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17 Ways to Make Money Fast As a Student or Graduate

This article contains information on how to make money fast as a student or graduate. Education is expensive. This means that being in school is costly. As a student, a lot of money is required to sustain you in school. There is more to school than just paying tuition fees. Gone are the days students rely wholly on their parents to cater for all their needs. That life is old fashioned. In this time and age, many students see themselves through school without relying on parents.

17 Ways on How to Make Money Fast As a Student or Graduate

While money is highly needed by students, graduates are not left out. While in school, it is a known fact that providing money for school expenses is  the responsibility of parents which many strive to take full responsibility of but as a graduate, many parents are likely to stop catering for your financial needs. At this point, you will not only cater for yourself but for others in the family. Without being financially independent, there is no way this can happen.

Having known that money is highly needed by students and graduates, this article will cover extensively on how Students and Graduates can make money fast. At the mention of money fast, the thought of illicit and illegal businesses comes to the minds of many.

That being said, this article will expose you to ways on how to make money fast  without robbing a bank or getting involved in illegal businesses. Below are tested and trusted ways to make fast money as a student/graduate.



It is believed that every student should have the ability to teach. Well, this is absolutely correct. Being in the four walls of a Institution where your are exposed to the various activities should give the the confidence to teach others. Thus, tutoring is one way to make fast money as a student and graduate.

As a student, there are people who are willing to pay to learn what you know. You can organize a tutorial for such people or work in an existing tutorial in exchange for money. Apart from academic relate classes, you can  transfer your skills to other.

Technology has made life easy. Therefore, you can decide to organize virtual classes online. If you have a skill in graphics, content creation, etc, you can easily teach this to make money as a student and graduate.

Are you a good teacher? Do you have an area of expertise that you can teach or help others in? You could create an online course around that topic and sell it.


After years of graduating from the University without my dream job, I decided to utilize my talent and skills in writing to earn a living.

Freelancing is one sure way of  making making fast money without much stress. It has been paying a lot of people for years and it’s still paying and will continue to pay. Freelancing has gone beyond just writing blog contents. In other words, there is more to freelancing currently than just been a freelance writer. There are freelancers in other areas such as graphic designing, data entry, voiceovers and proofreading which currently on high demand,etc. The good thing about freelancing is that you can work for many people at the same time and be able to charge what you deem fit. Freelancing is location and time friendly.With your internet connection, you can work from any part of the world.

Freelancing writing is one of the easiest ways to start making money as a student/graduate especially if you’re a fast writer. There are a lot of ways to get started with freelance writing for blogs.

There are numerous freelancing sites that allows you to bid on jobs. Some of them include Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour, Truelancer and lots more. All you need to do is go for the option of your choice and set up a profile. Many are earning cool cash in dollars through freelancing. Embrace it.


Making video skits have become a rampant trend amongst youths. Do you know you can be making huge sums of money through those videos you spend time making for few likes and comments on WhatsApp and Facebook?

If you have a gift for video making, becoming a YouTube blogger is a great way to earn extra cash. You get paid based on the advertisements displayed on your videos. So, the more people that watch your videos, the more you get paid. It’s estimated that video bloggers on YouTube get roughly $7.60 per each 1,000 views of their videos.

Getting into YouTubing is easy. All you need is to create a YouTube account for those numerous Tiktok and thriller clips and start uploading videos. Mind you, unique contents will attract more viewers  Remember that some of the big YouTubers are getting over a million hits a day and taking in over a million pounds a year. This could be you as a student.


Another great way to earn money online is to become a virtual assistant. A lot of people who are busy with other activities and businesses are looking to outsource “assistant-type” work. Your job might be to manage their social media accounts, responding to emails, handling basic writing and organization, research tasks, and more.

If you are looking to do this type of work online, consider becoming a virtual assistant and you could earn several hundred dollars or more per month without having to leave your comfort zone. As a student, you can comfortably do this without any distractions academically.


Have you thought of making an extra cash from just clearing your abode? Do you know those things you discard as junks can fetch you money?

eBay is a serious money earner. There are people who have earned thousands through eBaying by just getting rid of old stuff. Online auctions are a sure-fire way to turn that sleeveless jacket and shoulder paded coat which is out of fashion, into hard cash.


In my school days, I usually have a separate note book where I summarize all my school works. This book comes in handy when preparing for tests and examinations. With the notebook, I don’t get to carry any other notes for study. It is comprehensive but yet very concise and fun to read. It got to a point that fellow coursemates would borrow the it to read for exams.

I gave out my hard work for free due to lack of information. I could have probably put such a note up for sale. You can still do same and earn from it. Put your hard work to good use. Your built up hours of note taking and detailed charts and diagrams could gain you more than just a good grade. You can put up your notes for sale.

Sites like Notesale allows you take your notes and put them online for students who need some extra help.


Do you have a large audience on your social media accounts? Are you good at convincing people?

