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How Being A Young Parent Could Negatively Affect Your Career Prospect

Are you contemplating being a young parent? This article contains information on how that decision can negatively affect your career prospects.

How Being A Young Parent Could Negatively Affect Your Career Prospect
These are reasons you should be cautious of becoming a young parent, especially if you dream of building a successful career.


Do you have a young parent around you? What can you say about their career life?

The journey of parenthood is a transformative and deeply rewarding experience, it is most people’s prayer point, but when embarked upon at a young age, it can also bring about a set of unique challenges, particularly in the area of one’s career. Young parents, those who become responsible for nurturing and raising a child while still in the formative stages of their own careers, often find themselves at the meeting point of two significant life paths. While the joys of parenting are undeniable, it’s important to recognize the fact that this role can have an implication on one’s professional aspirations. The difficulty in balancing work and family responsibilities can be quite demanding and distressing for teenagers who still have a long way to go.

I totally understand there are young parents who have found ways to build thriving careers but the same can not be said about most young parents.

In this article, we will be considering the various ways in which being a young parent can negatively impact career prospects.

7 Ways Being A Young Parent Could Negatively Affect Your Career Prospect

Being a young parent can negatively affect your career prospects in several ways [1] including:

1. Disrupts Education and Skills Acquisition

Every lucrative career requires some form of skill and higher qualification. This could be acquired from formal or informal education as long as it equips one with knowledge in a given area of expertise. Young parents may not have completed higher education or acquired the necessary skills and qualifications to pursue their desired careers due to the immediate demands of childcare. In other words, early parenting often cuts short pursuit of education due to the competition between the two worlds. This in turn, limits the chances of getting a job with high earning potential.

This was the case of a classmate who got pregnant while we were preparing to write senior WAEC, years ago. She was one of the Brightest Art students with the dream of pursuing a career in Law, but guess what? All those dreams were truncated. She couldn’t even sit for Jamb. Even after childbirth, there was no hope of furthering her studies due to different challenges.

Most times, the plan is always to continue schooling after childbirth but the bitter truth is that oftentimes, that never happens. It takes high level of determination and support from loved ones for a young parent to go back to school when there is a child to cater for.

Therefore, as a young person with dreams of building a successful career, you might just think twice before getting involved with the opposite sex except you’re ready to sacrifice your education.

2. Limited Work Experience

Every job regardless of how little is an added experience to ones career path Becoming a young parents is quite demanding. Young parents, who may lack formal education and relevant skills due to their parenting responsibilities, mostly find it difficult to access meaningful job opportunities. Often times, this lead to having limited work experience, making it challenging to compete with more experienced candidates in the already competitive job market.

The lack of suitable employment options can lead to financial instability and hinder long-term career growth.

3. Financial Strain

Financial stress

There is common saying amongst youths, “before you think of having unprotected sex, remember the cost of baby food.” 

Although this may sound hilarious, the fact is that raising a child requires a significant financial commitment. Young parents may struggle to balance the cost of childcare, medical expenses, and other child-related expenses with their career goals. The pressure to meet these immediate financial needs can lead both mental and physical strain. Oftentimes, it forces one to settle for jobs with low income and limited growth potential, which does not in any way support career growth.

4. Reduced Mobility/ Networking Challenges 

Ever wondered why some organisations like Banks have a policy against early child birth for her female staff or why they mostly hire Singles? This might just be one of the reasons.

Young parents may be less flexible when it comes to relocating or taking on jobs with long hours or extensive travel, which invariably limits their career advancement opportunities. Besides that, building a professional network is essential for career growth and young parents may have less time to attend networking events or build connections. This can adversely affect their career advancement due to lack of exposure.

5. Stereotyping and Bias

As sad it this may sound, biases still exist in many workplaces. You may be quick to tag such places toxic but it is what is it. Being aware that young parenting comes with lots of challenges, employers might assume that young parents will be less committed or reliable, frequently absent, or not as focused on their job due to their parenting responsibilities. This can result in discrimination in hiring or promotion decisions, which significantly contributes in career growth.

6. Limited Time for Personal and Professional Development

What is a thriving career without personal and professional development. Besides having a higher degree, other post school certifications are required in career building. Young parents may have limited time to invest in professional development, such as attending training sessions or pursuing advanced degrees and professional courses, which can hinder their skill and knowledge growth.

This causes delay pursuing certain career opportunities or goals until their children are older and more self-sufficient. Don’t forget, not everyone has the zeal to continue after such delays.

7. Psychological Stress

Besides the financial demands of raising a child, another most dreaded challenge for some parents are the sleepless nights involved. Oh! You don’t want to experience that part especially if you’re in love with your night sleep.

Balancing the demands of parenting and a career can lead to high levels of stress and burnout resulting from sleepless nights, this affects job performance and career prospects.


Having explored the different ways young parenting early career prospect you are bound to think that early parenting is a curse right? Hell No! Don’t think that way.

The journey of young parenthood, though with immense love and fulfillment, brings forth a host of challenges that can cast a shadow on one’s career prospects. From limited education and skills development, financial strains, discrimination at work to psychological stress, the hurdles can appear insurmountable.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that these challenges need not define one’s future. There is no problem without a solution [2]. With resilience, support systems from loved ones and government, and a strategic approach, young parents can overcome these obstacles and start a journey toward career success. 

Employers and societies alike can play a pivotal role in fostering an inclusive and conducive environment that recognizes the unique needs and potential of young parents. By doing so, we can empower this set to flourish both as loving caregivers and as accomplished professionals, proving that parenthood and career growth need not be mutually exclusive. While this may come from a place of consolation, as a young person, be wise, cautious and intentional about your life, bearing in mind that there is time for everything.


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