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What To Do With A 3rd Class Degree in 2020


This article aims to give insight on what to do with a third-class (3rd Class) degree in this year 2020, thereby giving it value. It seeks to draw your attention to the relevance placed on that third-class degree at a time when you think all hope is lost.



Although graduating from the University with poor grades may seem like an effort in futility, it is not the end of your dreams and aspirations. Life in the University is often challenging and filled with difficulties. In your bid to tackle these obstacles and hurdles, you spend most of your time skipping classes or engaging in one religious or social event or the other. You graduate with a third-class degree or worse still, a Pass. Now, you reflect on your University days, and look back on missed opportunities and chances and wish things were different. You can’t recover lost time, you end up sulking and envy those who graduated with good grades, and may have landed themselves good jobs. You regret the past and wishing you could turn back the hands of time, but sadly you can’t.

Several factors and circumstances, some unavoidable and unforeseen, others deliberate and a result of our lapses and carelessness. All these come into play as to why students graduate with poor grades; however, this is not an excuse for poor performance. Some students are forced to settle for whatever course they are offered in the University, irrespective of their choice and desires. Graduating with a third class does not necessarily depict intelligence or smartness. It does not make you a failure or a never-do-well. You can land a well-paying job with a third-class degree. By this, I don’t mean hustles that overwork you and underpay, but well-paying jobs.

It might interest you to know that there are several fascinating things one can do with a third-class degree. All that is required of you is the zeal and commitment to become better and pursue your dreams. As you read on, you’ll discover many exciting things one can do and achieve with a third-class degree.


1.     Be Positive

You can’t attain greater heights if you just sit down and mope after your graduation. Sulking and depression lead you nowhere. Instead, it makes you idle and unsuccessful. Let go of your past, put it behind you, and forge ahead. The time has come for you to pick yourself up, with the mindset that your grades do not define you. You must first believe in yourself before anyone else will. Your attitude makes a difference.

2.     Sell Yourself

If you want people to believe you’re not just about your grades, but there’s a lot more you can offer, you have to convince them. The trend of employment and assessment based on categories is slowly fading away. Skill, abilities, and confidence are the new yardstick. Most employees prefer individuals with the best people skill. Build your confidence, garner the right talent, and radiate wit and intellect. You can also venture into freelancing, where you can find other people in various areas of expertise and showcase your skills and capabilities. If you’re skilled in Content Writing, Digital Marketing, and other useful skills in this digital age, make the most of it on available platforms and sell yourself to the world.

3.     Take On Extra Courses Online and Offline

Engage in online courses and certifications that improve your wealth of knowledge and boost your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and resume. Most of these professional courses are affordable and can even be done from the comfort of your home. Simply choose a few classes to take on from reputable institutions and be committed to it. Getting a certification in areas relating to your field gives you an edge over others, irrespective of the fact that you graduated with a third-class degree.

4.     Get a Postgraduate Or Master’s Degree

You should consider furthering your education by doing a postgraduate course, or if possible, a Master’s degree. This boosts your chances of being gainfully employed. This poses as another opportunity for you to make the most of yourself. This might cost you a bit, but what is worth doing is worth doing well.

5.     Become an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is slowly making waves in all facets of the world. A third class degree is not a license to be lazy and dull. One can venture into entrepreneurship, startup his or her own business, organize and build an empire out of it. It could be just about anything. Carry out a survey and assessment of your environment, find out what is missing, and think of means to solve the problems, and become a solution. Nobody wants to hire you, probably because of your degree, that shouldn’t be a reason why you won’t hire yourself and strive to be outstanding. Believe in yourself and your capabilities, even if every other person doesn’t. A lot of people have been motivated, even after graduating with a third-class degree, to establish enterprises and cooperation. You aren’t any different. As the saying goes, little drops make an ocean. Graduating with a third-class degree is not a leeway to be idle and lazy. Start from somewhere, no matter how small and work very hard. You’ll be proud of yourself and your achievements, raising your shoulders high even among your peers.


6.     Prepare a Smashing CV

Do you know your CV/Resume could be one of the reasons why you haven’t been called for an interview, aside from graduating with a third-class degree? Didn’t you know that, right? Well, you’re finding out now. Preparing a killer CV is the first step to getting any job.

Interestingly, if you graduated with a third-class degree or even a pass, your CV will be outstanding, more than the regular CV. I must say that the value attached to degree grades is slowly fading. There is a paradigm shift from classes to skills. Every organization is interested in what you can offer before you can be recruited or employed. Ensure to include all your skills and abilities, stating what makes you outstanding and why you should be a preferred choice to other qualified counterparts.

7.     Give it a Try

I’m applying for a position in a company, but the requirement states that you must have a minimum of 2-2 degree before you’re qualified to apply for the job. And so? You shouldn’t get discouraged because of this. What does it matter if you don’t meet the job requirements? Take the bold step of applying. If you’re confident that you fit into the specifications and you’re the best person for the job, use anyway. But, ensure you don’t state that you have a third class degree in your CV. Just attach a detailed and articulated cover letter to win them over and convince them to call you for an interview.


8.     Acquire Experience

Most companies are very interested when you present two things: Your academic performance and wealth of experience. They consider your academic performance to ascertain that you are smart, while experience tells them you’re not a novice, but you know what you’re doing. If you gain enough experience, as much as you can, especially relating to your field, employers will not help but see the level of professionalism and seriousness in you. By this, they’ll look past your degree and recruit you for the job.

9.     Study Abroad

In the bid to become better and advance yourself, you can go abroad to further your studies and gain more professional knowledge and experience. Getting a third class degree does not limit you to acquiring more knowledge and achieving your dreams of a better future. It is not impossible to do a Master’s with a third-class degree. Some universities abroad don’t pay so much attention to what one graduated with before you can apply. However, you are required to take a pre-masters course and test: when you pass, you can go ahead to get a Masters. Getting a Masters Degree from a reputable University abroad helps boost your CV.

10.       Display Your Portfolio

You don’t need to graduate with a first-class before you can showcase what you have to offer. Seize any avenue available to display your astuteness and craftsmanship without viewing your grades. For instance, as a Digital Marketer, Web designer, or content writer, you’ll be required to show evidence of past projects and jobs you have undertaken successfully. You can apply to magazines, marketing companies, advertising agencies, and credible media companies around you. When called upon, you can always reference past jobs you have completed to convince them you’re qualified for the job.


Being able to comfortably defend yourself and your abilities whenever you’re called upon is a requirement, you don’t even need a degree for this. Always learn how to create an awesome portfolio.


One should always aspire for success and excellence, and nothing beats that. However, if you graduated from the University with a third-class degree, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure or an unsuccessful person. Instead, it is a bid to spur you to work harder. We’ve been able to address some of the things a graduate with a third-class degree can do with it. The list is endless. Creativity and hard work are the keywords, and you’re on the path to greatness. You possess skills the world needs, be a solution today.

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