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Fidelity Security Training Courses Prices 2023


We present to you the the Fidelity Security Training Courses Prices for 2023

Fidelity Security Training Courses Prices 2023
“2023 Price List for Fidelity Security Training Courses: Equip Yourself with the Highest Standard of Security Training in South Africa.”

Safeguarding people and properties is not merely a job; it’s a noble calling that requires the utmost competence, confidence, and responsibility. And where better to acquire these skills than at Fidelity Security Group, one of South Africa’s largest and most respected providers of security solutions? Their programmes, tailored to both individuals and organizations aiming to flourish in the security industry, adhere strictly to the latest standards and regulations set by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

Fidelity Security Group’s footprint extends beyond ordinary security services. They are distinguished by their commitment to offering a broad range of security training courses covering various grades and levels, from Grade E (Patrol Officer) to Grade A (Security Manager). Specialized modules, including Protection of Information, Access Control, Retail Security, Banking Security, and CCTV Monitoring, offer in-depth training for distinct industry roles. The academic instruction, administered by experienced instructors, melds theory and practice, honing students’ abilities in real-world scenarios.

The 2023 Fidelity Security Training Course Price List

Course Price Range (ZAR)
Grade A Security Manager R1,200 to R1,700
Grade B Security Supervisor R1,050 to R1,500
Grade C Protection of Information R950 to R1,050
Grade D Access Control R850 to R950
Grade E Patrol Officer R750 to R850

When considering these courses, affordability is key. In 2023, the rates of the security training programmes vary according to the grade, length, and location of the course. For example, you can expect to pay between R1,200 to R1,700 for a Grade A Security Manager course, while a Grade E Patrol Officer course typically costs between R750 to R850.

Note that these prices are indicative, so it’s advisable to contact Fidelity Security directly at 086 12 12 999 for the most accurate pricing information.

An Overview of Courses Offered

Fidelity Security Group doesn’t just train security personnel; they mold versatile professionals capable of handling varying security needs. Specialized Training Solutions available include but are not limited to:

  • Management and Supervisory Development
  • Learnership at NQF 3 and NQF 4 levels
  • VIP Close Protection Training at NQF level 5
  • Firearm Competency and Refresher Training
  • Retail Security, Control Rooms, and SAPS National Keypoints Training
  • Aviation Security, Ports and Harbours Security
  • Drivers’ Training

Accreditations and Recognition

Fidelity’s commitment to excellence doesn’t go unnoticed. They are a registered ISO 9001:2008 training provider and have accreditations from notable organizations such as the Safety and Security SETA (SASSETA), SAPS (for firearms training), CIVIL Aviation Authority, Department of Corrections, City & Guilds (for FIFA 2010 Events Steward Training), and PSIRA.

Training Duration and Locations

Security training should be accessible, and Fidelity Security Group ensures this by offering courses in all provinces and major cities in South Africa, including Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Polokwane, and Bloemfontein. The duration typically spans one to two weeks, depending on the grade and the learner’s schedule.

The Benefits of Training with Fidelity Security Group

Beyond imparting essential knowledge and skills,

  • Fidelity Security Group prepares learners for the PSIRA examinations, a mandatory step for anyone aspiring to join the security industry.
  • Graduates receive a certificate of competence and a PSIRA registration card, clear proof of their expertise.

Contacting Fidelity Security Group

Securing your future in the security industry starts with a single step – reaching out to Fidelity Security Group. You can visit their website or contact them directly for more information about their security training courses, their exact pricing, or to explore their other services including guarding, cash solutions, risk management, and technology solutions.


As a pioneer and industry leader in security training and development, Fidelity Security Group is devoted to shaping competent and professional security personnel through their comprehensive courses. Whether you’re an individual seeking a fulfilling career in security or an organization seeking to enhance your team’s skills, Fidelity’s programs are an investment worth considering.

Remember, ensuring security isn’t just about maintaining peace; it’s about fostering a safe environment where growth and development can thrive. Secure your future today with Fidelity Security Group’s training courses.


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