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Belarus Visa Application and Immigration Requirements – 2019


This Article contains information on the Belarus Visa Application and Immigration Requirements: 2019. The Republic of Belarus is a country located in Central Europe. People from the country are known for being good-humoured, friendly and kind. The country has patiently endured endless war, but it values peace.

Minsk—the capital city of Belarus—is the most economically developed city in the country. It is the industrial as well as the educational center of Belarus. The transportation system in the city is well developed and is supported by buses, trams and a metro system.

Yearly, many people travel to Belarus for numerous reasons either for tourism, business, study, visit or immigration. Depending on the purpose of the trip to Belarus, there are different types of visas that apply to the occasion.

So before applying for a Belarus visa, it is necessary to know the Belarus visa requirements and which of the visa category that you are eligible for.


The following documents are required for the Belarus visa application:

  1. One duly completed  visa application form (click here)
  •  the visa application form should be filled out in legible handwriting or typing (in BLOCK   LETTERS), in English or n/ Belarusian
  • answers to the questions should be complete and logically consistent and indicate the  real      purpose of the visit
  • the purpose of the visit should be specified in detail
  • if a question does not apply, please, write “N/A”, incomplete forms will be returned to the applicants unprocessed
  • it is the applicant’s responsibility to check whether the information given on the form is correct
  • the application form should be signed by the applicant personally; failure to observe this requirement may result in refusal of the application
  • the visa application form for a minor should be signed by their legal representative
  1. One colour photograph, which meets the following requirements:
  • not older than 6 months
  • size 35×45 mm
  • full face (70-80 % of the picture) without sunglasses, hat or other head covering unless for ethnic or religious reasons
  • plain, evenly lit and light background
  • high resolution
  • no corrugation or ink is allowed
  1.  A valid original passport or travel document which
  • contains a photograph of the owner
  • has at least two blank pages intended for visas
  • is valid for at least 90 days after the expected departure date from the Republic of Belarus
  • is not dubious in terms of authenticity or ownership
  • contains no torn pages, marks, entries, erasures and corrections that are not certified by the issuing authorities of the respective foreign state
  • ATTENTION — if the applicant is under 18 years old – a COPY of full Birth Certificate (contains information about parents) and copies of passports of the applicant’s parents (legal representatives)
  • if the applicant previously had USSR or Belarusian citizenship –  a document certifying the loss of the USSR or Belarusian citizenship must be submitted to the Embassy

4. A COPY of the obligatory health insurance certificate form a foreign medical insurance company or a letter from your bank/company which should contain the following information:

  • the name and address of the foreign insurance company (bank), it`s phone number
  • the name of the foreign citizen covered by the insurance
  • the territorial validity should include the Republic of Belarus (Should be written Belarus, Europe incl. Belarus or Worldwide);
  • it should be valid for the period of your staying in the Republic of Belarus;
  • the minimum limit of responsibility of the medical insurance is 10 000 Euro.
  • Please send only the copies of pages of your health insurance, containing the above mentioned information (usually a copy of a health insurance certificate is enough ). There is no need to send the entire booklet of your insurance. You must have the original of your medical insurance policy during your staying in Belarus.

6.  A return envelope  if an application is made by post:

  • from the UK – a stamped (without a date) self-addressed return envelope (Special Delivery Service is recommended for safety reasons)
  • from Ireland – a self-addressed return envelope and extra payment of 10 Euro in accordance with payment methods


The following Visa support documents are required for the Belarus visa application.

Type B visa
  • transit visa through the territory of Belarus (e.g. the UK — Belarus — ). Please note that entry to Belarus from one country and returning to the same country from Belarus without going to a third country is not a transit (e.g. the UK — Belarus — the UK).
Type C (short-term) visa:
  • tourist visa Please pay attention that accommodation booking confirmation must be send to you directly from the hotel by email or fax and allows you to stay in Belarus not more than 10 days (9 nights).Visa section does not accept information from websites like “booking.com” etc.

If you are renting private APARTMENTS, you have to provide scanned copies which the Landlord should send you by e-mail: booking confirmation; proof that the Landlord is the owner of the apartments; certificate of the registration of a private unitary enterprise.

Type D (long-term) visa:
  • Please note  that visa support documents remain in the consular section of the Embassy after the consideration of an application for a Belarusian visa.
  • For citizens of European states a SIMPLIFIED VISA PROCEDURE is provided, which does not require visa support documents confirming the purpose and conditions of  travel (letter of invitation), when applying for a private single entry short-term visa for the period of less then 30 days. In order to obtain such kind of visa in paragraph 20 of the visa application form you have to write first and last name of the inviting you citizen of Belarus. In paragraph 21 of the visa application form please write the exact address of the registration of the inviting you person in Belarus. In paragraph 23 indicate the purpose of your visit to Belarus (for example, a visit to relatives or friends). Also, it will be much easier for us to work with your paperwork if you to attach to your visa application form scanned copies of passport pages containing personal data and registration stamp of the inviting you citizen of Belarus.

Belarus Student Visa

The documents submitted to the admission office of the higher education institutions:

  1. The application addressed to the head of the institution in the form prescribed by the Ministry of Education.
  2. A certificate (document) confirming education (the entrants who will take up a distance-learning course may submit a copy) indicating the studied subjects and marks (points) received – providing the recognition of these documents in the Republic of Belarus.
  3. Certificate of medical consultation commission, issued by territorial health organization of Belarus (after passing compulsory medical examination by the assignment of the educational institution) for admission to full-time (intramural) form of study.
  4. Medical report on the health status and HIV-negative certificate, issued by an official health authority of the country of residence of the applicant (except for applicants for training in distance form of higher education).
  5. The original (copy) of a birth certificate.
  6. 6 photos of 3×4 cm.
  7. A certificate of any pre-university training, preparatory department, preparatory courses (providing graduation from the abovementioned instituions).

An under-age applicant, entering the establishment of vocational education of the Republic of Belarus, shall submit the documents accompanied by their legal representative, or representative acting under a power of attorney, certified by notary or authorized official, or accompanied by a  representative of the legal entity (private entrepreneur, private person) who is covering the expenses of training (if any) and is responsible for any other expenses.

*Note: When applying at the Belarus embassy/consulate in home country, the guardian or parent should accompany their under-age children.

Please consult the Belarus Embassy in your country for the updated Belarus Visa requirements!


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