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List of Careers in Demand in Kenya – 2023

This article contains a list of Careers in Demand in Kenya for the year 2023.

Careers in Demand

Before the drastic effect of the global pandemic, Kenya was among the African countries that enjoyed notable economic growth in top sectors such as Agriculture, Tourism, finance, and ICT, but as a result of the pandemic, there was a terrible drop in the economic growth of the country.

While on that note, technology has created exciting new opportunities and careers in high demand in Kenya. This article contains information on careers that are in demand in the country in order to enable you to make informed career decisions.


Here is a list of careers in high demand you may wish to consider in Kenya:


The Agricultural sector has been one of Kenya’s leading sectors since time immemorial. This leaves all agricultural related careers in high demand in Kenya. Experts in crop science are highly sought after because the country focuses more on crop production. Agriculture has come to stay, and professionals in this field will always be in high demand in Kenya all year round.


The IT sector in Kenya has been performing well and is always on the lookout for experts ever since they became the first country to sell bonds through mobile phones in 2017.

IT managers are one such profession. They are responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing activities that have to do with computers and information systems. They are in charge of the installation and maintenance of hardware and software. The following IT managers are Software Engineers and Website designers/developers.

The two may be related, but they are different careers in ICT. Software engineering is a career that involves programming and designing computer software. They develop programs such as embedded systems, database systems, operating systems, and so on. Sometimes they are known as system engineers or system programmers. A web designer develops and designs websites using different programming languages and programs. They often deploy coding and programming when building websites. In this tech-savvy generation, both of these courses are highly demanded in Kenya and throughout the world.

Another career in high demand in the ICT sector is cybersecurity.

As the use of technology increases, the level of cybercrime increases too. Therefore, the need to maintain cyber security and information has become increasingly important in the business world.

This career could include ‘ethical hacking’ which involves a deliberate attempt to hack into your employer’s network to expose any weaknesses. You can also work as a computer forensics analyst or investigator to combat the increasing rate of cybercrime.

As a cyber-security consultant or analyst, you’re also responsible for analyzing security breaches, monitoring for security issues in computer systems, Investigating and documenting security breaches and other incidents, operating software, and installing security measures to protect information infrastructure and systems.

With digitization, most companies and individuals run their businesses on the internet, and these professionals allow them to make an impact regardless of the industry.

If you’re an expert in any ICT-related career, you’re a hotcake in Kenya.


Social media has become very popular with different career experts. Those in the media include social media managers, SEO experts, content marketers/bloggers, graphic designers, digital marketers, etc.

  • Social Media Management: Most organizations transact business on social media. For this reason, companies are hiring social media managers to manage their online platforms. They are responsible for selling the company’s image, monitoring, filtering, and measuring, its perception online. If you are creative with good writing skills, then you can consider this line of work as it is in demand in Kenya.
  • Digital Marketing: Gone are the days when marketing involved carrying products from one location to another. With digital marketing, all that has changed. From your comfort zone, you can market and sell your goods and services. So, if you’re good at convincing people and writing sales copies, this is a career you might consider going into, and the interesting thing is that they are paid heavily.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert: There are millions of Websites in existence, and more are still evolving. Once you develop a website, you need the services of an SEO expert to help Google users find businesses online. The job of an SEO expert is to use appropriate keywords that can enable search engine users to locate whatever it is they are searching for.
  • Content marketing and blogging: Internet marketing is the trending way that companies communicate with their potential clients. Many companies are creating blogs and looking for creative content writers to manage them. Content marketing is a form of online journalism that focuses on promoting a company’s products by creating promotional articles about them.
  • Graphic Designing: Graphics design is a career that has come to stay, and as such, it is one of the careers in high-demand because companies and businesses have taken 2 use graphics to run marketing campaigns and advertise their products and services. Communication is highly effective when business objectives meet visual aesthetics. Graphic design is used to persuade its target audience to care about the design in front of the brand. Due to the rise of the internet and technology, new businesses are springing up every day and that is why the need for eye-catching graphics has become very essential to many businesses. This is why there’s an ever growing demand for graphics designers. As a graphics designer, most of your jobs will include, logo, websites creation, animation, flyers, product illustration etlIf you’re a very creative person with a good sense of colour combination. Not having a laptop is no longer an excuse as people have taken to


Human health is very important, thus leaving medical careers among the highly demanded in Kenya. During the pandemic those in this field were highly sought after and this will always be the case. Medical doctors are people who sacrifice a lot to ensure humans are in good health. Because of the nature of the job they attract very good salaries. People in this field earn decent pay but will have to contend with long working hours and emergency calls. Apart from Doctors, others found in this career include Nurses, medical technologists, laboratory scientists, dentists, etc. As long as you’re working in the health care sector, your career is in high demand.

