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Tips For Balancing Relationship And Study

This article contains tips on how to balance relationship and study as a student.

Tips For Balancing Relationship And Study

Balancing relationship and study is one of the toughest situations a student can be in.

Love is a strong feeling we sometimes don’t have control over. It is a beautiful thing that everyone desires to experience, including students. Most times, students are discouraged from being in relationships while in school, this is not because it’s bad or evil but due to the commitments involved.

Coping with studies is a handful on its own and adding relationships to it can be very overwhelming. Having to juggle between the two can be very stressful and distracting. That is the main reason why students are advised against being in relationships, except in rare cases where the people involved are mature enough to balance both.

Cindy was a very beautiful and Intelligent student who had the desire to become a gynaecologist. Luckily for her, she was offered an Admission to study Medicine and Surgery in a renowned University. Little did she know that she had more than just cadaver practicals awaiting her in school. Well, life, as I’ll always say, is a roller coaster ride, we don’t know the direction it will throw us.

From being mere project partners, Sam and Cindy were carried away by the breeze of love. They were a beautiful sight to behold but on the other hand, Cindy was worried about the effect the relationship was going to have on her studies, hence she was at a crossroad.

What will you possibly advise Cindy to do at this point?

Discontinue the beautiful relationship?

Wait till after graduation?

Or find a way to balance both?

Normally, most people would advise she cuts off the relationship, some may advise she waits till graduation and a few may reluctantly advise she looks for a means to balance both.

Today Cindy is happily married to Sam. Do you want to know how? She was determined to balance both.


Below are Tips Cindy applied to balance her relationship and studies as well as graduating with beautiful grades.

1. Setting Clear Academic Goals

Balancing relationship and study

Bearing in mind that the major aim of being in school in the first instance is basically for academics and any other thing that happens is just an addition, including falling in love, setting academic goals is pertinent as it helps you to constantly stay on track, never to be distracted while in a relationship.

2. Create A Schedule

Another important thing to do as one whose aim is to balance relationships and study is to create a schedule. Having known your school timetable which shows when you are to have lectures and vice versa, creating a schedule will enable you to know when to study, when to rest and when to spend time with your partner.

Be strict with your schedule and ensure that nothing comes into the time created for the given activities, study time should be strictly for study and nothing else.

You can schedule to hang out with your partner on a weekly basis, it doesn’t have to be on a daily basis so you don’t get carried away. After all, we say that missing a partner makes the heart grow fonder.

Create a schedule and stick with it. It is the easiest way to manage time properly.

3. Prioritise

Accepting a relationship proposal in the course of study automatically means you have two inseparable responsibilities. In as much as these two things can not be completely separated, it is important to know which comes first on the list and of course, as a student, your studies should always be your top priority.

For instance, choosing to spend time with your partner during the examination period is a misplaced priority. In cases like this, wisdom demands you pay full attention to your study, read and prepare for your exams. After this, you may have all the time to spend with your partner.

In order to do this successfully, it’s important to have a discussion with your partner, for a mutual understanding.

4. Self Discipline/ Focus

Being disciplined and focused are important attributes that help one to balance love and study. Without these, one of these will suffer at the expense of the other. If you have self-discipline and focus, you’re good to go but if not, don’t bother venturing into a relationship while in school.

This may have a bad effect on your study.

5. Get Your Partner Involved In Your Activities

This is easier when the two people involved are in the same Institution or environment. For those in the same school, this can be achieved by studying together, going to the library in each other’s company, attending social events together etc. By doing this, you’re invariably spending time together.

For individuals that may not be in the same Institution, you can get your partner involved by letting them in on your daily activities. Technology has made life very easy.

It’s very possible to study with your partner via face calls. It takes a lot of discipline and focuses in order not to deviate from studying to love tales.

6. Avoid Procrastination

Delaying what needs to be done for later only leaves one with piles of work. This, however, makes work very stressful and more demanding.

In the case where you keep postponing school work just to spend time with your partner, the aftermath may be dangerous. Either you rush to meet up with the school work or you end up not doing it at all.

Always try to do what needs to be done at the appropriate time. This makes it easy for you to also have time for your relationship as a student.

7. Limit Phone Usage

Relationship and Study

This thing called technology is good and also bad. No doubt, communication is good in a relationship but then, when you spend 24 hours of the day on calls and chats with your partner, it becomes a distraction to your study.

This is why creating a schedule is very important. Stick to your schedule, resist the temptation to call or chat up your partner while studying.

8. Be On The Same Page

One very important question you need to ask yourself before accepting any relationship proposal is this, “do we share the same goals and aspirations?”

Balancing relationships and study is almost impossible when you’re with someone who does not share the same goals, dreams and aspirations. If you must be in a relationship as a student, ensure it is with someone of like mind. Someone who desires to perform well in his studies as well as build a beautiful and healthy relationship.

If you’re with someone who doesn’t care about your academics, someone who’s major concern is you spending quality time with them at the detriment of your studies, trust me, you will end up failing as a student because such a person will crash your academic dreams.

Being on the same page helps you balance relationships with study, effortlessly.

9. Do Not Be Too Emotional

The main reason why students are not encouraged to be in a relationship is that it requires lots of commitments. Sometimes, things may not always be rosy in the relationship, there are times to be all loved up and other times for misunderstandings.

It only takes one who is emotionally strong to successfully handle the downtimes of a relationship without studies being affected.

Students who are too emotional are bound to get carried away by the relationship. In other words, if you lack control over your emotions, you might as well keep relationships on hold till after school.

10. Have Strong Communication

The study has it that most relationships that do not survive the test of time are those with little or no communication.

Communication is very important in a relationship, talk to your partner about your limitations and your schedule. This will give them an insight into what to expect in the relationship. By so doing, you’ll know the position of your partner. Let them know how much available you’ll be.

This is one important tip to help you balance your love life with study. Don’t assume your partner knows why you haven’t checked up on them since 5days. They can’t know till you tell them about the change in lecture times, the impromptu projects etc. Be open to communication.

Having read these tips, I need you to understand that we’re all different and what works for Miss A may not work for Miss B. Before you think of balancing your relationship with study, I need you to ask yourself a simple question,”is it really worth it?”If the relationship is not worth the stress and commitment, don’t bother applying these tips to nurture a heartbreak. I’ll advise you to hold on for the right one and pay 100% attention to your studies.


Balancing relationships with study requires effective time management, communication, and prioritization. While it can be challenging to juggle academic commitments with personal relationships, finding a healthy balance is essential for overall well-being and success. By setting boundaries, communicating openly with loved ones, and staying organized, individuals can navigate the demands of both their studies and their relationships more effectively.

As you try to balance both, I wish you a happy ever after experience in your relationship and above all, success in your academics.

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