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10 Effects of Examination Malpractice

This article contains information on the Effect of Examination Malpractice for the year 2020.

The issue of examination malpractice is one that has eaten deep into educational systems worldwide. It has become so prominent amongst scholars that many times it has been justified with crazy excuses such as “after all, examination is not a true test of knowledge”.

10 Effects of Examination Malpractice

The main objective of schools is to equip students with the required knowledge and skills to enable them to contribute effectively to national development. This demands periodic assessment and evaluation which are basically in the form of examinations and tests. This is to ascertain the level of knowledge and competence of students.

Although these are not the only yardstick for assessing and evaluating a students knowledge, it is the major established practical means of assessment. The occurrences of examination malpractice have assumed an alarming trend and dimension and this is due to fear of failure, laziness, lack of confidence, and inadequate preparation.

Students have perfected the various forms of examination malpractice. Some of the methods employed under this practice include bringing foreign materials into the examination halls. These foreign materials include prepared notes and materials written on palms, thighs and textbooks,

Other forms of malpractice involve having an illegal prior knowledge of the examination questions, sharing information with other participants of the examination, exchanging either question papers or answer sheets. There is also seeking and receiving help from people through what is popularly called “giraffing”.

There is also collusion between two or more candidates who usually agree beforehand to assist each other.

Impersonation is also common among students. Under this practice, a student goes to sit for the real candidate in order to pass the examination on behalf of the other candidate. Such examinations “contractors” are paid for their service either before or after writing the examination.

Mass cheating is another dimension that examination malpractice has assumed. Nowadays, the whole thing has become more sophisticated with the advent of electronic assisted materials.

Organisers, mobile phones, though not allowed in examination halls are sneaked in because messages could be text to them in the hall. There are different shades of examination malpractice in existence of which many people who do not really understand the meaning of examination malpractice have constantly argued  not to be a form of malpractice. During my compulsory one year National youth service, I vividly remember hearing a student refer to examination malpractice as “brain support”.

Therefore, for proper clarification, examination malpractice is any action taken to negate and compromise the  intent of an examining body. In other words, it is any active or passive action that goes against the rules and regulations  of an examination. That being said, examination malpractice has a lot of effects both on the students and on the educational sector though it has more effects on the students.

Examination malpractice has been in existence for years. From my secondary school days down to my University days, it has been a lifestyle that most students can’t do without. I was among the few students who hated any form of examination misconduct. I would prefer to fail honourably than get involved in examination malpractice. This made others see me as a “Jew girl”

Back at the University, Miss A was a very smart student. Everyone knew she wasn’t a dullard. On a particular examination, she was caught with different implicating materials in the halls. It was a very terrible experience as other students who saw her as a bright student said all manner of derogatory stuff about her.

After that incident, Miss A became an expert in examination malpractice. She could no longer write examinations confidently without cheating. She would prepare for examinations but her mind became conditioned to believing that without having a back-up she can’t pass an examination.

It was really sad having to see one of my competitors in class thread that path. She lost the respect she had. Many believed she was never a smart student after all. Well, you wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking so.

This article contains information on the effect of examination malpractice. Hence, below are effects of examination malpractice



Good name, they say, is more valuable than money. One of the effects of examination malpractice is that it tarnishes the image of a person. It is possible that you are an Intelligent and smart student but once you’re caught in the act, your reputation is damaged. Those who respected you for your intelligence are bound to lose that respect.

Like my coursemate, Miss A, many believed that all the time they saw her as in one of the most Intelligent students in the class, it was examination malpractice  that has been doing the magic.

As difficult as it may sound, I believed differently. I knew Miss A was a naturally Intelligent student who fell for the temptation of examination malpractice but there was no way others could come to  believe in her anymore. It is very difficult to repair a damaged reputation.  It is best to avoid it by all means especially if you’re a smart and Intelligent student. The fact that I never got involved in examination malpractice while in school makes my coursemates respect me till date.

It is better to fail honourably than to damage your reputation to pass in order to pass an examination. examination.


One thing about examination malpractice is that once you depend on it to pass, you will automatically lose the zeal to prepare for examinations. When you constantly depend on malpractice, it becomes a part of you and laziness sets in. Once you turn out to become a lazy student who prefers a shortcut to pass examination, there is a high probability that this will become your lifestyle even as an employee.

Your approach to one aspect of life has an uncanny way of spreading to others. Ultimately, having someone else do all the work for you is a very good motivation to be lazy.


Many do not really understand the true meaning of irresponsibility. Irresponsibility is underrated. This is why people have failed to realise that getting involved in examination malpractice is an irresponsible act.

Being irresponsible is not only when a person steals, smokes,gets involved in numerous vices.  Flaunting examination rules and regulations is irresponsibility.

By the time you decide to plagiarize which is otherwise known as copying or indulging in any other form of malpractice, you have already started failing as an individual. It is possible you will pass the examination but even if you do succeed in an exam through any form of malpractice, you have already failed in character and learning which is most likely even worse than failing an academic sector.


Why are people advised to read? There are a thousand and one reasons why people are encouraged to imbibe a reading habit. Intensive and extensive reading helps to develop one’s mentality and thinking capacity. Reading helps one to develop a critical thinking ability. One way in which a person can easily get involved in in-depth reading is while preparing for an examination. Preparing for an examination is one time many people seize the opportunity to read wide.

