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What Do Students Need For Physical Learning?

This article contains answer the question ‘What Do Students Need For Physical Learning?’

What Do Students Need For Physical Learning?

Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge through study, experience, and teaching by an educator or teacher. Every student has a unique style of learning. While some learn by observing and visualizing, others learn by doing.

In this article we will pay attention to physical learning and what students need for this style of learning.


Physical learning, also known as  bodily-kinesthetic, is a learning style which involves utilizing the body and sense of touch to understand the world around us. Some examples of physical learning include using physical movements, and using physical objects during learning activities, etc.

This learning style can be used when introducing new material or an unfamiliar topic in a learning setting by including activities. bodily-kinesthetic doesn’t encourage the traditional learning style of sitting and listening to lectures but instead, it encourages the students to get up, move around, and actively put their hands to use.

Students who prefer the physical learning style enjoy school activities such as drawing, modeling, athletics, dance and lots of practical to reading.


There is no one method of physical learning. In other words, there are many approaches to physical learning. Some of the learning strategies include:

Use of all the study strategies available.


  • Write
  • Make models
  • Make visuals (concept maps, time lines, charts, graphs
  • Use of index cards.

Use of body movement to increase attention to your study.


  • Tapping of the foot or pen
  • Study in a rocking chair
  • Pace
  • Chew gum


Unlike other styles of learning, bodily-kinesthetic does not really require much. The major need of students for bodily kinesthetic style of learning is a trained teacher and touching of learning materials.

  • A Fascinating Teacher

The role of a trained and fascinating teacher has everything to do with how much or well a student learns. Sometimes, students may not be able to tell what works for them. In such cases, it takes a good teacher to observe and identify the learning style that suits every student. A physical learner therefore, needs a well-trained and observant teacher to be able to identify the learning strategies that work best for students.

  • Materials For Learning

Having known what bodily-kinesthetic entails, students need learning materials to explore and experiment with. Such materials include pen, paper, flashcards, paints and other materials for arts and craft, among others.


Physical learning is a fun style of learning. Students need to play, get creative, dance, sing, act in drama, or even embark on excursions to observe physical learning. Any method works as long as the end goal of learning is achieved.

However, the amazing thing about bodily-kinesthetic is that sometimes, whatever style you use while studying and learning will most likely be used during tests or exams. For instance, if you stamp your foot at intervals while studying and reviewing, you will discover that you also need to move your foot during a test to be able to recall what you studied. To better understand this concept of physical learning, you might want to see the movie – Akeelah and the Bee.

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