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Top 10 Film Schools in the World – 2020


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The process of making a movie is not an overly tasking or time-consuming one. But, various activities and processes going on behind the scenes to birth a film from a mere story plot. It is one thing to have a captivating story and another to spin this exciting story into a screen. This, therefore, emphasizes the importance of formal education in creating a good movie. To be successful in the movie world and wield a growing career in global film making, one must be abreast with various tools and essentials, as well as distinguishable skills that make him outstanding and provides an excellent platform for success in the film industry. A qualification is an added advantage and a milestone of breaking into the film industry. Some of these are degrees, certificates, and diplomas in film making from reputable universities all over the world. Some of these qualifications include B.A., MFA, MA, and M.Phil./Ph.D.

We have put together a compilation of some of the best and recognized film schools to attend all over the world, for you as a theatre lover.

1.  The American Film Institute (AFI)

It is no surprise that the American Film institute tops the chart of best film schools. It is located in Hollywood, otherwise known as the capital of filmmaking all over the world. The American film institute or AFI is well-known across the globe. In AFI, programs in film making are offered by the AFI conservatory, with popular awards such as the Emmy Awards and Academy Awards. At the AFI, conventional degrees and diplomas are not provided. However, a well-structured Masters of Fine Arts program is awarded in six various disciplines; Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Editing, Screenwriting, and Production design. Candidates into this institute must have an undergraduate degree. However, if you don’t have, an alternative is to make an application as an Associate Fellow and receive a Certificate of Completion automatically. Students are provided with a unique opportunity to be under the tutelage and acquire knowledge from the professionals in the industry in small, refined classes, with an added privilege of accessing the institutions’ state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, productions coordinators, mentors, faculty and alumni network. The tuition fee in this institution is estimated at $59,347 per annum.

2.     New York University, Tisch School of The Arts

In the search for excellence in the performing, cinematic, and emerging arts, one of the famous schools that provide you with this platform is the New York University (NYU) Tisch School. It provides a training arena for film producers and artists. Various programs and courses are offered at this institution, with an award of a B.A., or PhD Students of this school are exposed to learning a wide range of skills in dance, acting, recorded music, Screen and television, photography, stage performance, film, theatre writing, film display, interactive media, and public policy. The period spent experiencing the New York cultural life ushers you into the world of art. You can hereafter decide to move to the other campuses of the school and continue your studies in Shanghai or Abu Dhabi, or you could go ahead to other worldwide centres in Madrid, London, Prague, Florence, Paris, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Accra, Berlin, and Washington D.C. It is worthy of note that NYU Tisch is a remarkable and well-sought institute, with an inrush of applicants and competition for enrollment. Requirements for admission into this school are different for each program and department. Applicants interested in applying for NYU Tisch should check its website and be updated.

3.     Los Angeles Film School

As a fresh high school graduate with a dream of establishing a career in the film industry, the Los Angeles Film School which is located in the city of Los Angeles is a great option to go for. Work experience and background are not part of the requirements. The Los Angeles Film is well known as one of the best schools for film studies and people who are just amateurs in the film industry. Bachelors and associate degrees in courses like Music production, Film, Animation, Audio Production, and Entertainment Business, are offered in this film school. Aside from the general courses offered at their Hollywood campus, they also provide such online courses as Graphic design, Digital filmmaking, entertainment business, and music production. The famous historic RCA building, one of the facilities in the school, is renowned for serving as a recording house for the likes of artists like the Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley. The tuition fee in this institution costs an estimated $32,000 to $87,000, with books, technological kits, and other subsidiary fees included. This is available to both international and indigenous students.

4. Vancouver Film School

This is situated in Vancouver, Canada, and is ranked as one of the top schools in entertainment art. The school has set a reputation for itself, such that it has been considered by the Shanghai government as a significant factor in rebuilding the nation’s creative sector. Programs offered at VFS include one year study periods and post-secondary programs in Film production, acting for film & Television, Digital Design, Makeup Design for Film & Television, 3D Animation & Visual effects, Game design, Classical Animation, Entertainment Business Management and, writing for film & television and sound design. At VPF, a four-month course on acting essentials is carried out, together with a 6-month program on Digital Character Animation. Part of the requirements for enrollment into the VFS is to be a graduate of a high school or reach the age of 19 years.

