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How to Become a Successful Business Manager

This article contains information on how to become a successful business manager.

The success of a business is dependent on the business manager. Thus, whoever in this position must be prepared to not only work hard but also possess the  necessary qualities and skills of a business manager. In many cases, being promoted to occupy this position does not guarantee success in management of the business but the person’s willingness to work hard and learn in order to ensure the business grows and flourishes.

How to Become a Successful Business Manager

Most importantly, if you must become a successful business manager, bear in mind that you can’t achieve it alone with a team. Thus, whatever you do must include your team.

What skills do you need to be a successful business manager?

As one who intends or desires to be a successful business manager, there are certain skills you should possess.

A successful business manager must have;

  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Strong organisational and administrative skills for managing business plans, organizing meetings and delegating tasks.
  • Good communication skills for directing, leading, and guiding subordinate staff
  • Sound knowledge of finance. In other words, he must be finally intelligent.
  • Excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Conversant with government policies and regulations, and ensuring business is compliant with such standards

To become a successful business manager is not  easy as many people imagine. Becoming one takes a continuous process of development before and after the set up of the business. This is why this article is a must read as it will show you how to become one.

Therefore, below are practical and tested ways on how to become a successful business manager.



Success requires dedication and planning. Therefore, every person who intends to be successful in business must have a goal. No successful business runs without a set goal.The failure to have a business goal always amounts to failure. So, successful managers write their goals and map out the key steps they must follow to get closer to their goals on a daily basis. The decisions and actions a manager takes concerning the business is solely dependent on the goals of the business.

In other words, one of the most important ways of being a successful business manager is successfully creating goals and communicating expectations to team members. Managers should focus on creating SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound) goals for their team.”There must be a transparent link between all goals set throughout the organization.


This is one factor that determines whether or not a business will succeed or fail. The manager of a business can be the owner of the business or an employed personnel.

Many times, those in charge of managing a business take time management for granted probably because they are the “boss”. With this mindset, things don’t get done when it ought to be.

However, if you must become a successful business manager, you must learn to utilize your time wisely and effectively. Time is precious and valuable. When lost it can never be regained. This is why you must carry out activities in line with your set goals with procrastination.


No matter how enlightened you’re, it is not always enough. Effective leaders know that managing others doesn’t mean they know everything. Every day new innovations are discovered. The most successful business managers understand the importance of investing in their professional and personal development.

They learn from more professional people through reading books, attending seminars, and / or seeking advanced degrees. Continuing education enhances their qualifications as well as learning new things in order to remain relevant in the area of expertise.

Managers should always be learning and growing alongside their team. There are several leadership skills that you can build upon, such as time management and delegation, etc.

“It will definitely take time and energy to get it right, even something as simple as how a manager conducts themselves at a meeting”


You might have been used to having full control over your workload, but becoming a manager  will force you to give up that control and delegate some responsibilities. If you must have time for other activities and achieve more, it must delegate works to others involved but doesn’t imply you will desert those working for you. There are various importu of working with your team and delegate roles.

Working with your employees builds better relationships. This helps you learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Your employees will also trust you more if they feel you’re working with them rather than above them. With this, they will give their best for the growth and success of the business.


Taking risks builds confidence and sharpens one’s ability to be decisive. Successful managers are willing to try new things and experiment with new ideas, after all business is all about taking calculated  risks. As a manager who wants to become successful, you must be bold to take business risks. In being too careful, you might miss good business opportunities.

Therefore, bear in mind that risk taking is one of the ways to become a successful business manager.


Communication is very important for a successful business. It comes in various forms.

As a business manager, you will at one time or the other carry your employees along and let them in on new developments except for a sole proprietorship.

Sometimes too, as a manager you may find ways to seek advice from people when confused about something.

Other times, as a business manager, there are also times you will be anticipating feedback from either clients or a prospective client. All these are all  forms of communication. Therefore, as a business manager, it is advisable you learn how to communicate effectively.


Being overly too serious, strict and hard on employees is not always a good approach for a business to thrive. It is important to create a positive, fun work environment that makes team members feel included and respected. A happy employee is a more productive employee. You can create a diverse and inclusive work culture by showing examples of good behavior on a daily basis. This is however a way to become a successful business manager.


As a business manager, one thing about recognizing and appreciating the  hard work of team members is that it encourages them to do more. Thus, you should frequently provide recognition for team successes. Great leaders/ managers recognize their employees and express their gratitude whenever possible. Every  employee wants to feel appreciated and have their work noticed. When you credit them for a job well done, it motivates them to keep working hard.

Offering praise can boost team morale and build a positive work culture. If you fail to give positive feedback and recognition, employees may think their work is going unnoticed and start to show a lackadaisical attitude . In addition to daily recognition,  motivating people through team bonding and celebration is also a smart way of having the support of your workers.


