked to log in and the login was not successful. Please help!

  7. I filled in the online form some time back and I wish to continue just that I forgot my username and password and I need some assistance with that. Thank you

  8. I have deposited the money for the application form but for some reason I can’t send it can you send a link I can use to get the application form for August intake

  9. Hi I would like to apply at mulungushi university for tourism and hospitality but what are the qualifications and. How can I apply,?your response will be highly appreciated, thankx.Mary

  10. Hello good evening..wanted to find out when I the deadline for sending applications for 2021 school of medicine and do you offer a degree program in dental surgery?

  11. Struggling to acces online registration I earlier started. Have user name and password but access it in order to attached a document

  12. when are the admission for 2021 applicants be ready and how long does it take for a 2021 accepted applicant to be given a 100% bursary

  13. Hi,I just want to ask if mulungushi University has agents who are working on behalf of the school management interms of selling the application letters on facebook n WhatsApp for 2022-2023


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