5. Concordia University

The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema of the Concordia University is the most significant university-established unit for studies in film animation and Production in Canada. Of all the departments in the institution, numbering a total of nine, of the Faculty of Fine Arts, outstanding programs in cinematography, visual, performing, digital, design, and therapeutic arts. The Mel Hoppenheim School of cinema offers BFA programs, majoring in Film production, animation and studies,


M.A. and PhD in film studies and MFA in cinematic arts. The faculty of arts also provides a wide range of degree programs in Contemporary Dance, Studio Art, Jazz Studies, and lots more, in addition to film studies.

6. London Film School

The London Film School offers another exciting platform to improve your skills and become grounded in the art of filmmaking. This is a voluntary organization providing a degree in the arts. It is ranked one of the best of the three graduate schools located in the U.K. in the ScreenSkills Film Academy Network. With accreditation as a reputable centre for film studies and a globally acclaimed music school with a percentage of over 60 international students from various countries of the world. M.A, Ph.D., and part-time training programs with a significant focus on aesthetic achievement, artistic freedom, excellence in craft and creativity are part of the available applications of this institution. Specific areas of study include masters in Screenwriting, film making, international film business, and a Doctorate in Film by Practice, including other brief courses in professional development. Famous alumni of this school include Roger Pratt, a cinematographer, and producer of the acclaimed Harry Potter series and Mark Goldblatt, an editor in Rising of the planets of the apes.

7. National Film And Television School (NFTS), London

Ranked on the list of 15 primary international film schools in 2018 as one of the most outstanding schools by a Hollywood reporter, NFTS is spectacular in film, television, and games. The student community of this film school produces more than a hundred standard films in a year as an integral aspect of their curriculum, making it the highest, compared to other conservatories in the U.K. For the past six years, students of this school have received nominations for Oscars about three times. The various programs offered include a Master’s course in Cinematography, sound design, film studies, and a list of others. Diplomas in classes such as directing commercials, and others, as well as certificate courses in producing features and character animation, are included. Candidates are required to follow various application criteria for a program as some certificate courses, and diploma courses are not available to international students. The cost of a master’s degree in NFTS costs about €30,000 per annum for international students with scholarships.

8. Sydney Film School

Located in Australia, this is a popular option for studying abroad for applicants interested in pursuing a career in film studies, founded more than a decade ago.

The Sydney film school (SFS) is a private college of music that offers two courses that run for a year, a Diploma, and an advanced diploma in Screen and media. The program at Diploma level provides an introductory course for students who have little or no experience in filmmaking. While that of Advanced Diploma is explicitly made for more exposed students, with a specialization in Production, cinematography, and other skills. The tuition fee for international students is estimated at $19,000. Scholarship programs are available for international students as well through Endeavour Awards.

9. City University Of Hong Kong’s School Of Creative Media

Students who desire to study in Asia should consider the School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong as I am an excellent choice. It is the first of its kind in the Asian region, with a wide range of training programs offered. B.A., BSc, BAS, MA, and D./MPhil are provided in the various disciplines, which include fine arts,  creative writing,  computer science,  cultural studies,  among others, giving students a platform to learn film production. Requirements for admission often include written tests, portfolios, and interviews in the school.

10. Lodz Film School

This is indeed one of the oldest well-known conservatories in the world. It is located in Poland and is the best choice for students who seek to broaden their horizons in television, photography, and acting. It is also called the Polish National film school in Lodz, with four departments in Photography, Film, and Television directing and acting organization. Master’s programs for a period of 4-5 years are also available in Directing, acting, and screenwriting, with part-time programs in various specializations. International students are required to attend classes in polish language for better understanding. Graduates from Lodz are ranked in the global film industry as award-winning actors, photographers, cinematographers, and others.

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