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What To Do With A Sociology Degree

This article contains information on What you can do with a Sociology degree.

Looks like you intend to study sociology in college or university but need clarity on what sociology as a field of study or career path is all about. Well, sociology is a social science that has to do with the study of societal patterns of social relationships, its mode of interaction and culture that revolves everyday life.

Sociology as a social science uses different procedures of empirical investigations and extremely important analysis to develop a body of knowledge about social order and social change.

What To Do With A Sociology Degree

Sociology and a general societal science involves conducting research that may probably be applied constantly to societal policy and welfare, and primarily in refining the theoretical understanding of social processes.

In the course of studying sociology, it makes you focus mainly on social stratification, social mobility, social class, religion, law, sexuality, gender, deviance and secularization. And as you know, various fields of study have its name ascribed to professionals in that field, so, someone who studied sociology and practiced it is referred to as a sociologist.

Are you fascinated by how people relate and interact with others the way they do? Then maybe you might want to consider studying sociology. That notwithstanding, in this article, I’ll be enlightening you on what you can do with a sociology degree, but before I proceed, below are some of the skills and competencies you can acquire by studying sociology:


  • As a sociology student (prospective sociologist) you learn to carry out research about the social world; gather and analyze data using quantitative research procedures and statistical.
  • As a prospective sociologist, you’ll write reports to pass research findings and table your perspectives on social problems and You also learn to think widely about problems and issues, and how to troubleshoot in regards to paying attention to details and recommending solutions to the problems and issues.
  • You’ll also get to sharpen your presentation skills by disseminating your findings with your friends, faculty mates and These projects assist you in nurturing strong communication skills.
  • Acquiring knowledge on how to identify problems that are in existence; applying problem-solving skills to social issues and putting into action your creative abilities to find solutions; learning to take a position on an issue and constructing a rationale to giving support in your own way.

So, just in case you intend to study sociology in the University or you want to know the chances you have with the sociology degree you already have in your name, then find below what you can do with a sociology degree.


As a graduate with a sociology degree, there are good career opportunities you can venture into which you’ll find suitable based on the skills and competencies you must have gained from college or university. Some of these careers are:

1. Management Consultant

Being a management consultant involves analyzing business issues, researching possible solutions or enhancements and presenting the solutions to clients. Graduating from college or the university without prior work experience in this field, you’ll have to begin on job roles like being a Research Analyst, Research Assistant or probably a Junior Consultant role where you tend to give support to senior staff and by so doing, you’ll be learning and developing yourself on the job.

As a Sociologist, you get to hone quantitative and qualitative research skills so as to understand a business problem. The troubleshooting skill acquired during your journey of acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology will help you to generate viable solutions to these issues.

Also, writing and public speaking skills are very essential to report construction and analysis presentation to clients and amazingly these are skills you must have acquired in college or university.

2.  Market Research Analyst

You may find this field interesting and fulfilling as it involves testing products and services, and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Working as a market research analyst gives you the opportunity to utilize social science research techniques including interviews, form groups and surveys so as to collate data.

As a market researcher, you’ll get to use statistical procedures mastered during your study process in the university to analyze data and information; research track preferences for particular consumer groups. Some of these data may include knowledge of gender, aging, race, youth, social class and ethnicity as they help give accurate information.

3.  Guidance Counselor

As someone who is skilled at relating, communicating and proffering solutions then you may like to pursue a career as a guidance counselor. Working as a guidance counselor involves using knowledge of the sociology of learning to assist students navigate the academic path.

Being a guidance counselor also means you’ll have to be involved in communicating with families to design strategies to support student accomplishment. Interview and counseling technique is some of the methods you’re expected to use to assist students create academic and career choices.

Problem-solving skills is also paramount as it is usually used by guidance counselors to resolve conflicts and social problems within the affairs of the school. While working as a guidance counselor in a school, you’ll get to facilitate group sessions and teach students about social issues such as substance abuse, safe sex, bullying and what have you.

4.  Human Resources Representative

Are you adept at analyzing work roles and assessing the suitability of candidates for jobs due to the fact you must have studied sociology? You may want to give the position of a Human Resources Representative a try as it involves showcasing interviewing skills acquired. Your interviewing skills are essential for critical evaluation on this role.

As a Human Resources Representative, you get to use your problem-solving capabilities to resolve conflicts and also resolve personnel issues. Your analytical and decision making skills for evaluating alternative structures for employers sake is also paramount.

5.  Media Planner

As a Media planner, you will be involved in assessing the advertising requirements of clients and designing a media plan to improve sales to different groups. Being able to interpret research and analyze the preferences of their target population, makes the odds in your favour because you have a sociology degree in your name which implies you must have acquired the necessary skills and competencies for this role.

Gaining knowledge in sociology helps you become a media planner as this knowledge helps make studying the characteristics of various groups easier in order to choose the best possible media to showcase products.

6.  Social Worker

In order to become a Social Worker, you have to possess the ability of social dynamics and social institutions that must have been acquired in college or university, and as a sociologist, that is, a graduate of sociology, this makes you fit for this position as you already have the necessary skills. With these skills you can assess client issues and help resolve problems.

As a Social Worker, you also get to refer people to appropriate community agencies to leverage resources on behalf of people. Possessing verbal communication and active listening skills are very essential too in order to excel in this position.

7.  Survey Researcher

Attitude and opinion measurement in areas acquainted to sociology like social and political issues, health, culture and consumer products are done by survey researchers. Being a survey researcher involves carefully composing survey questions to elicit clear answers.

Using data collection and statistical analysis techniques are skills acquired by sociologists and employed by survey researchers. This is why a survey researcher could be a good career pursuit for you because you have a sociology degree.

Implementing the knowledge of groups and subcultures is also used by survey researchers for assessing the opinions of targeted demographic, therefore, by choosing this path, you stand guaranteed to thrive excellently because you’ve got what it takes as a sociologist degree holder.

Other sociology career positions you can jump on are; Journalism, law enforcement, public office and so on.


In conclusion, sociology is a far and wide field which implies that you’ll need to interact with other disciplines like anthropology, linguistics, political science, psychology and philosophy. The diversity of sociology will prepare you for a broad-range of career possibilities.

Your Sociology degree is obviously your ticket to endless career opportunities.

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