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Lusaka Apex Medical University 10th Graduation List – May 2023


We are happy to present to you the Lusaka Apex Medical University 10th Graduation List – May 2023. The Vice-Chancellor on behalf of the University Council, Management Board and Senate has released the names of successful graduands.

Lusaka Apex Medical University 10th Graduation List for April 2023
“Congratulations to the successful graduands of Lusaka Apex Medical University! Learn everything you need to know about the upcoming 10th Graduation Ceremony, from verifying examination results to securing academic attire and settling fees.”
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Therefore, all successful graduands can check their names below or on the university website.


Lusaka Apex Medical University is thrilled to announce its 10th Graduation Ceremony, scheduled for 4th May, 2023.[mfn]ZNDC-INFRATEL. “No Title.” Edu.Zm, http://www.lamu.edu.zm/news/2023-04-03-13-17-31-10th-graduation-ceremony-to-be-held-on-4th-may,-2023. Accessed 24 Apr. 2023.[/mfn] This significant event commemorates the academic accomplishments of our graduates who have successfully finished their studies in various medical disciplines. The graduation ceremony will take place at the New Government Complex in Lusaka. All graduates, their families, friends, and esteemed alumni are cordially invited to join us in celebrating this momentous occasion.

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Examination Results:

Graduates are required to verify their examination results prior to the Graduation Ceremony. Ensure that you have cleared any outstanding issues related to your academic records, including incomplete coursework or pending examination results. Once confirmed, your name will be added to the list of graduands, marking your eligibility to participate in the graduation ceremony.

List of Graduands:

The list of graduands will be made available on the university’s official website, providing a comprehensive record of all students who have met the necessary requirements to participate in the 10th Graduation Ceremony. Graduates are advised to review this list carefully and report any discrepancies to the university administration immediately.

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Verification of Academic Records and Order of Names:

It is crucial for each graduate to verify their academic records and confirm the proper order of their names as it will appear on the graduation certificate. To ensure accuracy, carefully review your academic records and consult with the university administration to rectify any errors or discrepancies. Remember, your graduation certificate is a critical document, and it is essential to have the correct information displayed.

Clearance and Fees:

Before participating in the Graduation Ceremony, graduates must complete the necessary clearance process and settle any outstanding fees. This process includes:

  • Clearing any outstanding library fees or returning borrowed materials
  • Settling any outstanding tuition or administrative fees
  • Paying the graduation fee, which covers costs associated with the ceremony and the issuance of the graduation certificate

Ensure that you complete this process well in advance to avoid last-minute complications that could prevent your participation in the ceremony.

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Academic Attire:

Graduates are required to wear the appropriate academic attire during the Graduation Ceremony. This attire typically includes a gown, hood, and mortarboard cap, representative of the degree conferred upon the graduate. Graduates can rent or purchase their academic attire from the university or approved vendors. It is essential to secure your attire well before the event to ensure proper sizing and availability.


To ensure a smooth and orderly ceremony, punctuality is of utmost importance. Graduates are expected to arrive at the New Government Complex in Lusaka well ahead of the scheduled start time. This allows for sufficient time to get dressed in academic attire, take photographs, and line up in the procession according to the designated seating arrangement.

Arriving late can cause disruptions and may result in the graduate being unable to participate in the ceremony. Therefore, plan your travel and preparations accordingly, and make this memorable day a stress-free and enjoyable experience.


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