Then this is for you. Instead of putting forth your beautiful pictures at beaches and parties for thousands of likes and comments, you can start earning money immediately by promoting all sorts of companies, products, services and offers online. You get paid by the company’s whose products you promote. To take it a step further, set up a website or own a page on any of these socialmedia platforms to promote your products and services. This is called affiliate marketing.


If you are a fast typer and want to get paid for listening and typing, transcription work is great. Many industries are looking for people who will transcribe audio into text. Podcasters like to have their episodes transcribed into text for Publishing. You can learn how to transcribe and get paid for it.


Do you speak another language? If so, you could be come a translator. There is translation work that is needed across a variety of platforms – from people speaking to written translation work. Sites like LiveTranslation.com allow anyone to sign up and become a translator.


If you haven’t thought of earning with your sweet voice and beautiful accent, you need to think again. Doing voice-over work is becoming incredibly popular, especially with the rise of video and podcasting. If you have a great voice, and a simple microphone setup at home, you could get paid to do voice over work for people and businesses without sweating. This is a sure way of making a passive income as a student/graduate.


There is money in food business because people must eat on a daily basis. As a student, you can make money from your little corner. You can convert your cooking skills and hobby into a money making avenue. You don’t need to start big by securing a shop. Just cook, package your products well and advertise. People must buy. With time, you can step up the business by taking orders and delivering. You don’t necessarily need to own a vehicle before you can deliver.

On the other hand, if the former will be so tasking due to school work, catering companies are always looking for extra help because their schedules. Most catering companies have little work during the week, but need a large staff on the weekends. This works well for you as a students who is  just looking to earn extra few dollars. This is another way to make money fast.


Another great money making opportunity for students and graduate is house cleaning. It takes several hours, but it can be done easily and requires no special experience. You can team up with an experienced cleaning company or look to run your own business.

There are Individuals who are just so busy and lacks time to clean their houses.Such people are willing to pay anything to have their houses and environments tidied.


If you can wash and iron your clothes properly, why not extend your professionalism to others and get paid for it?

Busy career men and women outsource their laundry more often than you would think. You could offer to start a laundry service for all your friends and neighbors. Instead of them having to make their own trip to a distant launder, you could combine their trip with yours, and charge them a small fee for it. Considering you do laundry each week, this could be a great recurring income stream.


If students are good at anything, it’s researching and writing. With the Amazon Kindle store, anyone can publish an eBook and make money. The key to success with eBooks is to create value, and write non-fiction. Another big tip is to have a great cover designed and once your book is live on the Kindle store it’s really important to get some reviews so it shows up higher in results.

So, if you have a solution to trending issue, giving information you have researched and compiled on a common problem and then presenting it in an easy to digest format will definitely get people to spare some amount on it while you smile to the bank.

The best thing about this idea is that once you’ve invested the time, you’ll earn a passive income for years to come!


In the era we’re in people spend heavily to look beautiful. This is a common trend amongst females.

If you’re good at doing nails and make-up, you could take care of nails and makeup for your friends for special occasions. You could even advertise and do small jobs on a regular basis. This gives you ample time to do other things.


Another way of making fast money is by becoming a fitness trainer. If you have a passion for fitness, you could consider becoming a personal trainer. A lot of people simply need accountability and a little instruction to get going to get fit, and a personal trainer can help with this. And that’s just the beginning. If you are consistent and your audience increases along the line, you might as well decide to convert your passion into something bigger.


This might not be my thing but then, I know a lot of students and graduates who are sustaining themselves with hair making. This is a skill that can earn you a huge some on a daily basis.  Hair styling business has become diversified. You can choose to specialize in braiding, wig making, hair treatment and lots more.

All these are good and fast ways of making money. There are a thousand and one means of making money as a student and graduate. As a student, with any of these you can live comfortably in school without depending on your parents totally.

As a graduate, with any of the above mentioned, you do not need to wait for job interviews that may never come. Gone are the days when graduates sit and cling to their certificates awaiting 5-9 jobs. These days, certificates are kept, in search of fast money making means.

Being your own boss is extremely rewarding, and it can be extremely lucrative for college students and recent graduates. Entrepreneurship is the way to go. These money making ideas are all in this category because your earnings are only limited by your own internal drive.

As a student, you are in an environment where most businesses will thrive. All that is required is your ability to think critically and find out a problem that requires a solution. Many times, you don’t need any form of capital to be able to make money. So also is applicable to graduates.

There are numerous means of making money fast but the question is, how prepared and willing are you?

There are survival strategies school will never teach you.This article has presented you with many fast money making options. The choice is yours. If you must enjoy some of the above mentioned means, you certainly need to develop yourself and acquire more advanced skills.

You learn to earn more!! Again, how fast you’re able to make money can be determined by how you relate with people.So, try as much as possible to build connections. You will certainly go places when you have a strong network of people.

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