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Rice Purity Test Including Its Importance

Everything You Need To Know About Rice Purity Test Including Its Importance.

RICE PURITY TEST!! What comes to your mind on seeing this word? I think I know what you’re thinking right now. You are very sure it some kind of test rice undergoes to ascertain if it’s healthy for consumption right? Well, this was exactly what I thought the very first time I came across it too.

Rice Purity Test Including Its Importance

This article contains information about the rice purity test. Keep reading. The rice purity test is a self-graded survey that assesses a person’s participation in activities such as sex, drugs and crime. It assesses the participants’ supposed degree of innocence in matters such as sex, drugs, deceit, and other activities assumed to be vices.

The Rice Purity Test is a series of 100 questions in the form of a self-graded survey that attempts to rate the innocence of a person by asking questions related to drugs, alcohol, sex, the law, and other different kinds of naughty activities. The test begins with the most innocent questions such as have you ever gone a date and then progresses to dirtier questions such as have you ever had sex in a park?

The  results of this test are always in the form of a percentage between 0 to 100.


The Rice Purity Test is a 100-question survey that originated in Rice University, a private institution that was established in 1912 in Houston, Texas. The test was set up to test the maturity of their fresh students and to help them build relationships with upperclassmen based on their experiences.

It is a self-graded survey that assesses the participants’ supposed degree of innocence in worldly matters. Rice purity tests were basically to help the freshers by making them socialize in the new and unknown environment.

It used to be voluntarily tested by new students for bonding with other similar students. Further, the prime aim of the rice purity test was to help the freshers to get a great college life by maintaining a good and cordial emotional bond with the seniors especially those with attractive personality.

It also helped to limit the bad omens which pushes down the personality of students. It helped to curb or put an end to all the distracting traits one has.

So basically, it was developed to groom the freshers and make them feel comfortable.

The original version of the Rice Purity Test was created in 1924 and was initially given to only women. Since then, more versions have come out that include more modern questions. This is all about the history of the rice purity test.

Nowadays, the Rice Purity Test is normally for the purposes of fun between friends. They take the test to compare their answers to ascertain the person with cooler vibes and more badass. This explains why the test went viral on the internet during the current global pandemic.


The purity tests are taken by individuals for reasons best known to them. To carry out the test, you’re simply  required to give a yes or no answer to a list of hundred ‘Have you ever’ questions. Many times the questions may not follow this pattern. Users of the survey are asked to simply tick a box for everything they have done, before the test generates a score.

Rice Purity Test Scores And What They Imply

Generally the test grades people using a percentage scale ranging from 0 to 100, with 0 percent being the least pure and 100 percent being the purest.

It’s being observed that young people feel down and ashamed when they score high in the test. To them, it simply means they are not exposed, which makes them uncool. Thus, every youngster desires to score low in order to look like the badass. With this, many go as far as telling lies during the test. Sounds funny right?

1. 100-98% Score

This is the score that is desirable by many of the participants. Sadly, there is hardly anyone who falls into the category. Moreover, it can be said that the children who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, fall under this category. Hence it is said, few people are in this category.

This score basically means you’re as pure as gold and haven’t been exposed to shitty stuff like kissing, drug addiction and crimes. It is difficult for anyone over the age of 18 to get this score.

2. 97-94% Score

Even though it is a small range, this range depicts that the individuals are growing. You’re still considered pretty pure. Maybe you have had your first kiss or held hands with someone, but you haven’t gone much further than that.

3. 93-77% Score

This category covers the middle class and the high-class children.

This is about the average score range, which signifies that you are not an averagely pure person. Maybe you have french kissed before or done other crazy stuff.

4. 76-45% Score

This score is mostly gotten by shy  and introverted people. Furthermore, the people who fall under the category are not so social enough. Hence, the social skills in these people are not so strong enough.

5. Below 45% Score

People who fall under the category are a bit serious. This score means you’ve done some  wild stuff. The participant in this category may be suffering from mental anxiety, disorder or some kind of addiction. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get some assistance to help the participants to get out of this circumstance.

Ways To Improve Your Test Scores

Below are some everyday steps to improve your rice purity test.

1. Stay Away From Crime

Crimes can be of many types. Be it violating the law or getting yourself engaged in a murder. From indulging yourself in drugs to cheating, all these are considered to be a crime. Also, youngsters these days make themselves a part of many crimes which make their personality bad. The more you stay away from crime, the brighter the character you groom for yourself.

However, this does not mean that one should not have any knowledge regarding crimes. Though one must have an idea regarding the crimes that take place, it is also important to stay away from these crimes. The basic idea behind asking this question to the users is to check the kind of obedience a user has. Moreover, it also tests how  loyal a person is to all the rules and regulations. Furthermore, the questions that one expects under this are:

  • Have you ever gotten suspended from school
  • Have you ever used cocaine, PCP, or any other kind of drug? etc.
2. Respect For Society

As we have read earlier, to increase the score of the rice purity test, one needs to have a well-groomed personality. Therefore, respect for society is the primary criteria that influence this. When you build the feeling of respect for society and the people around you, you see a kind of sound change in your personality.

Moreover, respect results in high esteem, which brings positivity everywhere. Therefore, as a result, respect for society helps to give you a plus point to get a good score in the rice purity test. Hence, respect for society is one of the common questions that you may get in the rice purity test.

3. Health

One of the most crucial aspects of a personality is health status. Health here refers to both the physical health as well as mental health. When you observe closely, you must have noticed that a healthy person is always spotted out in a crowd. They usually have this glow with  a  bright smile on their face, which adds bloom to his personality. On the other hand, an unhealthy person always has a pale and flat face, whose personality doesn’t attract anyone.

