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Top Stressful and Stress less Profession

This article contains a list of top stressful and stress less profession in the year 2022.

Top Stressful and Stress less Profession

Stress is a big part of our daily life. However, most of it comes from the type of profession. Ideally, most people think that their profession is the most stressful in the world, just like some people think there are easy and hard courses.

As much as I can’t dispute that there are professions that are not for the faint hearted, it is important to understand that stress can be relative. Occupational stress is therefore a function of a variety of factors in relation to the nature of the profession.

A profession can be termed stressful due to the following reasons:

  • Dangerous working environments / on-the-job hazards.
  • Tight deadlines
  • Unrealistic Expectations
  • Low growth potential
  • Competitiveness
  • Physical demands
  • Risk to one’s own life

While some professions are naturally known to be stressful, other professions are made stressful due to some of the factors above. In this article we will be identifying some stressful and stress less professions.


1. Armed Force Personnel

I admire those in the armed forces, especially when fully dressed in their uniforms, but personally I do not wish any of my loved ones to be in such a profession. Regardless of the department or sector of the armed Force, be it police, Air force or Military, these professionals work in high-risk situations, dealing with life-threatening situations such as armed robberies, clashes or riots. This, of course, causes a large amount of stress and other health problems.

For Military personnel, asides the stress of being away from home, having to work in a high risk environments like warzone is highly traumatic for both the individual and family members. Somehow, I think this is the most stressful profession. Life can be lost at any given time and nothing will be done about it by the family.

2. Firefighter

This is one of the most risky professions on the list of stressful professions. Working through scorching fires and unknown circumstances almost every day has a toll on not only the emotional well being of a firefighter but also physically. Each day in the life of a firefighter comes with different challenges. Like Medical personnel, a firefighter can be called upon for emergency duties while having alone time with family. The profession also has an effect in their personal life.

3. Healthcare Worker

It is no longer news those medical related fields are on the top list of professionals who are exposed to high risk and stress.

Whether doctors, Nurses or paramedics, healthcare workers also dedicate a lot of their time and risk their lives at different times to ensure the health of others are not in a good state.  A lot of factors contribute to making this profession stressful. From not knowing cases to handle on a daily to working overtime, which endangers their own well being to help others to the pressure from having to attend to different patients and lots more, are stress factors. The stress involved in this profession is why health workers are one of the highly paid worldwide.

3. Banker

The banking and finance industry deals with the study of financial services such as lending money, issue of currencies and debit cards, transaction processing, collection of deposits and the study of investments. It is a fact that the professional is prestigious. However, while the job’s evaluation aspect isn’t stressful, having to deal daily with clients who are mostly frustrated by different reasons makes the job very stressful in all ramifications.

4. Lawyer

This profession may seem less stressful until you embark to study the different processes and different stages of investigation lawyers undergo on one case.

As tough as Lawyers may seem, the long hours and burden to win a court case can be extremely demanding. Asides when taken on high profile cases, their life can be at risk, especially when they are perceived as a huge threat.

5. Social Worker

Social work is a profession that promotes social change, development and the empowerment and liberation of people.

It is an important field that aims to improve the well-being of communities, protect people from abuse or harm and support those with social or health issues that hinder their daily life. In other words, social work aims to increase the wellbeing and quality of life for vulnerable people, which includes children, the physically challenged and the elderly, through empowerment and support.

The daily task of a social worker is not predictable as they are never aware of what to face on a daily basis. Dealing with sick patients, children or the elderly plus long or late night shifts can take a toll on the health and personal life of a social worker.

6. Teacher

Teaching is a very important profession in society. Without teachers other professions cannot stand. Although teaching can be quite a fulfilling profession, particularly for those who are passionate about it, it is also very hectic.

Teachers tend to work extra hours to ensure their lesson notes are updated, pupils’ works are marked, coupled with the stress of shouting to call pupils to order and dealing with a variety of different personalities. Physically, mentally and psychologically, the teaching profession is stressful.

7. Driver

Driving for some is a hobby, but as a profession, there is actually no fun in it. I am not a professional driver, but having seen the way some drivers wright in pain after every trip on bad roads, I can tell how stressful the profession is. Besides this, dealing with faulty cars on a lonely road is not only stressful but also risky.

Moving humans and even goods successfully to their location is a huge responsibility. Sometimes, you may not get enough sleep just to embark on a long distance journey early enough. This equally affects the body.

8. Chef

When passionate about your profession as a chef, it will go a long way in helping you cope. But then, there is ruling on the fact that the role of a chef is extremely stressful, especially when working in a busy kitchen where you are required to cook every order to perfection and in time too so as to satisfy your customers. For those who might be exposed to direct heat and smoke, physical stress is inevitable. The profession is lucrative, but the stress can be overwhelming except you get assistance.

9. Construction Worker

Physical labour is also stressful. Having to work in intense weather conditions with hard labour ranging from lifting heavy materials to digging and building, the work takes both mental and physical toll on your body.

10. Personal Assistant

As a personal assistant, the life of the one you’re assisting is in your hands. You are almost in charge of another person’s life. The job can be quite stressful due to the large number of administrative tasks that are to be managed. It’s more frustrating if your boss is one who nags a lot.

11. Event Coordinator

The success of every event is solely dependent on the event coordinator. Being responsible for planning and organizing someone’s big day and ensuring that every aspect of the event runs smoothly can be extremely stressful. It requires lots of attention to detail and running around.  However, if something goes wrong, it is also the responsibility of the coordinator to solve it. This profession comes with a lot of pressure and stress. It takes the brave to survive in this industry.

12. PR Executive

PR Executives are responsible for maintaining or improving the reputation of an organization or client by influencing how other people perceive it. Individuals in this field discharge some of the following duties:

They are required to work at all hours to ensure their client gets the best results and is positively portrayed in the eye of the public. PR Executives are responsible for drafting press releases and newsletters, blogging and writing social media content. It is a stressful profession because it takes a lot of energy to manage humans. PR executives are always at the forefront when a client is involved in scandalous activities. Damage control comes with a lot of mental and physical pressure.

13. Airline Pilot

This is no doubt an Airline pilot is a lucrative and prestigious profession. As a pilot, you are solely responsible for the safety all the passengers in your care. Sometimes, you will have to fly in extreme weather conditions which can be extremely stressful and also risky. Besides the daily struggles of a pilot, last-minute changes in flight schedules can also increase pressure from frustrated passengers. This also increases your stress level as the pilot. Every day in the life of a pilot is a risk due to unforeseen cases of a crash. This profession doesn’t only stress the pilot alone, but also the loved ones who get tensed on every journey the pilot embarks on.


Like stressful professions, there are different factors that make a profession less stressful. Some important factors are the absence of physical risks to one’s self or others and few deadlines and ability to control ones time.

Here are less stressful jobs to consider.

  • Diagnostic medical sonographer
  • Hairstylist
  • University professor
  • Medical records technician
  • Jeweler
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Massage therapist
  • Data Scientist
  • Dietitian
  • Appliance Repairer
  • Librarian
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer


All fields have their various stress levels. It may come from the expectations placed on you by your employer or clients. No matter the job you take, there will always be one form of stress or the other.

Regardless of your profession, if you are experiencing any signs of stress, endeavour to seek the help of a professional or you quit the job.

The list of stressful and stress-less professions are numerous and cannot be exhausted in one article. On a daily basis, different less stressful professions and categorized as stressful. This also shows that different factors can evolve to make a less stressful job to become highly stressful. In all, when choosing a profession, consider the level of stress.

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