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Top 10 Common Challenges Student Face In the University

This article reveals the top 10 common challenges student face in the university or college.

Top 10 Common Challenges Student Face In the University

After my A level exams, I looked forward to getting admission into the university. The thought of it was so exciting and overwhelming. I couldn’t wait to leave home for the first time in my life, away from parents over-protectiveness. I was so sure I could take care of myself and tackle every challenge, till I got the long-anticipated admission. It was then it dawned on me that students face a lot of challenges in the University.

Few weeks as a fresher, I started missing home badly. I basically struggled with home sickness. School life was more challenging than I thought.

As a student, either old or new in the system, challenges are inevitable, challenges may not be the same for all students but every student must encounter it in one way or the other and if not properly handled, may be disastrous.

In this article, we will be looking at the 10 peculiar challenges students face in colleges and universities. They include;


Academically, school life can be very overwhelming. For many students, handling this challenge is a hard nut to crack owing to different factors. Study challenges may range from;

  • Having too many workloads or credits units to deal with. This is dependent on the course. There are courses where students are required to take 12- 15 courses totalling up to 22 – 30 credit units as the case may be. I remember handling about 9- 12 courses from 100 level till I graduated. It was quite challenging to handle such a workload.
  • Inability to handle distractions. The school environment is filled with all forms of distractions and technology has made it even worse. Students are mostly distracted by phone usage, having to spend long hours they would have used to study, on chats and calls of all sorts. By so doing, they end up performing below expectation. ETC

If you must combat this challenge, discover your best study technique and apply it.

Top10 Common challenges students face in the university

Although the digitization has made time management more difficult, every student with the intention of surviving in school must be good with time management. Time is very precious and once lost, cannot be regained. There’s only so much to be done in 24 hours. In order not to be faced with the problem of uncompleted assignments, lateness to lectures, carryovers etc, learn to manage your time well.

Set realistic goals, stick to schedules. These are guides to show what needs to be done and at what time it should be done. I quite understand that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy but I’m quite sure Jack never mixed work with pleasure. Set your priorities right.


Another common  challenge of students is the constant demand for money.

Asides tuition fees which are currently on the high side in most Institutions, money is required for various expenses including, accommodation, feeding, transportation, shopping and purchase of compulsory handouts as the case may be.

This challenge has caused lots of students to drop out of school. The best way to deal with this challenge is to cut down on expenses and probably look for means of getting partial income.


Sexual harassment and harassment from cultists are basically the common forms of harassments encountered by students. This is a big challenge.

Female students are mostly the victims of sexual harassment which can come from male lectures or colleagues. This has become a norm that has eaten deep in most Institutions, if not all, thereby leaving students who fail to comply at the mercy of Randy lecturers.

On the other hand, harassment from cultists has left lots of students especially the males, demoralized, frightened and uncomfortable in school. The rate at which cult activities go on in schools, especially in Nigerian Institutions, has become a thing to worry about. Daily, students get killed from cult clashes.

While harassment has become a norm in schools, the best thing is to be cautious and be mindful of bad company.


This seem to be one of the biggest challenges students face in the university Taking time off to socialize and have fun is not a taboo. Sometimes the workload in school might be too overwhelming and the best way to unwind is to attend social functions.

Socializing is not a problem but still, many students find it difficult to balance schooling and fun. Not knowing when to have fun and when to study has greatly affected the academic performance of many.

Partying is good, hanging out is also good but academic success is the major reason for being in school and should not be neglected.

In order words, socialize responsibly and moderately.


Students are prone to health risks. In the course of trying to meet up with set goals of coming out tops, some students have unconsciously turned to book worms, they do nothing else but read round the clock without taking breaks and eating healthy. This has caused many to break down.

Apart from this, infections are easily contacted when more than three students have to stay in one room as well as share the same toilet. For students who stay in campus hostels, this is a big challenge.

So, eat healthily, try to get enough rest and sleep to relax the brain and body for proper functioning. As much as possible, be hygienic at all times. It is only when you’re healthy that you can study. Health is wealth.


Most times, it is not advisable for students to get involved in relationships especially at the early stage of schooling. This is not because relationships are bad. It is simply because relationship challenges can be very overwhelming, requires lots of commitment and not all students are capable of handling the distracting effects.

In recent times, statistics have shown that a high percentage of students commit suicide due to breakups of relationships.

The best way to deal with this challenge is to stay off relationships and concentrate on schooling but if this seems impossible, and learn to speak to someone when the relationship is becoming overbearing, preferably a counsellor.

10 Common challenges students face in the university

The cases of depression in Universities and Colleges has gotten to the peak. Students get depressed for various issues such as poor performance, relationship trauma, rape etc.

When this happens, in order to get relief, some take to drugs, constant partying etc. In most cases, suicide turns out to be the only way out. Depression is real. Always seek professional medical help when you’re going through psychological trauma before it escalates.


Skin colour and where one comes from should not be a problem but unfortunately, it has become a life-threatening challenge for many students who school in places where racists dominate.

While racism is peculiar to foreign Institutions, tribalism is common in Africa.

According to the song, “Different Colours” by Late Lucky Dube, irrespective of differences in skin colour and tribe, we are all humans and should be one people.

The possible solution to this challenge is reporting to higher authorities in the school but oftentimes, the victims shy away and rather take in the daily bullying.


Most students have faced this challenge at one time or the other. The importance of friends and roommates is not one to be overlooked. They make life in school fun and interesting but still, roommates have sent some students to an early grave. This challenge is a handful.

The worst thing that can happen to a student is to get a bad roommate. They are bound to make life miserable.

Being a person who loves privacy and can’t deal with regular misunderstandings, I avoided the roommate drama by not staying in the hostel, as an undergraduate.

To avoid the roommate and friendship problems, choose them wisely.


Education is one of the prerequisites for attaining success in life. Bearing this in mind, getting a University education comes with numerous challenges, some of which include, time management, harassment s of different types, financial,  difficulty in balancing relationship with study, association with bad roommates, distraction from exposure to social life and lots more.

Looking at these challenges, you might be discouraged from going to school but before you do that, remember that gold became what it is after being made to pass through the fire.

Irrespective of how scary some of these challenges may appear, every challenge has a solution. By applying wisdom and taking a bold step to tackle each challenge, you will come out as a more refined and stronger student. Every challenge has a lesson to be learnt. Do not be discouraged by these challenges, rather, work your way through it and have a memorable experience in school.

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