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10 Reasons to Start a Business Before Graduation

This article contains information on 10 Reasons to Start a Business Before Graduation.

10 Reasons to Start a Business Before Graduation

There are a lot of reasons to start a business before graduation. Reasons like detesting the 9-5 pm, pursuing your passion, social justice, financial independence, ability to control lifestyle and schedule or even job security. Irrespective of the reasons to start a business, starting business before your graduation will be of immense value. You may ask How? This is what this article will answer. Looking at Facebook, we could recount it started as a project while in school among him and his friends.


Here are reasons you should start a business before you graduate [1] from school

1.  Availability of Mentors Everywhere


The availability of mentors in higher institutions is one important reason to start a business while in school. The college has mentors available at every nooks and crannies in the form of lecturers, group members, colleagues etc. These people aid in the smooth delivery of your business idea. In college, mentorship is everywhere and you sometimes do not need to pay for mentorship. They are people with years of experience which play a prominent role in their respective communities. So, there no better time to venture into business than when in school.

2.  Acquisition of knowledge is cheap and accessible

In a class or close meeting with your lecturers, professors in your field and faculty, you acquire knowledge cheaply because they owe you the responsibility of imparting knowledge in you in classes or on a one on one interview.

The school has amenities like the library, internet facilities and access to governmental bodies which you can join to acquire knowledge. Talking and discussing about a startup idea with your professor as a student will get them excited, thus prompting them to genuinely helping you to succeed.

3.  Access to Alumnus

Your college is guaranteed to have established alumnus in various fields of study, some of which may have visited your campus for seminars, workshop or meetings. They could be entrepreneurs, business managers, marketers who will love to meet with students who have capacities. They would like to form a relationship, they can help through your struggles, guide you through pathways that may seem rocky.  They might know the necessary opportunities you need, if you feel neglected when you ask, don’t be sad rather move on.

4.  Access to Financial Opportunities


In the college, there is a lack of finances for student’s day to day responsibilities. When we consider feeding and day to day activities, pocket money might not be enough for Business. So, there are numerous bodies with financial capacity to help you with startup funding, angel investor, seeds or capital.

These organizations offering businesses with seed money and networking opportunities are either private corporations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, social groups and organization like the Young Entrepreneur Council

5.  You Can Make Mistakes and Learn

The university affords you time to make mistakes unlike in the world where there is little or no time for trial and error. Given your time, financial constraints, and responsibilities as well as your obligations as an adult, mistakes could easily cripple your startup efforts. While these issues are certainly still around when you’re a college student, you only have yourself to hold accountable. When there are fewer responsibilities to worry about, you have the freedom to devote your time, heart, and soul into ideas you’re passionate about. In other words, it’s much easier to take risks as a college student. Not to mention, no one will hold them against you, because you’re ‘still a student.

6.  Students Provide Dedicated and Inexpensive Labor

The college and university environment is a big learning environment, one where you share countless hours of classes with the same people. As you near graduation, you and your fellow students will begin to think more about your careers, and chances are, some will be unable to get theirs up to speed. So what happens is that many talented students are happy to take on work for little investment because they want to pad their resume. It’s the reason why many students jockey for internships: experience. And if you have a startup in need of talent, your next employee or co-founder just might be one of your classmates. Moreover, your friends will know how to work with you as a team (after years of being in the same classes) and could be your most loyal and hardworking people.

7.  College Campus Offer a Wealth of Resources

Besides housing professors that are happy to get involved with startups, universities too, offer a wealth of resources for entrepreneurs. These include; fast internet connections, free meeting rooms, libraries, cheap, sometimes even free talent. These and many more resources would cost hundreds to thousands of dollars outside the campus. And seeing as how you’re paying for them through tuition and taxes, why not take advantage of them now?

8.  It’s a Huge Career Builder

It helps you with building capacity like your leadership skills, creativity, communication, project management which could prove important in building your career, starting a business reveals you’re creative, driven, proactive, and willing to take a risk (which are highly demanding qualities an employer of a company is looking for). While a good GPA won’t hurt, having startup experience in college can put your career on the fast track to rare opportunities with huge payoffs.

9.  Early Self Discovery

Graduating and regretting your choice of degree is real problem graduates struggle with, founding your own startup before graduation is a great way to identify what you’re most passionate about at an early age.

10.  Enables Responsibilities

It helps you to be Responsible in managing and coordinating the reins over your career. If you want real control over your life’s direction, a startup arguably serves as the best avenue to do just that. Just be ready to take on more responsibility, though. Entrepreneurship is a learning experience. If you can summon the will and courage to make the jump, you’re sure to have a rewarding and life-changing experience. It sounds so clinch I know, but there’s no better way of describing it.


[1] Allen, F. (2021, September 21). 10 reasons college is the best time to start A business. GREY Journal. https://greyjournal.net/hustle/grow/10-reasons-start-business-college/

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