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14 Best Time Management Apps for Students – 2023


This article contains useful information on the 14 best time management Apps for the year 2023.

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As a student, you would not want to have struggles organizing your schedule or managing your time effectively. For this reason, technology has saved the day, therefore, making life easy. There are numerous apps online, which you can download on your devices and find useful for your purpose in order to improve your productivity, check things off your to-do list, and be more organized and efficient.

Below are some of our best time management apps for students

1. Evernote

This is a good app for keeping your thoughts and assignments organized. This app lets you synchronise personal checklists and notes across devices, which means you can work on a task on one device and at your leisure time, switch to another without losing any information. Notes can be taken in various formats, including photos, audio, text, web clippings and videos, and can attach PDFs and Microsoft Office documents. It also allows you to work with others, plan events, share various ideas and set reminders.

Evernote is a very popular productivity app used all over the globe by different people for various purposes such as scheduling, making notes, collecting clips, photos and films. Also, you can make presentations with the help of this app. University students may use this app to do assignments and plans. Evernote is mainly useful for students who are studying in different educational institutions and work simultaneously. This app is also excellent for the absent-minded people since it allows one to make notes of one’s ideas, thoughts and inspirations.

2. Google keep

This app is available for both iOS and Android. This app is a note-keeping app that uses a pinboard format, letting you to pin notes, photos, lists and voice memos, easy search for previous pinned posts, share your list with others and receive location reminders. Keeping many things in mind when studying at a university is quite not easy, so for this cause, Google created an excellent number of useful organising, analytical and time management tools for effective planning. You may use this app as a homework planner not to miss anything or use it as an event planner maybe if you actively participate in the social life of the institution.

This app can help increase your personal productivity. Just in case you are not one of Google’s users you can make use of the web version. Be it the web version or the app version, they both function the same way: pin your photos, tasks, lists, notes and memos easily.

3. Myhomework student planner

While the reference to homework might make you think this is more for school students, it is actually an excellent app for all levels, from high school to university. myHomework Student Planner gives you a calendar in which you can track your upcoming exams, assignments, projects and other vital events, as well as a homework widget where you can sync your assignments and receive reminders for when they are due. This is perfect for avoiding being caught off guard by a deadline.

4. Trello

Trello helps you to organize any kind of project you may be working on through boards, which you may then customize, making it perfect for representing tasks for a group of assignments, that is, create separate lists for tasks or track task completion progress using this time management tool. This can also help you have set-apart lists for tasks on your to-do list, tasks you are presently on, and tasks you may have completed. The Trello app is a life hacker “an awesome project management tool that makes collaboration easy and even fun”. It is free and available on Apple Watch as well as your phone.

Trello is a new, but actively developing productivity app. You can create boards to organise all projects you are presently working on by using this useful app. Do not forget, you can still customize your work independently or together with other students. This app helps make joint-work easy and fun that helps enjoy the study process. This is a free downloadable app that can be easily found on Apple Watch or your smartphone.

5. Quizlet

It is popularly known that flashcards can be an excellent tool for helping to memorize important information for exams, and Quizlet allows you to make your own flashcards or study using existing ones made by other students. It also gives you insights on where you might need to improve and has a game called Match in which you race against the clock. You can choose from over 220,000 study sets, and its features are available in 18 different languages.

6. Forest

This is an amazing app, you know why? Every time you use your phone, a tree dies. With this app, gamification is the key to excellent time management. The app plays out like a game by motivating users to stay off their phones by growing a tree.

Immediately you use your phone, the tree dies. It tracks how much time you have gone without your phone and motivates you to go even longer next time.

7. SimpleMind+

With this app, you can improve your mind maps with photos, videos and voice memos, and easily customize the appearance and select multiple layouts for your purpose.

SimpleMind+ lets you manage your thoughts by creating mind maps, which (by using the pro version) can be easily synchronized to your Google Drive or Dropbox and shared with others.

8. Pomodoro apps

If you intend to revise or begin an essay, you might want to try the Pomodoro Technique, with this you can break up your work into intervals of 25 minutes, taking a short break after each work. This technique is proven to make you less likely to wear out. All you need is a timer to do this, but there are apps available to time the 25 minutes and let you track your productivity, such as Pomodairo, an Adobe Air app that lets you mark where you are getting distracted and see how long you have spent on different tasks. So you intend to work and don’t gas-out? Try Pomodoro.

9. Pocket

Distractions sometimes come in different forms, it could be in the form of reading an interesting article or watching a funny video someone sent you? If this is robbing you off your productivity, then try Pocket. This productivity management app keeps the momentum going by bookmarking articles that can be read later. So when you are done with all of your work, there is no shortage of captivating content to read.

10. Distraction-blocking apps

Probably you are stuck on social media and find yourself checking Instagram six minutes into a revision session, you may need to download an app to block yourself from going on social media or any other distracting websites. StayFocused is a highly rated extension for Google Chrome users. This lets you limit the number of time you can go on time-wasting websites. You could make use of Anti-Social on your phone, which allows you to see how much you use your phone compared to others, and allows you to block apps you overuse.

11. Rescue time

Majority of us spend a lot of time on the internet these days. Rescue time management app tells you precisely where you are spending your time and how much you are actually wasting, so you can find a healthy balance of productivity and relaxation. This help will give you detailed reports of the time spent on certain websites, log accomplishments and completed tasks, and find out how much time you’re spending in meetings and on email so you can better manage your workday effectively.

12. Finish

This is one of the most effective time management tools that effectively kill procrastination. So many students are down with procrastination. By making to-do lists, you won’t allow yourself to relax until you do what is necessary according to the schedule. Finish allows you to check the tasks that were completed and fill you with fulfilment for completed assignments. You can also track how you are becoming more productive each day by placing a checkmark immediately you finished a task and enjoy the reward sound, the sound of a winner and automatically old tasks are archived to ease your search.

13. Remember The Milk

Do not be perplexed with the strange name of this app, just mind its usefulness. The app is designed for iOS. This is a mix of productivity and to-do list apps. Do not forget The Milk helps organise schedules, finish tasks on the move, and set up various reminders. These functions are synonymous to the functions of other time management tools. You can count on this app in order not to miss an appointment.

14. 2Do

This app is focused on using colour coding. This is an ideal tool for visual learners. Tasks can be categorised by using colours. For example, you may use red colour for the tasks of high priority and green colour for low priority. Synonymously, by using a blue colour for home tasks, you can separate them from those you have to complete at work.

Get these apps and use them for your purpose in order to manage your time effectively.

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