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How to Apply for Kenyatta University, KU Online Application 2023/2024


We are pleased and excited to announce to you that the Kenyatta University (KU) Online Application for the 2023/2024 academic year is now open for all interested and qualified applicants. We are not just making this announcement known but also providing various steps on how to apply online for Kenyatta University (KU) admission.      

Kenyatta University Online Application


To use the Kenyatta University (KU) online application feature, you must have a working internet device, a valid email address that is not shared with another Kenyatta University (KU) applicant, your Kenyan identity number, or, if you are an international applicant, and your passport number. Kindly follow the easy steps below to apply online for Kenyatta University (KU) admission:      

1. Apply Online    (How to Apply Online at Kenyatta University (KU))  

Go to http://applications.ku.ac.ke/ and click on create account. By default, the opening page will be on step one.

Step One: Personal Data

  • The first section requires you to fill in your personal details after which when you are through, click on save and continue.
  • Note: The green tick is an indicator that you have successfully completed the first step. Automatically it moves on to the next step 2 when you click save & next.

Step Two: Programme

  • You will only be able to choose the type of program after selecting the mode of study and type of program, after which you will be able to view the campuses where the program is offered e.g. Main, City, Nakuru e.t.c.
  • You can then select any one campus that suits you. Also, after selecting the type of program, the total fee p.a. and eligibility criteria will appear.
  • Note: You can be able to view the eligibility criteria by clicking on it. A dialogue box with the requirements will then appear.
  • Step two requires that you fill in the program you intend to undertake. First, choose the mode of study e.g Digital school, Regular, IBP etc before choosing the type
    of program i.e. Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Masters or PhD.
  • Do proceed to the third tab which will require you to choose the type of program and finally the campus where it is offered

Step Three: Academic Profile

  • This section requires you to fill in academic details from secondary education to tertiary level.
  • In the first part, fill in the details of the Secondary School and the years attended.
  • In cases where one attended more than one secondary school, click on the add more and fill in the details of the other school(s).
  • Follow the same steps in filling in the details of the second section-University or college details.
  • The last section requires you to upload files in the system. First, you need to upload a passport-sized photo of yourself and in the second part, upload a copy of your national ID or birth certificate. The third part requires you to upload copies of your academic certificates.
  • Whenever you have uploaded a file, just click on add more and upload a file. Repeat the process until you have uploaded all certificates and then proceed by clicking on
    save and next.

Step Four: Additional Data

  • In this section simply tell us how you were able to know Kenyatta University by selecting any one of the given options. You can indicate how you got to know Kenyatta University by typing in the others section if the options given above are not one of them. Once through, click save and next.

Step Five: Declaration and Verification

  • By clicking on the small button beside “I agree”, you declare that the information you have provided is true. Proceed by simply clicking save and next.

Step Six: Payment

  • In this section, choose the mode of payment by clicking on offline payment.
  • For offline payment, simply enter the details of the bank you deposited the fee in and in the upload receipt section, upload a scanned copy of the bank deposit slip.
  • Proceed by clicking on the box beside I agree to accept these terms and conditions. You can then finish by clicking save and next.

Step Seven: Finish

  • You will receive such a message in this final stage.
  • You can download a copy of the whole document by clicking on download pdf.
  • Finish by clicking on finish.

2. Acknowledgement of Application      

  • You will receive an email confirming online submission of your application immediately.     
  • Within three working days, you should receive formal acknowledgment of your application along with your student number and log-in details.     
  • Note this acknowledgement does not mean you’ve been accepted or admitted to Kenyatta University (KU).    

3. Upload Supporting Documents      

In order to consider your application, please upload every necessary supporting documents listed below on this article. If the application is incomplete, it may be declined by the college.    

4. Acceptance of Offer      

When we update your application, you will receive an email communication. Please monitor your email account closely for updates. You can also check your status online with the log-in credentials that we will send you after you apply. We are not permitted to disclose your application status telephonically.     


  •  Proof of payment, either on MPESA REF NO. or Bank deposit slip.
  •  Ensure you have met the eligibility criteria for the selected program.
  •  Academic Transcripts and certificates.
  •  Passport photo.
  •  Identification documents, either a birth certificate, identification card number or passport number. 
  • Ensure you have met the eligibility criteria for the selected program.
  • Ensure you have scanned Academic Transcripts, Certificates and Passport photo.
  • Ensure you have scanned identification documents, either an Identification Card or Passport.
  • Ensure you have the required application fee of Kshs. 2,000/= for East Africans and Kshs. 4,000/= for non-East Africans
    on your MPESA line for completing the application process.

**Payment for online application is only by MPESA through details provided on the application portal only.**
CAUTION!Do not pay directly to paybill until you are prompted by the application system”


Gather all the necessary documents and get ready to follow the steps on our website to a successful Kenyatta University (KU) online application. We will try as much as possible to make your application smooth and seamless. But before we proceed, remember that this application is open to all prospective diploma and certificate students. The only thing you need right now to apply for admission to the prestigious Kenyatta University (KU) is to be eligible and ready.      

The management of the Kenyatta University (KU) is no stranger to technology, as they have made this application exclusively online, unlike the rigorous task of going through the paper-based application (only when necessary). I hope we have been able to make your Kenyatta University (KU) online application for 2023/2024 seamless and easy. The Kenyatta University (KU) is really a place to be and we have our reasons for that. According to a statement on the university’s website, over the years, they’ve provided quality education and training, promoted scholarship, service, innovation and creativity and inculcated moral values for sustainable individual and societal development.

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  1. I’m Charlene w. Buyoe from Liberia west Africa and I have interest in doing my master in Nutrition but the Banks listed are not in my country.

  2. Am a bachelor degree holder in community nutrition,looking forward to pursue masters in public health at Kenyatta university let’s share ideas contact on WhatsApp+254721596107

  3. My name is Job Gekara, a retired teacher from Hayward Unified School District, California U.S.A; after having taught for over twenty five years, my urge is to come to the motherland. I attended UC Davis for my undergraduate degree and my multiple subject teaching credentials. My education included fouational general concepts in epistemology, metaphysics and pedagoge. I plan to return to Kenya soon. I am wondering if there is a way I can be part of your University’s Education Department for my sanity, and or to exchange some ideas in critical thinking skills and focusing on educational concepts with precision, void of deviation.

    Thank you,
    Job Gekara

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  6. Hello am Julius from Uganda willing to pursue a Master in Biotechnology at KU. Am inquiring whether today 11th.sep.2021 admissions are still going on for 2021/2022 intakes. Am uploading files on the 2nd page of application portal but its failing to save and go to next; by showing me an error

  7. I am Suwaibou Darboe from the Gambia I obtain a higher national diploma in Agricultural Science, and I want to pursue a straight masters program in Agricultural education and extension. I need to know if this is possible at Kenyatta university?

  8. Hello , I’m Dorcas all the way from Cameroon. I wish to enrol for an undergraduate program in Communication. But I can’t get excess to the online application form. Any help and how to go about it please ?


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