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8 Best Planner App for College


This article contains information on the 8 Best Planner App for College.


8 Best Planner App for College


The life of a student is basically centered on attending classes, carrying out tasks and assignments, allocating adequate time to other activities, engaging in extracurricular activities, reading for a test, and spending quality time with friends and family. This looks very cumbersome and bulky for the student. In no time, the student may not know what to do at a particular time, losing track of time to execute all his tasks. A planner app is the best solution to this problem. With it, the student can easily organize assignments and homework, monitoring all his or her involvements and activities.


With the current digitalization trend, most aspects of our everyday life become less stressful and simpler. The introduction of advanced technologies has also made its way to the educational sector. This is no surprise as digital technologies are a welcome development. Such innovative technologies include using AR and VR technologies, digital applications and interactive learning to help the student. As each day passes by, the use of paper diaries are slowly phasing out, paving way for specialized mobile apps. However, this is an inevitable occurrence, and we are expected to accept this development and enjoy this app in our reading and study.

The years spent in college are years of not just learning but interacting with other students, participating in competitions and other student activities. Most times, students experience difficulty juggling studies and fun; and this is often because they don’t plan and organize well. The daily routine of a student is mostly based on the itinerary already prepared. Having an electronic to-do list is convenient and is definitely the best option for a student in college.

For this reason, we have painstakingly put together various exciting planner apps for a student:

1. Trello

With this app, you can easily organize anything, be it a freelance team, a project or just a list of stuff to do. It keeps you on top of all of them, making sure you’re organized. This can likened to a white board, but one with special abilities, however, it is very flexible and easy to use. You’ll have a list of things to be done, how it’ll be done, as well as the next thing to be done. In addition to this, all you do is synchronized and saved immediately on the cloud storage to ensure your devices are updated at all times.

The Trello app helps you generate boards for whatever task you are working on. You can either use this app alone or include friends, family and colleagues to work with you.

2. Google Calendar

Most smartphones and devices have calendar apps pre-installed to them and it used to keep record of your schedules. However, you can also download this app and synchronize your schedules and events from your personalized Google account. Other options are also available such as synchronizing with other nearby calendars, coloring your events and activities for easy recognition. The Google calendar app also comes with other features such as daily view option, weekly view and monthly view as well. Not forgetting the location redirection option for your activities.

3. Wunderlist

This is an app with features used to draft task lists and to-do lists. You can easily manage your schedule list and share them at-a-go using the Wunderlist app. Whatever event you may be planning, be it a trip overseas, or a shopping spree, you can share your to-do list with your loved ones and keep track of your daily task lists. With Wunderlist, this will be carried out with ease.

It has other amazing features for your use such as Recurring, Reminders and Subtasks, in addition to using advanced notes, sharing with loved ones and getting notifications to ensure nothing is skipped. This information is automatically synchronized to tour device, irrespective of what it is or how many they are.

4. Todoist

The Todoist app is the app for you to use, either for personal use or for use at work, with an individual or a group of people. The app makes it easy to delegate duties and organize activities in a neat and coordinated manner to avoid bulkiness with workload at any time. Todoist app is efficient for group management, adding tasks and ensuring they are completed. As a student, this app helps you upload assignments and monitor it to know when it is completed. It’s a helpful and useful app for every student.

5. Microsoft Outlook

This is the app for those who are frequent in engaging in email functions. Definitely not your regular calendar app, it is unique in its own, with a combination of calendars, emails and more amazing features in one. It also makes use of one of Microsoft’s latest acquisitions known as the Sunrise Calendar in it. Notifications and tasks can be assigned to various icons previously noted in the Sunshine app.

For optimum outcomes and to enjoy most of your college year, it is best to opt for this application as it helps you organize your activities and keep track of events. It is handy for every student in college, helping them not only plan themselves but have spare time to make the best out of themselves.

6. Egenda

The Egenda app is another great student planner app that helps students carry out academic functions. With this app, a variety of subject options are made available for the student to choose from, as well as check tests and assignments related to this subject and their dates. It is indeed convenient for the student as it aids them in future planning. These tests and assignments take the form of cards that can easily be removed upon completion of the task. You can also backup data and synchronize to storage. Some unique features of the Egenda app include daily reminders of tasks to be undertaken the following day, project management, tests and assignments in one place, sorting classwork, schedules, completed assignments and their due dates and adding notes showing details of assignments and projects.

7.  Student Planner

Another simple, yet efficient app a college student can utilize to boost efficiency and output. This app is not like every other student planner app as it provides the platform for students to do their class work and assignments using a timetable or their personal schedule using simple user interface that can be done by any student.

It also provides such features that can be used in including tests to a topic or course. It gets more interesting because the student doesn’t have to bother about sticky notes and the likes as he or she can easily set a reminder. However, synchronization and backup options are not available in this app.

8. My Study Life

Here, we have another pure and easy app for homework and assignments. The unique aspect of this app is that it also has a web version available. Cool right? Access to this app is very easy using data from any available device.


It is specially designed in such a way that it does not require card-based assignments as other apps in this grade do. Instead, it is structured to goal-centered, giving the student feedback as to which tasks have been completed and what is left to be completed. The student can also see his or her timetable, deadlines for homework, classes, tasks with just a tap. Some of the unique features of this app include notification alerts on assignments and future classes, timetables and routines, tracking of assignments and home works, as well as cloud storage and easy access.

The above mentioned list of Best Planner apps are among the best available. With this list, the student can easily make a pick of his/her preference and plan his academic life effectively.

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