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9 Best Alternatives To University or College in 2024

This article contains information on the 9 Best Alternatives To University or College.

9 Best Alternatives To University or College.

Did you know that there besides going to the University, there are other alternatives to consider in 2024, especially if you lack funds for University education?

Before now, the struggle to get into the University was very high. Nobody wanted to be left at home after A level and as such, “who enters school first” became a competition amongst peers.

Parents were not left out either. Some ignorant ones did everything to get their wards a university admission to study courses that would earn them respect. All they wanted was to be called“Mama Doctor, Papa Barrister” etc, without considering the desires of the child in question.

It’s beautiful to go to the University but the fact still remains that, University education isn’t meant for everyone.

Moreso, getting a university education is not a guarantee for being successful and a lot of people have missed it in life because of this mindset. You do not need to go to University to make it in life. If I knew what I know now, I would have put my University education on hold for other alternatives.

If you have completed your A level and are not so keen about going to University, you’re not wrong. You do not have to be at the University because your friends are all at the University.

If you want to be successful but not academically inclined and do not wish to get a University degree for numerous reasons, do not panic, the solution lies in this article.

Below are tested and trusted Alternatives To University.


1. Entrepreneurship

Fashion business

First on my list of University alternative in 2024 is going into business. Like I always say, every human is gifted differently. Some are naturally gifted in business with great business ideas. If you’re passionate about starting up a business instead of getting a University degree, Kudos.

Being self-employed is a splendid alternative to University. Starting up a business might not be easy initially, failures are bound to occur. With consistency and determination, your success story will definitely outweigh the failures.

This alternative is not only flexible, but it also gives you the opportunity of being your own boss. Being dedicated to this might just pay you triple of what a university degree would have possibly earned you.

The most successful men we celebrate today were entrepreneurs without a university degree. They simply started a business they could use to solve a problem. Some of them include Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Richard Branson, Michael Dell etc.

In order to be successful in this, your passion plays a great role. Passion is the number one drive in business.

2. Apprenticeship

What is the first thing that crosses your mind upon hearing this word? I guess it is that this is an alternative meant for school leavers and dropouts right?

Well, you’re right to think that way and at the same time, very wrong. Apprenticeships have been proven to be the best alternative to University. This alternative goes beyond the common beliefs surrounding it.

This allows you to learn and earn while learning. Have you been thinking hairdressing and tailoring is all there is to apprenticeships? Then think again.

There are so many apprenticeship programs in existence and the good thing is that most of them award certifications on completion. In a world where transferable skills are what business owners are looking out for in an employee, you stand a chance of competing with a University degree holder.

I’m a graduate and in my 6th month as an apprentice in fashion design. Do you still believe apprenticeships are for dropouts?

Research shows that apprentices can earn up to 270% more, over their lifetime than their university graduate counterparts [1]. So, don’t be wary of choosing that alternative, you’re simply making a future investment while it lasts.

3. Short Courses

Does the idea of spending 4- 5 years at University scare you or you simply don’t fancy going to University? Going for a short course might just be a perfect alternative to getting a University degree in 2024.

You can get certified in any course within a few months, without much stress. Basically I prefer this to an online course because most of them are simply done online. With your phone or PC, you have no worries.

Going for a short course helps you to acquire or develop a skill which will certainly be required in a work environment. It is also time friendly and permits one to fit into other activities perfectly. However, short courses are on the increase these days.

Everybody wants to take advantage of the fact that it’s online friendly. Short courses exist in various fields like Medicine, Fashion/ Cosmetology, IT and multimedia etc.

The world has become techier and as a result, people seem to be going for more of IT courses e.g IT Technician, web designing etc.

4. Securing An Entry Level Job

Heading straight into the labour force after A level is not such a bad idea. Many have done this and are grateful they did because they were able to build a career right from that level.

Through hard work and diligence, people have made it via this alternative and turned out doing better than some of their University counterparts.

After our A level exams, one of my classmates took up a job as a sales personnel in a mall. Today, he is managing one of the branches and he’s living comfortably. This is someone without a university degree.

You can actually work your way to the top without attending a University.

5. Gap Years

I stayed one year at home before I got into University. My stay wasn’t intentional but I also had a friend that intentionally stayed home for a year, not because of an admission problem, it was solely her choice. During this one year duration, she took up teaching jobs.

These two cases are what we refer to as Gap years. GAP years are important. This is the period of sober reflection and decision making. Most individuals use Gap years to acquire and develop skills that will likely be required by employers, gain work experience and Travel round

6. Internships/ Volunteering


Internships are more or less like working to get experience and acquiring skills. It also helps one in deciding on which industry to fit in comfortably. However, depending on the employer, internship jobs pay little or nothing.

Volunteering is also another alternative to University. Just like internships, most people are unto volunteering because they wish to render selfless service to humanity, as well as getting experience.

7. Joining The Armed Force

Over time, this has become a good alternative to University. It is basically the path most able-bodied individuals are towing. Educational qualifications are not really a major criteria for being recruited. Once you meet up with the basic requirements, you’re good to go.

The fact is that most of those in the force earn huge amounts of money with other benefits.

8. School Leaver Program

Going by the name, the school leaver program is another alternative for students who have completed their A levels but probably do not wish to continue with getting a University degree. It is almost similar to apprenticeships but the striking difference lies in the age.

9. Sponsored Degree

In some cases, people do not go to the University because of the fund and in this case, the best alternative for such individuals is to take advantage of a sponsored degree. Here, there are companies that bear the financial burden of such individuals, with terms and conditions.

In sponsored degrees, beneficiaries usually work for the company on agreed times and do not have the influence over the school they attend. The sole decision of the program is made by the sponsoring company.

Your destiny is in your hands and shouldn’t be placed in someone else’s hands. Not everyone is academically sound for university education. Are you among such people? Then, forget about going to the University so that you don’t end up running around the circle, wasting time and money. Discover what works for you and follow your heart.

Bottom Line

University qualification is not all there is to success, skills are the in thing.

Thousands of students graduate from the University every day but end up roaming the streets aimlessly, searching for a job while their counterparts who choose an alternative are making it big.

I’m not against university education, I can’t possibly be because I’m a graduate. What I’m saying is this, you can be great by choosing an alternative to University.

Have you noticed that most business owners who do not have a University degree, end up employing University graduates? That’s the irony of life.

Are you an A level student and due to some circumstances your chances of going to the University is very slim, you don’t have to be worried, these alternatives are sure ways that will make your big dreams to be fulfilled.

If you’re still in doubt, think about Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, think about the Nigerian Billionaire, Dangote. They became what they are today through some of these alternatives not by attending a University, because they never did or better put, never graduated.

Follow your heart, be diligent in whatsoever you find yourself doing and you shall prosper. Are you passionate about something, discover that which you love doing and set to work?

“EDUCATION NA SCAM” is the National Anthem of those that would have done better if only they had opted for these alternatives rather than going to the University.

Choose wisely.


[1] Everitt, N. (2016, August 15). Apprentices can earn more than graduates. Cooling Post. https://www.coolingpost.com/uk-news/apprentices-can-earn-more-than-graduates/


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