As a result, health plays a significant role in improving your rice purity test score as it creates an impact on your personality. On the aspect of mental health, if a person is not mentally strong enough or suffers from anxiety or depression, that’s not a good sign of your personality. Thus, as a result, health is an essential criterion for a good score in the rice purity test.

4. Culture

This is a way of life. Culture refers to traditions, morals, ethics, and values. Meanwhile, culture plays a more significant role in building your personality. It helps in influencing the manner you learn, it facilitates good thoughts along with some ethical values in a person.

A good culture pulls up the personality while a bad one brings it down. Culture compels people to guard themselves with certain restrictions. This is commonly known as values  or ethics. Culture instills a positive attitude in every person. Hence, by getting a good culture, one can easily increase the score of the rice purity test.

5. Abstain From Drugs

Exposure to do can cause severe damage to the brain. Taking drugs may provide happiness for a short period, but eventually causes a lot more damage in the long run. Besides, it affects the personality in a variety of ways like fatigue, restlessness, frequent mood swings, low-stress tolerance, high-risk behavior, impulsiveness, etc.

These disturbing behaviours can cause severe damages to an individual’s overall development. Meanwhile, drugs not only create a negative impact on the academic life of people but also hampers the relationship that they maintained with their loved ones. It is because, as they experience an adverse change in their personalities, they are deserted by everyone. A drug-addicted person has a very bad personality, which creates a negative impression. Staying away from drugs is another sure way to have a better rice purity test score.

6. Education

It is a known fact that education is the main and the most crucial thing in building personality. It builds an individual in all  aspects. Education stimulates the growth of the brain of a person, which in turn helps to develop a distinct personality of the person. Furthermore, education builds a strong personality as well as a strong character of a person as it provides strength to a person to decide between what is wrong in what is right.

Also, when your knowledge is enhanced you understand the implications of certain actions. A well educated person  will hardly be seen breaking the rules and regulations of the society.

An educated person wouldn’t want to risk his life by taking drugs, etc. Therefore, education should  be the priority to score well in the rice purity test.


1. Check Your Maturity

This was the main motive of Rice University when they were creating this test. They wanted to ascertain the maturity level of their freshers to enable them build a good bonding with their seniors. As a means to achieve this, they designed a Rice Purity test by collecting 100 different questions from very personal life questions.

2. Enables You To Know Your Personality

Rice Purity Tests have collected such a kind of questions that after completion of this test you will be able to identify the kind of personality you have acquired. Some people may not be keeping track of their lifestyle and Personality but a rice purity test will give you an insight of how your personal life has been.

3. Adventurous

For some people who love to do adventurous activity in their life, for them it’s a new metal level adventure which they should explore by giving this test.

Disadvantages of Rice Purity Test

For everything that has an advantage, there is also a disadvantage. In the same way, along with the advantage, the Rice Purity Test has some disadvantages too.

1. Mental Disturbance

This test contains basically personal questions you may not be so comfortable to disclose. So, before you  give this test a try, bear in mind that during the test you have to solve around 100 very sensual kinds of questions which can disturb you mentally and not everyone can stand this.

2. Too Sensitive Questions

The test has a  collection of  very adult level questions from a very sexual relationship with the opposite gender. Because there are no strict means of checking the age of participants who go to take these tests online, it exposes underage individuals to highly sensitive questions. So, I would advise that if you are not above 18 you shouldn’t give this test a try.


  • Held hands romantically?
  • Been on a date?
  • Been in a relationship?
  • French kissed in public?
  • Kissed on the neck?
  • Masturbated while someone else was in the room?
  • Been caught masturbating?
  • Seen or read pornographic material?
  • Massaged or been massaged sensually?
  • Gone through the motions of intercourse while fully dressed?
  • Fondled or had your breasts fondled?
  • Had an orgasm due to someone else’s manipulation?
  • Purchased contraceptives?
  • Gave oral sex?
  • Received oral sex?
  • Ingested someone else’s genital secretion?
  • Used a sex toy with a partner?
  • Had severe memory loss due to alcohol?
  • Used marijuana?
  • Used a drug stronger than marijuana?
  • Seen a stripper?
  • Run from the police?
  • Had the police handcuff you?
  • Been arrested?
  • Been convicted of a crime?
  • Committed an act of vandalism?
  • Had sexual intercourse outdoors?
  • Had sexual intercourse in public?
  • Had sexual intercourse in a bed not belonging to you or your partner?
  • Had sexual intercourse with a virgin?
  • Had sexual intercourse without a condom?
  • Had a STI?
  • Attended an orgy?
  • Been photographed or filmed during sexual intercourse by yourself or others?
  • Had anal sex?
  • Impregnated someone or been impregnated?
  • Paid or been paid for a sexual act??
  • Committed an act of incest?

It is easy to take the Rice Purity Test and feel bad about yourself  either for not having as low a score as your friends or for having a high score. Whatever the outcome of your test, there’s no need to feel bad about it. Every problem certainly has a solution. There is no shame in practicing abstinence for any reason, and there is no shame in losing your virginity at a teenage age. The Rice Purity Test is just for fun; don’t take it too seriously.

The Rice Purity Test is a good test that will help you learn more about where you fall on the scale of innocence and morality. If you take it with your partner or a friend, you might even learn something new about them that you didn’t know before or vice versa. Giving it a try is not such a bad idea as long as you’re above 18 years.

You can take the most popular version of the Rice Purity Test on the official Rice Purity Test website, www.ricepuritytest.com

As I mentioned earlier, the test gives you your results in the form of a number between 0 and 100, and the higher your score, the more innocent you are considered to be and vice versa.

Good luck!!

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