If you decide to skip preparing for examinations by relying on examination malpractice, there is no way to develop your critical thinking abilities. Many times, examination malpractice turns you into a dullard. The tiniest and simplest things you ought to know by merely thinking through, you will find out you can’t.

When a car battery is not put to use on a regular basis what happens? Chances are that the battery will die. This is basically what happens when you don’t read and put your brain into use. Your brain becomes dormant. A person with a dormant brain can never perform well in life. This is the effect of examination malpractice on your brain.

This effect continues even after school. As a responsible adult, you have to possess critical thinking abilities. When you lack this, you will always have problems. When you are thinking of getting involved in examination malpractice, think of the adverse effect it will have on you once you’re outside the learning environment. No employer would like to employ a mentally dull Individual.


Ever heard the word “beautiful nonsense?” Well, this is mostly like the case of those who played smart to get through school.

Examinations are ways of checking your competence in various fields. The results show whether or not you have been thoroughly trained in a given field. Grades may like but what you in your head will never lie. There are people who prepare so hard for examinations and end up performing badly. Their performance does not rule out the fact that they may actually be more competent than some who came out with beautiful grades.

When you read for exams, it helps build your level of confidence, competence and expertise in a speciality regardless of your grade. When you scheme your way through examinations, you will have your God grades, no doubt but trust me, your case will be like need to a beautiful nonsense.

If you maneuvered your way through examinations, think about the kind of diagnosis or prescriptions you would give as medical personnel? Think of the buildings you will design as an architect?

What goes around comes around.


One of the reasons people get involved in examination malpractice is avoid reading. When you do not read for exams, there is no way you will know your mental capacity and abilities. There is no way you will know what you’re capable of doing. This is what examination malpractice does. It strips you off your self confidence. You will always doubt your mental abilities especially if you got all your grades through that avenue.

You will never know your mental capabilities if you relt on  examination malpractice. It is better to try and fail than not trying at all. That way, you will learn and get better and this will eventually help you build your mental abilities. This is no better way to command respect than when you have confidence in your intellectual abilities, which can never be developed through examination malpractice.


If you think examination malpractice has effect only on the students then you must think again. When a student graduates, the grade is boldly  written alongside with the name of the awarding Institution. So, if a certain kind of ill performance becomes a trend in the graduates of an specific institution, the integrity of such Institution is at stake.

Mind you, the certificate is not an end in itself. It is an official means of confirming the level of competence of its bearer. Therefore, if the bearer’s output does not correspond to the stated level and grade on the certificate, it leaves the issuer’s integrity at stake.

Therefore, if an Institution decides to pay deaf ears  leaving the case of examination malpractice unaddressed, the the competence of the school will be questioned and this will certainly compromise the ability of such an Institution to attract students.

The graduates of such schools may be stigmatized a d labelled with bad names, thus, leaving them u employed


Examination malpractice has the tendency to limit a person. It hinders one from thinking outside the box. Even if you have the potential to excel, malpractice  will definitely limit you. If you do that for a long period of time, you will possibly get used to that level of performance and never aspire to be better.

In settling for that, you have unconsciously limited your opportunity for advancement and excellence generally and subsequently in life.


Examination malpractice is just all shades of bad. No one ever does this with boldness and peace of mind. There is always the fear of getting  caught. If you’re unfortunate to be caught by an opportunist, you will most likely be manipulated and blackmailed.

Some are made to pay exorbitant amounts while others are blackmailed sexually. This is mostly in the part of females.

Manipulation and blackmail is bound to continue even outside the academic environment. Some employers who discover such employees with unmerited grades and certificates might also take advantage of the situation in the guise to help them secure or keep the jobs and official positions.


The worst thing that can happen to a person is not being able to defend their result. This is basically the case of those who got involved in examination malpractice. Oftentimes, this is  usually an after effect of examination malpractice. In other words, it usually happens upon graduation. This situation can be very embarrassing.

Examination malpractice may seem so beautiful at the onset especially when the desired results are obtained but the fact is, it has more negative effects than positive. Infact, examination malpractice doesn’t have a positive effect.

What is beautiful in having a good grade that can’t be defended? What is positive is being a lazy student who can not spend time to read and prepare for examinations? What is positive in rendering the intellectual abilities and mental capabilities dormant? What is positive in exposing yourself to much fear in the examination hall and probably getting caught and disgraced publicly? What is positive in going through blackmail and manipulations? The effect of examination malpractice on students and Institutions has gone way overboard. The level at which the educational virus is spreading has left one to wonder if it can ever be eradicated?

On daily basis, students are devising smarter means to cheat in an examination. Educational system has being rigged and malpractice is seen as the new normal. With this practice, even those who struggled to read and pass without any help are not appreciated because it is believed that every student who performs well in examination must have achieved that through the crooked means. How pathetic!!

If examination malpractice must be curbed, a lot of work needs to be done by all. It is not the work of schools alone. Parents need to get involved too because most of them are actually encouraging examination malpractice in various dimensions.

Registering wards in special centres and remote towns for examinations is one common way. I believe that if stiff penalties are meted out to offenders including parents who support this irresponsible, tutors who receive bribes to cover up this act, examination malpractice will be reduced to the bearable extent if not eradicated.


In conclusion, all hands must be on deck to fight this because when the educational sector of any society is messed up, all other sectors are directly affected.

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