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13 Top Jobs for School Dropout in 2023

We so pleased and excited to present to you today the 13 top jobs you can take up as a school dropout.

Top Jobs for School Dropout

The importance of acquiring a degree cannot be overemphasized. It presents the privileged ones with many opportunities such as employment with attractive offers. With the belief that getting a degree is about the only guarantee to a good life, a lot of individuals struggle to go to school.

Despite the competition in acquiring a higher degree, there are still individuals who are not privileged enough to go further their studies and probably end up dropping out of school.

Oftentimes, one could think there is no hope of a bright future for such individuals since there is no certificate to land them a befitting employment.

Although graduating from a higher institution presents you with several job opportunities, but you can still have a lucrative career as a school dropout. Even if you drop out of college now, it doesn’t mean you can never go back. You can get a degree later on.

Notwithstanding, here are the top jobs for school dropouts.


 1. Photography

In no particular order on the list of jobs for school dropouts is photography. A photographer is a professional that uses photographic and lighting techniques as well as equipment, to capture images using a digital camera.

They analyze a photo’s composition, use photo-enhancing software to improve a subject’s overall appearance. Being a dropout shouldn’t mean your services would be tacky. Even as a school dropout, you can increase and develop your job prospects as a photographer through short courses, seminars and workshops.

All these will enable you to stand out from your competitors, regardless of your educational level.

On whether this job is lucrative enough, yes, it is. As long as there are events, there is an available market. All it takes you to master the act and the sky will not only be your limit but rather, a starting point.

2. Solar Installation

Solar installers install and maintain solar photovoltaic panels and systems on different structures and building roofs. They measure, cut and bolt framing. Solar installers also ensure their work meets all safety standards and may perform electrical work on the job. With proper training, you’re good to go even without a certificate.

3. Equipment Operator

It is normal to think this job is majorly for Engineering experts, but don’t overthink it. You do not need to have knowledge of Engineering to make a living from this job.

Equipment operators drive and control varieties of heavy construction equipment and machineries. Some of this equipment includes trucks, bulldozers and forklifts. They operate this equipment to help with the construction of structures such as roads, bridges and buildings.

Many employees are expected to get a diploma or equivalent from high school, while some are educated on the job.To better help you gain more exposure, you can get on-the-job training. As long as you’re coordinated, smart, and pay attention to details, you’re good to go.

4. Automotive Mechanic

From time immemorial, mechanics have always been associated with the less educated. Despite the fact that it is a mere misconception, automotive mechanic is another very lucrative job that should be considered by school dropouts who are passionate about this field.

They are basically involved in inspecting a vehicle’s engine and its electrical and mechanical components. Also, they determine which systems need repairs or upgrades and they perform routine maintenance to help improve a vehicle’s longevity.

Although a degree is not needed for this, you can improve your skills in this profession by working under the supervision of an experienced mechanic. You can also specialize in particular vehicles which can help you advance in your career as an automotive mechanic.

5. Plumbing

This is a very lucrative career for dropouts.

Plumbers install and repair pipes and drainage systems. Plumbers work alongside electricians and general contractors and reference building plans.

Oftentimes, plumbers are treated with less respect because it is seen as a job for the less privileged. The good thing is that plumbing has advanced to a more corporate career.

6. Office Manager

Being a school dropout doesn’t rule out the fact that you can actually secure an office job. Office managers organize an office’s administrative activities. Some of their duties may include supervising the work of the administrative staff, greetings visitors and managing staff calendars.

7. Writing

These days, anybody can become a writer irrespective of qualification. Amazingly, most experts in writing never studied it in school.

This career is so vast because there are different aspects of writing ranging from Academic, copywriting, content writing, ghost writing, technical writing, etc. On a daily basis companies and individuals are on the lookout for writers.

The primary duty of a writer is to create written content for online or print publications. They edit and proofread their content for spelling, grammar and punctuation before submitting their work. Writers take several forms such as authors, copywriters, bloggers, etc.

Copywriting is another aspect of writing in high demand. A copywriter’s main duty is to create scripts, ad copy and words to fill out the pages for websites to generate leads for their clients.

