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5 Common Causes of Examination Malpractice

This article contains information on the five (5) common causes of examination malpractice. This in turn gives you a knowledge on how to avoid it.

10 Effects of Examination Malpractice

One of the challenges being faced in the education system in many parts of the world still remains examination malpractice. It has become so prominent amongst scholars that many times it has been justified with crazy excuses such as “after all, examination is not a true test of knowledge”. Surprisingly, teachers are not left out of this as some of them encourage this act because of little stipend.

The main objective of schools is to equip students with the required knowledge and skills to enable them to contribute effectively to national development. This demands periodic assessment and evaluation which are basically in the form of examinations and tests. This is to ascertain the level of knowledge and competence of students. Although these are not the only yardstick for assessing and evaluating a student’s knowledge, it is the major established practical means of assessment but due to the misconceptions about examination, examination malpractice has become a trend.

While strategies have been put in place to check malpractice, it appears that on a daily basis malpractice assumes an alarming trend and dimension and this is due to fear of failure, laziness, lack of confidence, and inadequate preparation.

Students have perfected the various forms of examination malpractice. Some of the methods employed under this practice include bringing foreign materials into the examination halls. These foreign materials include prepared notes and materials written on palms, thighs and textbooks,

Other forms of malpractice include having an illegal prior knowledge of the examination questions, sharing information with other participants of the examination, exchanging either question papers or answer sheets, bribery, impersonation, etc. Mass cheating is another dimension that examination malpractice has assumed. Nowadays, the whole thing has become more sophisticated with the advent of electronic assisted materials.

Mobile phones, though not allowed in examination halls are sneaked in because messages could be sent to them candidates in the hall.

There are different shades of examination malpractice in existence of which many people who do not really understand the meaning of examination malpractice have constantly argued not to be a form of malpractice. During my compulsory one year National youth service, I vividly remember hearing a student refer to examination malpractice as “brain support“.

Therefore, for proper clarification, examination malpractice is any action taken to negate and compromise the intent of an examining body. In other words, “it is any active or passive action that goes against the rules and regulations of an examination”.

This article contains information on the causes and effects of examination malpractice. Hence, below are the causes and effects of examination malpractice

Causes of Examination Malpractice

1. Parents’ Failure to Be Responsible

There is a saying that charity begins at home, so parents cannot be exempted from this social misconduct because they also contribute to this problem.

Some parents are only interested in provision of fees but don’t care about the academic performance of their children, some are even ignorant on the proficiency of their children in a subject. Unfortunately, many parents are even in the forefront to pay for special assistance for their children during examinations.

If parents should take time to train their children to be independent and confident in themselves, I don’t think such a child would seek external help to pass an examination.

2. Corrupt Educational System

Educational system these days is no longer what it was known to be in the past. The major contributing factors to this decay being bad educational policies and the kind of schools in existence. Prior to this time, school owners were individuals who were trained in education and today, school is seen as a business and as such, baby individuals can be a school owner.

The kinds of teachers employed by these schools are of low quality because of their inability to pay for professionals; this will definitely affect the performance of students in any exam. Some of these schools are even malpractice centers popularly known as “special centers”.

There is no other way to pass an examination when students don’t have the required knowledge to pass. Educational policy is getting worse day by day and this has a direct impact on the students by creating fear in them and due to this fear, many students have resulted into malpractice as an escape route.

3. Students’ Attitude

No doubt those parents are also one of the major causes of examination malpractice but students are not left out too. While many parents try as much as possible to ensure their children gets the best educationally, some students are lazy and all they are waiting for is a shortcut. They don’t believe in adequate preparation, hard work and total dedication to their studies. This is a very wrong attitude to possess by any student because the effect of such a nonchalant attitude is always disastrous.

4. Environmental Factor

We find ourselves in a society where examination malpractice is celebrated and justified. The environment has a way of influencing students who are quick in embracing daily norms.

People now see failure as a bad thing and students are looking for every means to pass an exam. No student wants to fail because of environmental pressure. If only society would quit seeing examination as a taboo and begin to see failing from the right perspective as a means of identifying one’s area of weakness requiring improvement, this pressure to pass an examination by all shady means will be minimized it better still, eradicated.

5. Undue Emphasis on Certificate

The reason why this social anomaly is on the rise is because of the high value the society has placed on certificate over skills and professionalism. Thus, everybody wants to get that piece of paper either by hook or crook.

With these causes, curbing examination malpractice remains an impossible task.


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