In Kenya, Nursing and pharmacy are courses you cannot ignore when picking a nice course that will give you a better life in future. With these courses, you have nothing to worry about in terms of securing a job.


Architects are responsible for the design of cities and homes. This is a highly demanded and well paid job. With an increase in the number of Kenyans investing in real estate, and the rise in the number of real estate firms in the country, services of Architects are in a higher demand as the day goes by.

Architecture/Structural Engineering go hand in hand and they are regarded as the best in the Kenyan job market. There are several wonderful opportunities for Architects and Structural Engineers in Kenya. Thus, if you’re an expert in this field, you’re made.

A degree in Architecture takes 7 years in Kenyan Universities.


The corporate world will never stop demanding for accountants and financial experts. The financial sector of every country is usually very important and is constantly in high demand for professionals. A lot of experts are found in this profession which ranges from financial managers, Actuary, Accountants, down to statisticians, Economists, etc.

Financial managers are responsible for overseeing the financial statements of an Organization. They produce financial reports, direct investment activities, strategies and plans for long-term financial goals of a company.

They equally undertake system maintenance and administration functions. The nature of the job makes them work alongside with IT department in order to plan, develop and launch strong financial system

In Kenya, actuarial scientists are rare and in very high demand. An actuary is a business professional who deals with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainties, which could negatively affect both sides of the balance sheet or calculates financial values associated with uncertain events subject to risk, such as insurance premiums or pension contributions. Some of the Actuarial Science experts earn better than some Chief Executive Officers. An experienced actuarial scientist can earn above five million Kenyan shillings.

It is no wonder that these courses are the most sought after in Kenya.


Irrespective of the fact that it is considered one of the hardest courses to pursue in Kenya, it is also among the courses that will always be in demand in Kenya all year round. A degree in Engineering takes 5 years to complete the course

With the right type of engineering course, these professionals earn monthly mouthwatering salaries.


As the rate of education keeps increasing, the demand for experienced lecturers increases. It is a well-known fact that university lecturers, especially Professors and PhD holders, go home with hefty salaries to teach university and college students.

If you are patient enough to study for a Ph.D., it could bring great returns. Lecturers have flexible jobs because they teach when they have classes and catch up with their private businesses when they do not have classes to teach. They earn above two hundred thousand Kenyan shillings.

Except education is wiped off, these professionals will always be in high demand both in the government and private Institutions.


If you want to do a course that will make you rich as quickly as possible then this is the course. Quantity surveying is a very lucrative and rare career and with few graduates who are experienced. In other words, quantity surveyors are scarce in the country, which means that the few experienced once will be highly sought after.


Human Resources professionals are responsible for the hiring, firing and management of employees. They are typically involved in the hiring process, interviewing candidates and reviewing resumes to choose suitable candidates. They are also responsible for the management of employees once they are hired. This can involve scheduling, attending to grievances and many other ongoing tasks. When an employee is no longer suitable for a company, it is the human resources professional who will either work to make the situation better or terminate the employment agreement.

This career is not just for any person at all because this department determines how conducive the work environment will be for employees. This is very important for the success of the organization.  The demand for Human resources professionals will continue to increase in Kenya as more organizations are set up.


GIS Specialists are in charge of processing spatial data for archaeological sites. It deals with spatial analysis and mapping. They need to use software to produce maps and digitize data from geographic information services in universities or large cultural resource management companies.

These can be part-time temporary jobs to permanent full time.

GIS is the idea behind Google Earth and Google Maps. It is however a rare course in Kenya. It’s so marketable and lucrative that any graduate spotted with the qualifications is offered a job on a platter.


These careers have been carefully outlined just so you have an idea of careers in high demand in Kenya. While this information may also help you to make informed decisions on which courses to go for, the main aim of this article is to expose you to careers that will always be in high demand for a very long time in the country.

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