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Why You Should Study a Course You Love

This article aims at giving you reasons why you should study a course you love.

In today’s world, students no longer study courses they actually love. Infact, a student can wake up one morning and decide to apply for a course simply because it is financially profitable. In other cases, parents have an influence over the courses being studied by their wards. Some do this for their personal interests. You must have seen parents who force their children to study Medicine, Law, Banking etc, simply because they want to be addressed as Mama Doctor, Papa Lawyer and Banker respectively.

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Studying a course you love gives you a type of peace and freedom. This is why you should study a course you are passionate about.

As a student, it is safer and better to study a course you love, not a course others feel suits you. As an A-Level student, almost everyone around me advised I applied for Nursing. To them, I had the stature of a nurse and was intelligent enough for that course, even my high school principal took to calling me a nurse rather than my name.

The pressure was so great that I ended up applying for Nursing as my first choice. Fortunately or will I say, unfortunately rather, I got admission to study Nursing which I discovered after I had already applied for a supplementary course. Luckily, I got the supplementary admission, leaving me with the option of choosing between Nursing and the supplementary course. At that point, I was at a crossroad.

Many felt I would certainly go for nursing due to its profitability but deep down, I knew it wasn’t my thing. I hated the sight of blood, I detested the hospital environment, not to speak of the smell of drugs that makes me puke. After considering all these, I rejected the nursing admission.

A lot of people felt I was being unreasonable for rejecting a course they termed “hotcake”, but I saw beyond the profitability. I saw myself making a career mistake I will always regret. Thank God I’m from a home that has little or no control over career choices.

Not for once have I worked with the course I eventually studied. I’m a science student turned writer. I found out along the line that I was more art inclined but it was already too late, but I’m glad that despite being a science graduate, I’m living my dream as an art inclined.

Not too many people are lucky to retrace their steps once they miss it. Sharing my story isn’t just enough, this is why I have written this article to help youths to make a timely decision regarding the choice of course to study.

Below, are reasons why you should study a course you love:


The first reason why you should study a course you love and not the course friends and family feel is best for you but its simply because it’s your life. People may choose a course they feel is best for you but the fact remains that you are the person to face the study challenges and not them. So, go for a course you can handle regardless of what others feel.


Spending 4- 5 years in school is not an easy one and it becomes more challenging when made to study a course you don’t love. Ordinarily, it is sometimes challenging to read for hours in school when we are are to study courses we barely like and at  the end of the day, graduating with poor grades becomes inevitable but the reverse is always the case when the course is a loved one

You’ll find it easier to dedicate hours to revising, studying, and writing up assignments if you’re doing it for a course that you have a passion for.


It is very possible that a number of people can actually study a course that they do not love and still graduate with good grades, but this is not in all cases. When you study what you love, you will work effortlessly, study hard to graduate with a good CGP. There are no two ways about it.


While it is important to consider the profitability of a course before going for it, it is very pertinent to also put your passion into consideration. Studying a course simply because you stand a chance of getting instant employment and very high pay without having a passion for the course is a costly career mistake because chances are you may never be happy doing the job.

You will get huge pay but may never find fulfillment. That is to say, money is not the motivator in a happy workforce. It doesn’t buy job engagement.


It is possible to study a course you don’t love and still come out with good grades and a well-paying job in that career but the fact still remains that, your level of engagement to a job you have a passion for, can never be equated to that you are not passionate about. You can only be engaged with something that gives you meaning and a sense of purpose.


Having a passion for what you do is second to none. Passion is what keeps you on track when you want to give up, it is what strengthens you to work without minding how strenuous the work is, it is what makes you excited about what you’re doing.

Studying a course you love inspires you to do better in that career. When you’re inspired by what you do, you find yourself doing it effortlessly and without even knowing, you may just be an inspiration to those around you.

For me, writing is one of the things that I find excitement in doing. When I just started writing, I would write all day, posting on different platforms just for people to read and learn. I did this without even thinking about what I stood to gain. My love for writing gave me all the inspiration I needed.

Gradually, I started getting more inspiration and motivation from those who read my regular posts. That is what having a love for what you do, does. It inspires you alongside others.


When we say “study a course you love”, it simply means, do a job you love. When you do something you love, you will do it so well that others will have no choice but to notice.

No employer desires to employ a disaster, they want someone who is passionate about what they do. The more passion you exude, the more opportunities you tend to find and in other cases, opportunities may just come knocking.

Passion got me my first official writing job. I didn’t go looking for that opportunity, it came looking for me through a friend.


Most people study courses they don’t love because of the profitability but then, who says you can’t make as much money from a career you love? Doing what you love will definitely give you all the money in the world when you know how to strategize. It may not be immediately but its money will start to be made.

You don’t need to sacrifice your passion for music, writing or even Agriculture just to study Medicine or Accountancy just because you learnt those professions pay heavily.

Most times, your expertise and level of experience is what gives you the opportunity to get high pay and without a passion for that career, the drive for self-development may never be there and the truth is, you may never make that money.

This is why a banker will wake up one morning to tender a resignation letter just to become an entrepreneur and probably pursue his dream career.


You may find this hilarious but the fact is, doing what you love and find fulfilling has a way of rubbing off on your health. Living your dream gives joy and happiness and these are basic recipes for a healthy living.

Apart from the money, for your health and sanity sake, study a course you love, do a job you love.


Studying what you love is important because it keeps you motivated to learn. When you enjoy what you’re studying, you’re more likely to work hard and do well. Plus, it can lead to a job that makes you happy. When your work aligns with your interests, you’ll feel more satisfied in your career. Also, studying what you love can spark your creativity and help you come up with new ideas. Lastly, it’s a chance to learn more about yourself and grow as a person. Overall, studying what you love brings happiness, success, and personal growth.

Having stated these, your passion should be the first and most important yardstick for choosing a course. Do you still choose money over passion? This article is only here to guide you but may not necessarily convince you outrightly. The choice is yours to make.

The road less valued is worth taking. Choose wisely.

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