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4 Reasons Why Taking Up Parental Roles Could Be Distressing for Teens

This article contains information on reasons why taking up parental roles could be distressing for teens. Don’t skip this especially if you’re a teenager.

4 Reasons Why Taking Up Parental Roles Could Be Distressing for Teens.
This is why taking up parental roles can be distressing for teens.


The transition from adolescence to adulthood is a critical phase of life, marked by numerous physical, emotional, and social changes. Teenage age is a phase of exploration. It is a phase where young people like to be adventurous and any event that appears to alter that phase most likely makes them distressed or depressed, in extreme cases. For some teenagers, this period becomes even more challenging when they find themselves taking up parental roles and responsibilities.

While becoming a parent is a significant life event for anyone, it can be particularly distressing for teens due to various factors. It is important to understand that bearing parental role is beyond giving birth to a child, assuming the role of a parent to your younger siblings is also a parental role. This article explores the reasons why assuming parental roles can be distressing for teenagers, highlighting the emotional, social, and practical challenges they face.

4 Reasons Why Taking Up Parental Roles Could Be Distressing for Some Teenagers

There are numerous reasons why taking up parental roles could be distressing for some teenagers [1]. But here are four common reasons:

1. Limited Experience/ Emotional Preparedness

Parenting is a huge role that suits only a mature mind who is emotionally stable. This is because, asides handling your emotional needs, you are expected to cater for the needs of others, either the children or family members.

Oftentimes, teens may not be emotionally prepared to handle these responsibilities and challenges of parenthood. Coping with their own emotional changes can be overwhelming, making it hard to support a child’s emotional needs effectively.

Moreso, teens lack the life experience and parenting skills that adults typically acquire over time. This inexperience can lead to uncertainty and anxiety, as they struggle to make the best decisions for their child.

2. Financial Stress

Financial stress

Taking on parental roles is cost intensive. It often means assuming financial responsibilities. For teenagers, managing finances for the household can be overwhelming. In most cases, teen parents often face financial instability due to their limited earning potential and the cost of raising a child. Ofcourse, ideally, a teenager is expected not to focus mainly on making money at that phase of life but to concentrate on studies. Due to lack of finance for some of the teenages, the stress can cause anxiety, strain relationships, and hinder their ability to cater for the needs of the family. This singular reason is why many teenagers deny their responsibilities.

3. Educational Challenges

Balancing parenthood with education can be extremely challenging. In other words, parental responsibilities can interfere with schooling and personal development, limiting opportunities for further education and career prospects. This is so because teenagers may struggle to attend school regularly as a result of lack of finance and time, leading to academic setbacks and limited future opportunities. In most cases, some teenagers may be forced to quit school completely to search for jobs in order to cater for the needs of the family.

4. Stigmatization/Social Isolation


Teenagers who have to take up significant parental roles, the responsibilities they carry at home can limit their availability for socializing, leading to feelings of isolation, loneliness, and a potential strain on friendships.

In cases where parental responsibilities are as a result of unwanted pregnancy, teenagers are not always ready to face the consequences of their actions. Teen parents may feel socially isolated from their peers who are not in similar situations because they might find it difficult to engage in social activities with peers, hence, missing out on typical teenage experiences. This can lead to feelings of loneliness.

Also, teen parents often face societal stigma and judgment from others. This can lead to feelings of shame, guilt, and low self-esteem, further compounding their distress.


There are numerous reasons why taking up parental roles for teenagers. Taking up parental roles can be distressing for teenagers due to a combination of emotional, social, and financial challenges. They may find themselves unprepared emotionally and lacking the experience needed to navigate the complexities of parenthood. Financial stress, social isolation, and educational setbacks further exacerbate their distress.

Additionally, societal stigma can compound their difficulties. These reasons are why most teenage boys fail to accept responsibility when they get a girl pregnant. It is to say that teenage girls are more distressed and depressed by this situation than teenage boys. It is essential for society to provide support and resources for teen parents to help mitigate these challenges and ensure the well-being of both the teens, their children and family as a whole.

Moreso, I will advise that as a teenager, you should tread with caution to avoid situations like this. Except you’re assuming parental roles due to the death of parents forcing you to cater for your young ones, assuming parental roles as a result of indulging premarital sex, is a choice you willingly made and you should be responsible for your actions rather than feeling distressed just as is it was the case of a young man in a Nollywood movie titled “Within Me.”


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