Copywriters are highly sought after in many firms. They are experts when it comes to understanding human psychology. The knowledge of this helps them to work on the minds of their prospects when writing a sales copy. Being a graduate has little or no effect on this as long as you can tell stories perfectly.

8. Massage Therapy

Don’t overthink the fact that you’re a dropout. This job has nothing to do with higher qualifications.

Massage therapists use touch to manipulate their client’s muscles and soft tissues. They use their hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, and sometimes feet to knead muscles and soft tissues of the body. This helps relieve pain, help heal injuries, improve circulation, and relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of clients.

Instead of being worried about not earning a degree, you can take part in a massage therapy program that provides you with training and certification. That’s fair enough.

9. Sales Representative

Every individual is expected to be a seller by default.

This is a common job for school dropouts. A sales representative, also referred to as a sales executive, is a person who is not only involved in the selling to consumers, but also sells goods and services to other businesses, government agencies and lots more.

This is an important role in every organization. In other words, sales representatives are often key personnel when it comes to building a business.

In some cases, some businesses prefer or require a person with a college degree, but many wont because the major thing employers look out for is level of expertise in selling.

They analyze both existing and potential customers to determine their needs and recommend the right products and services. Sales representatives create positive relationships with both businesses and their customers.

10. Waste Disposal Personnel

One would say that this is a perfect job for a dropout, right? Well, sorry to disappoint you, even graduates seem to be doing this.

These experts collect and dispose waste materials. They might work in recycling centers, provide septic pumping or perform other services related to waste removal. The average pay for waste disposal workers is $25 per hour, even though the only prerequisite for the job is usually a high school diploma. I believe this is lucrative enough.

11. Sommelier

Do you know that you can make a living as a dropout from wine tasting? A sommelier may work in a restaurant, assisting clients to choose out a bottle of wine that best suits their meal.

Generally, a college degree is not required to become a sommelier. However, to increase your chances of securing a befitting job, taking an official sommelier course is a perfect idea.

12. Lodging Manager

A lodging manager helps ensure the smooth operation of a hotel, or other lodging institution. They ensure that the visitors have a nice time. Usually, duties include checking rooms for cleanliness, setting room prices, answering questions from visitors, monitoring and supervising members of staff, and lots more.

13. Driving

Hey, don’t get it twisted. Even college graduates have embraced driving as a full time career. One thing you should know is that thousands of individuals are willing to pay for your services. What matters is that they get to their destination comfortably.

That’s what driving as a career entails.

One of the highest paid in the transportation business are truck drivers. Truck drivers transport goods from one place to another. You might consider enrolling for driving lessons if you do not have driving experience.

These and many others not mentioned, are good jobs a dropout can easily secure. However, it is not easy to still land these jobs. As a dropout, chances are you might still compete with people with higher qualifications.


To avoid much drama, here are few tips to help you succeed even as a dropout:

1. Stay humble

As a college dropout, it’s important to stay humble and be willing to start with an entry-level position. Not having any degree is already a limitation, so stay humble and motivated while working towards greater opportunities.

2. Be open to more learning

Even if you don’t get or don’t have any hope of getting a formal education, continue learning through online videos and tutorials. This can help you improve your skills. Focus on that and get experience.

3. Seek mentorship

It would have been easier to seek help and advice from lecturers and fellow students from school. Since you don’t have classmates or lecturers to consult, it’s important to surround yourself with a community that can help you grow both personally and professionally. Find a like-minded mentor in your prospective career and learn from them.

4. Consider freelancing, interning or volunteering

There is no better way to gain experience other than through freelancing and volunteering.

When applying for a job as a college dropout, it’s important to show employers that you have the experience they’re looking for in a candidate. Look for relevant internships and freelancing or volunteering opportunities you can add to your resume. Having this type of experience can help you find a better job. Not only that, it increases your chances of being hired.


Being a school dropout is not the end of the road. People may have made it seem like acquiring a higher degree is all there is to being successful, but hell no. There are thousands of university graduates out there who are barely surviving. This is not to disregard the importance of getting a degree.

My point is, as a dropout, there is still hope of survival with proper planning. You can still further later on, except it is your choice to stay out of school.

The information contained here is to present you with possible jobs you can easily secure. Mind you, these jobs are open to all. If you blink, you lose the opportunity to more prepared individuals.

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