There is no way  you can become a successful business manager solely  through your personal efforts. This is where building a strong network comes to play. Good working relationships are important for career and personal advancement. Successful managers work strategically at building networks that support their personal and professional goals. As one who wishes to manage a business successfully, create regular opportunities to establish genuine connections with people in and out of their professional community.

Build a network with people of like minds. This, do not joke with contacts. You might just need them soon.


Self-discipline is an important leadership and management attribute. It involves engaging in consistent action even when you don’t feel like it. Self-discipline fuels a successful manager’s sense of determination and allows the manager to achieve goals.

For instance, a business manager who is not financially disciplined is liable to fail sooner or later. If you have the habit of spending money on frivolities without accounting for them, success is not guaranteed.

So, in becoming a successful business manager, you must be disciplined in every way possible.


It is normal to want to do everything concerning your business all by yourself especially for those who love receiving all the credit alone. The bitter truth is that you can’t successfully manage a business alone. At one point or the other, you will need the assistance of others, no matter how negligible.

Successful management requires engaging others and inspiring them toward shared goals. If you must be a successful business manager, always be free and open to seek collaboration with like minds.


Pride, they say, goes before a fall. As one who intends to become a successful business manager, you must learn to be humble. Humbleness comes in many dimensions.

Trust and respect for others is one way. These are  fundamental to effective leadership. No one likes to be disrespected. Successful managers are courteous and considerate of others. Genuine regard for others promotes loyalty and fosters mutual respect.

Another show of humbleness is the ability to accept mistakes. Making mistakes is part of life. There is no shame in making mistakes. However, as a business manager, you must learn to own up to mistakes and take responsibility. Successful managers, therefore, admit their mistakes, learn from them, and do better next time.

Many people associate humility with weakness. Genuine humility is a quality that helps one to become a successful business manager.


In an ever-changing workplace that is increasingly being impacted by technology and global markets and other unseen factors, positioning oneself for the future is critical for career and team success. Successful managers stay on top of industry trends by reading periodicals, attending conferences, and networking.

Using the current pandemic as a case study, many businesses packed up as a result of the pandemic while others are still booming. The businesses that liquidated are not quite different from those still operating. The difference lies in positioning and planning for future occurrences.

While many businesses were on permanent lockdown, those who had future and emergency strategies were still working on a remote basis.

In other words, if you must become a successful business manager, always position yourself for the future in the case of unseen circumstances. Failure to plan is a ticket of planning to fail.


There is saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In other words, all work and no play makes you a dull manager.

Becoming a successful business manager requires work-life balance. The best managers work to ensure that their teams stay engaged by encouraging time off and as a manager, you must lead by example. All leaders need time to unwind and rest from work. Taking time off to rest, connect with loved ones, and pursue personal interests makes managers more productive.


Managers cannot succeed without supporting their teams. The best managers empower their teams by allowing them to take full responsibility for their work. Successful managers provide their teams with the encouragement, tools, and resources they need to get their jobs done. So, as a manager, don’t just sit back and relax leaving all the work to the team of workers. Always support them in the best way you can.

As a business manager, the success of the business lies in your hands and not in the hands of your employees.


Your success depends on your action plans. So, this article has carefully shown how you can actually become a successful business manager.

First you have to realise that the success of the business begins with you and that you can not do it alone especially when it is at the foundational level. Having this in mind, you need to work on developing yourself to add to what you already know. This is because times and information ate changing. So you need to follow the trend by getting more Certifications, attending seminars, training and conferences.

Not everyone  with experience or credentials can manage a team. To be a good manager, you must focus on the growth of your team members as well as your company. This means you must also carry them along and ensure they are trained on the job from time to time. This is for the interest of business.

To be a successful manager, it is also important to communicate business goals and expectations to those you’re working with. Successful managers work alongside their employees, coach team members and create an inclusive work environment.

The best managers know how to strategically incorporate the strengths of each team member to build a successful organization.This can be done through the use of emotional intelligence and soft skills.

Everything you do as a manager should be in the interest of your business. Thus, should also be willing to learn from others. You should also strive to be humble at all times. This will help you to gain loyalty and support in your business. Learn to accept your mistakes and take responsibility for the outcome.

As a manager, mistakes are bound to occur. How you handle it also determines the success of the business.

Learn to have a work life balance. While you work, also endeavour to take a time off from work and rest with your family and loved ones. This is also applicable to the employees.  Humans tend to be more productive when the brain is allowed to relax.

Another important point as one who desires to be a successful business manager is to be a risk taker. Business is about taking calculated risks. There are no two ways about it. This is why you must seek advice from others.

Never assume you know it all in business. This is why you should be open for collaboration too. This does not erase the fact that you are in charge of the business. Your work as a manager is to direct and guide.

Becoming a successful business manager is not so difficult. With this information in this article, you can  become a successful business manager.

Whether small or big business, you can become a successful business manager too.

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