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10 Proven Ways on How to be Employable in 2023


This article contains information on the 10 proven ways on how to be Employable in 2023

10 Proven Ways on How to be Employable
“Take Control of Your Career: 10 Proven Ways to Boost Your Employability in 2023”

It is one thing to be a graduate and another thing to be prove you’re are employable. Ponder on the amount of graduates produced yearly from various institutions around the world and the number of job applications yearly. I am sure with this, you should know how competitive the job market looks. However, how to be employable should be your next line of action and being employable applies to people who are on the search to give their career a new shape or move up the career path. In order to achieve this, there should be certain aspects that can distinguish you from the multitude of unemployed graduates. How to become a more employable prospect brings a lot of benefits, and increases your self-worth. You never know when you may need to find a new job or sell your potential to your current employer for a promotion.


Below are 10 proven ways you can prepare yourself to be employable.

1.  Have an updated Resume

For every job application, your resume speaks more about who you really are and what you can offer or have to offer. Keep your resume up-to-date, this is vital. Also, whenever you acquire a new skill or take a training course, or take on more responsibilities at your current role, add them to your resume. It can feel good to write up your whole resume from scratch, and you may forget some vital details. Therefore, as your career progresses, so should your detailed information on your CV be updated.

2. Enlist Your Recent Skillset

What are the skills you’ll need to achieve your future career goals?

Do you really want to move closer to reaching your professional goals? If it’s “yes” then it’s vital to intentionally enlist your recent skill set, and then make solid plans to cover the lags you may have. It is of utmost importance to understand that at different levels of your career, there will be various ‘skills buckets’ that you will need to focus on developing.

3.  Develop excellent communication skills

This is the most important way of proving yourself to be employable in 2023. Having good verbal communication skills. This takes you a step closer and ahead of other applicants. Therefore, it is of great necessity to work on the communications skills and develop them.

Here is how to go about it:

  • Try talking to your friends instead of texting them. This is a good way to improve your communication skill and also be able to express yourself fully.
  • Read books during your leisure time as this will enrich and build you in your language skill. Also, attend seminars or conferences to know how the presentation is being done and what presentation techniques were used.

Try solving word puzzles to improve on calibre. Also, you could go out of the way and meet new friends at social gatherings or meetings. It is one way to improve or revitalize the unused conversation techniques that you might have.

4.  Take advantage of social media

Social media

Explore social media. The fact remains – social media has a huge presence in the employment and recruitment sector. If you are an expert on social media platforms and build a strong profile, you will excellently increase your chances of getting a job or moving up the ranks at your current organization.

Also, having an up-to-date profile on a platform like LinkedIn will improve your employment prospects. Even if you are currently working, you will get notifications from recruitment agencies looking for prospective applicants that fit their requirements.

5.  Acquire IT skills

According to Robert Greene [1], “The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” In this case, the future belongs to those who master IT skills and use them in ways that fit their work In the current era where AI are fast becoming threats to humans, one way to remain relevant and employable is to acquire very lucrative IT skills. Whether you work in IT or not, having information technology skills will always give you an advantage. You can not be expected to know all the different types of systems that prospective companies may use, but being imbibed with general IT skills is a vital self-development skill.

Be realistic to your own skills always. Adding the names of systems you may have used only once to your list of qualifications is not a good idea. Employers may put you on the spot with a brief test, quickly ridiculing your credentials and claimed competency. You may find yourself hired and expected to use a complex system that you have not used in years.

6.  Enhance teamwork skill

You don’t only gain or showcase this at workplaces only, you would have experienced them during your school days or university days. Be it a group activity or seminar or workshop, you are asked to work in groups. Your role would have probably been a team player or a team leader.

Teamwork requires one to be tolerant, cooperative, contribute ideas to the team, share the responsibility, be assertive, welcoming and learn through critiques, giving positive feedback, working confidently within the group.

As most of the work whether at home or business centre requires one to show cooperation to the other members. Foster this habit of showing compassion and understanding tendencies towards the others.

7.  Step up decision

There is a stage in everyone’s life when you need to make a decision whether it’s a career, selecting a dress or purchasing a house. But when it comes to the workplace, decisions are made based on time, cost, and quality.

If your previous experiences show that your decisions were not suitable, then make it a habit to involve the basic aspects – clarifying the problem first, then collecting data to make decisions, shortlist the options, finally giving a decision after analysing all the advantages and disadvantages. Practice them often in order to allow the logical part of the brain to deal with issues and not the intuitive part of the brain.

8.  Be proactive

You must have probably heard the saying “the early bird catches the worm.” It may be a cliche, but it is absolutely true. Those who are proactive and make things happen early get the first attempt on great opportunities. Do not wait for employment opportunities to find you: do your findings, look around and make inquiries.

A proactive attitude can help project a positive work ethic, and it rings in the minds of employers that you are the kind of person that takes initiative.

9. Develop a listening ability

Strong workforce

This is an important interpersonal skill that helps one to remain in the business and employable. In other words, no one would like to work with someone who is always pushing things around.

In case you already have the natural tendency of understanding others issues and able to empathize with them then you are halfway through. Or else read books on counselling to develop this ability.

This is the foundation to becoming more likeable as you have the capacity to forge new relationships and also maintain existing relationships.

10.  Smarten up and Network

First impressions are important, and looking sharp can only help. Dressing smart around your office will set you apart from others around you. Similarly, if you look sharp when heading to an interview, you will likely place a good impression in the interviewer’s mind.

There is never a second opportunity to make a first impression, so you have to make sure your first impression counts.

Probably there is an industry or profession you may have interest in, begin to network. This is easily done online by joining forums or groups dedicated to the industry. Start rendering help to others, asking and answering questions, and making contact with people.

You will be one of the first to hear of any jobs coming up in the industry and will have people to use as references or mentors when necessary. If you feel like the industry is not represented well, you can start your own blog or forum and establish yourself as an industry expert. This is a good one, isn’t it? Get started and become more employable.


Being employable in 2023 requires a combination of technical skills, soft skills, and personal attributes. With the rapid changes in the job market, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest industry trends, technologies, and practices. Continuous learning, networking, and building a strong online presence are some of the ways to increase your employability. In addition, having a positive attitude, being proactive, and demonstrating passion and enthusiasm for your work can make a significant difference in your employability.

By following the ten proven ways discussed in this article, you can position yourself as a desirable candidate for prospective employers and increase your chances of landing your dream job.


[1] Greene, R. (n.d.). Mastery Quotes. Goodreads.com from https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/19176675-mastery

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