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Total Cost of Applying PR in Canada Express entry


You might be wondering what the total cost of applying PR in Canada Express entry. This article aims to break down the cost in a way you will understand.


Total Cost of Applying PR in Canada Express entry


If you are willing to live and work in Canada as a permanent resident, then you must choose a right pathway and complete the necessary formalities, which includes, making fee payments, following the accurate process, gathering the required documentation and more.

In this article, we’ll discuss what would be the total cost involved in applying for Canada PR.

See, the exact amount to be paid for Canada immigration depends up on your profile and the pathway you choose. However, if we talk about Express Entry system, which is one of the most popular and quick Canada PR pathways, you need to pay the fee for different sections so that you can begin the Canada PR visa process.

Following are the details of complete fee structure you need to pay under the Express Entry system:

The processing fee for you and your family members

You need to pay the processing fee to the IRCC so that your immigration application can be processed, it includes the following:

  • Primary applicant: $550 CAD
  • For Spouse or common-law partner: $550 CAD
  • For each dependent child: $150 CAD for

The right of PR fee

It includes the following:

  • Primary applicant: $490 CAD
  • For a spouse or common-law partner (if any): $490 CAD
  • For dependent child: Not applicable

Biometrics fee

While submitting your PR Visa application, you are required to pay your biometric fee that covers the fingerprint collection and a digital photo cost. The biometric cost ranges between $85 CAD (per person) to $170 CAD (for each accompanying family member).

Language test fee

In order to apply for Canada PR via Express Entry, you must prove your English or French language ability by undergoing an approved language test. The English language tests like the IELTS cost up to $300 CAD. For the French language test, i.e. TEF Canada and TCF Canada the cost is up to $350 CAD per person.

ECA Report (Educational Credential Assessment)

The educational credential assessment report has to be submitted along with your Express Entry application so that the IRCC can evaluate your degrees and diplomas that you have earned outside Canada. It costs around $300 CAD for primary applicant, including the courier charges.


Medical Examination Fees

In order to qualify to file your application for Canada PR, you must undergo a medical examination. The fee for this medical examination may vary depending upon different factors, but, generally, it costs around $250-320 CAD.

Have a look at the table drawn below for better understanding about the Express Entry Fee Structure for Canada PR visa:

Category          Primary Applicant With Spouse With Spouse & One Dependent Child
Application Processing Fee $550 CAD $1,100 CAD $1,250 CAD
Permanent Residence Fee $490 CAD $980 CAD $980 CAD
Biometric Fee $85 CAD $170 CAD $170 CAD
Language Test Fee $300 CAD $600 CAD $900 CAD
Educational Credential Assessment $300 CAD $600 CAD $600 CAD
Medical Examination $250 CAD $500 CAD $750 CAD
TOTAL $1,975 CAD $3,950 CAD $4,650 CAD

Please note, in case you wish to apply for Canada PR through any one of the Provincial Nominee Programs, then an additional fee will be charged as per the unique immigration program of the province you choose.


We hope this article can help you in making an informed decision before you begin your Canada PR process.

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