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UNZA 53rd Graduation List for May 2024


We are happy to present to you information on the University of Zambia, UNZA 53rd Graduation List and Ceremony, as well as the graduation list. The management of the institution has released the official dates and information on the 53rd graduation ceremony as well as list.

The University of Zambia is pleased to announce the upcoming 53rd Graduation Ceremony, continuing the tradition of excellence and achievement. We are excited to invite all qualifying students to participate in this prestigious event, which marks a significant milestone in your academic journey.


Eligibility and Clearance Procedure

All 2022/2023 graduands must complete the final clearance procedure as outlined by the university to participate in the graduation ceremony. The process includes:

  1. Fulfilling Financial Obligations: All outstanding fees and dues to the university must be settled.
  2. Obtaining Clearance: Graduands must get clearance from the Dean of Student Affairs Unit and proceed to clear with their respective schools/units/directorates, the University Library, and Student Finance.
  3. Payment of Participation Fee: A fee of K400,00 is required for participation. This can be paid by card at the accounts office, room two (2), or via bank deposit using the specified bank accounts for the UNZA Registrar’s Department.
  4. Deposit Slip Submission: After payment, the deposit slip must be submitted to the office of the Accountant, Academic Affairs, room two (2), to obtain the official UNZA receipt.
  5. Providing Evidence of Clearance: Proof of clearance must be presented at the Academic Office in one of the designated rooms (6, 8, 10, 13, and 14).
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Graduation Schedule

The ceremony will be held from Monday, May 20th, to Friday, May 24th, 2024. The specific schedule for each school and program will be communicated in due course.

List of Graduands:

The list will be posted as soon as it is approved. Continuously keep on confirming with your Department if you have met the Graduation Requirements.

Any potential graduand whose name is not on the list is expected to visit his/her School immediately.

Important Deadlines

Please take careful note of the deadlines:

  • Clearance Process: Must be completed by May 10, 2024. Those who do not complete the clearance will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.
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We look forward to celebrating your academic achievements during the ceremony. This event not only signifies your hard work and dedication but also the support and commitment of the University of Zambia to fostering a community of scholars ready to make significant contributions to society.


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